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[0:00] <Grimhound> Engy: Didn't the company behind Fedora get a lot of crap for signing with Microsoft regarding patents?

[0:00] <DrZaius> I've only started noticing this nonsense after Halloween.

[0:00] * [Husky]Shnaw is now known as [Husky]Shnaw|Sleep.

[0:00] <Engy> The way to clear the auto-run is to tap the movement key for your auto-running, the key-up event seems to clear the movement.

[0:01] <Engy> They agreed to be compatible with each other's hypervisors, it makes virtualbox more useful.

[0:01] * Reiki has joined #minecraft.

[0:01] <DrZaius> Fixing the lag in general since the Halloween update should fix this stuff.

[0:01] <Reiki> help me!

[0:01] * liq3 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:01] <Engy> Also, Fedora is not owned, it's sponsored. The difference is quite significant.

[0:01] <GreyVulpine> With?

[0:01] <Reiki> i got the "end of stream" error D:

[0:01] <Reiki> how do i fix this?

[0:01] <GreyVulpine> Type of NIC?

[0:02] <Reiki> NIC?

[0:02] <Serg> Digging through the netherstone in an attempt to find an exit

[0:02] <Serg> I find this pocket

[0:02] <GreyVulpine> network card

[0:02] <Serg> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3942746/Pockets.PNG

[0:02] <Engy> But the freezes are a new thing, after about 1-5 minutes of play, the client locks up. It's pretty reliable.

[0:02] <Grimhound> But yeah. Something needs to replace Flash, or Adobe needs to actually FIX it.

[0:02] <Atomizer> yeah itd have to be an input bug, notch might only be catching the keyup/down events, and not checking the state, due to lag it might miss sending an up/down event sometimes, causing a key to lock, thats just a guess on my part, of course

[0:02] <Serg> Mysteriously self contained and pre-onfire.

[0:02] <Atomizer> Grim, HTML5

[0:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Doubtless, you have heard of the crazed wizard Bedistair Greenfield."

[0:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Given the enorous power he has at his command, King King Eadwyre has been delaying any offensive move against Bedistair Greenfield, but that strategy is at an end."

[0:02] <Reiki> GreyVulphine i don't know how do i check?

[0:02] * Thermi has joined #minecraft.

[0:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> KING KING EADWYRE

[0:02] <GreyVulpine> Reiki - What OS?

[0:03] <Reiki> umm

[0:03] <immibis> does anyone know what data the server puts in the middle of a chat message (packet type 0x03) to set the text colour?

[0:03] <Engy> Serg: I've encountered those too, I think fire is a terrain type when generating Nether.

[0:03] <Bananavice> His first name is King, obviously

[0:03] <Reiki> hanh on

[0:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> be careful guys king king eadwyre might hear you

[0:03] <Reiki> window 7

[0:03] <Serg> @Engy, a random open air pocket?

[0:03] <Serg> After looking around, I found a hole in the ground

[0:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Or maybe the text goes "the king <king name, which is always king whatever>"

[0:03] <Serg> and it took me to a weird squarish room

[0:03] <Atomizer> Reiki, do you have an Asus computer or motherboard?

[0:03] <Serg> I was scared and left.

[0:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or maybe someone derped up and had "the <position> <person>"

[0:03] <GreyVulpine> Reiki - Control Panel -> System -> Hardware manager

[0:03] <Engy> Serg: No, stuff on fire inside a closed cave

[0:03] <Reiki> k

[0:03] <GreyVulpine> Look for network adapter

[0:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I wonder if it could say "king queen" or "king emperor" or something else

[0:04] <Serg> I accidentally hit a pigman with a pickaxe


[0:04] <Serg> ;-;

[0:04] <Reiki> hang on

[0:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> serg submit your pooper to them

[0:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> look away, pantless, and hold shift

[0:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> wait

[0:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Those gold swords aren't just for stabbing.

[0:04] <Serg> :(

[0:05] <Serg> Do they ALL hate me?

[0:05] <Serg> Or just the ones that saw me hit it?

[0:05] <Serg> I blocked the hole and now they just sit there, staring

[0:05] <Engy> For a little while, they're quite quick to forgive though.

[0:05] <Reiki> =O

[0:05] <Atomizer> just hide in the corner sobbing for awhile, they will forgive you eventually

[0:05] <supensa> Omnipresent_Text_Box: What game were you talking about just now?

[0:05] <Engy> Just run away then come back in a minute

[0:05] <Reiki> i don't think i have asus on m computer

[0:05] <Reiki> =O

[0:05] <Reiki> i don't know

[0:05] <Reiki> :X

[0:05] <Engy> If you run far enough, or for long enough, then they will forgive you.

[0:06] <Atomizer> Reiki, what brand?

[0:06] * Kurimus has joined #minecraft.

[0:06] <Reiki> acer aspire

[0:06] * _Sata_ has joined #minecraft.

[0:06] * liq3 has joined #minecraft.

[0:06] * Fearthehunter has joined #minecraft.

[0:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The person selling spells in this guild has one visible nipple

[0:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> they're a girl

[0:07] * quaxar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[0:07] <supensa> Oh, hell, you're on TES.

[0:07] <supensa> Okay.

[0:08] <Reiki> aspire 4741G

[0:08] <Serg> No way

[0:08] <Serg> I dug a hole into my base

[0:08] <Serg> Pigman wasn't happy to see me

[0:08] <Reiki> so now what do i do?

[0:08] <Serg> Enough antics, phew

[0:08] * Zamiel has joined #minecraft.

[0:09] * liq4 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:09] <Reiki> ;(

[0:10] * Engy has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[0:10] <Deeival> text box, to you never sleep?

[0:10] * Reiki has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[0:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Magic Missile is a pretty cheap combat spell in daggerfall

[0:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> only 17 magicka used!

[0:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Why yes, I AM recreating D&D spells that I love in daggerfall.

[0:12] <GreyVulpine> >.>

[0:13] <GreyVulpine> If there's any girls there, I wanna do them.

[0:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but, I'm a girls

[0:13] * GreyVulpine hides.

[0:13] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[0:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> technically it's Mordenkein's Faithful hound... I think

[0:13] <Serg> GreyVulpine does not want to do you, OTB.

[0:13] <Jat> watchdog you mean?

[0:14] <supensa> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Bigby's Crushing Hand

[0:14] <Jat> NERDS

[0:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> jat, I don't think...

[0:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> well, there might be a watchdog spell

[0:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I only know of faithful hound

[0:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and there's... others

[0:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> In this new TES game, I hope they're rational enough to like, try and make the spell maker make every single spell they can think of

[0:15] <Jat> i dont know shit about dnd i just remember hearing something about mordenkeins faithful watchdog at some point in my life

[0:15] <Serg> If a ghast spawns far away (1600 blocks away)

[0:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> including all eponymous ones

[0:15] <Serg> Does it despawn? Because you arn't there?

[0:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Jat, the summoner geeks thing

[0:15] <Jat> oh ok

[0:15] <Serg> Or, does it find you?

[0:15] <Jat> nevermind then

[0:15] <Jat> i guess

[0:15] * Cial has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can make that, supensa.

[0:15] <GreyVulpine> OTB - It's from the D&D Dead Alewives skit

[0:15] <Vinlaell> jat, from the summoner secret credits vid?

[0:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> 2d6+12 damage for a successful hit

[0:16] <Jat> i guess so

[0:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> a parylize that lasts for one round per level

[0:16] <Vinlaell> been so long, loved that game

[0:16] <Serg> Whew, enough excitement for me tonight

[0:16] <Serg> Got all my items, fought some pigmen, and survived.

[0:17] <Aal> I actually have a minecart question. I want to make a station with auto minecart storage. Is there a way to make a minecart start moving while its standing still?

[0:17] * Mattress has joined #minecraft.

[0:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Guys what's the probability for 2d6+12?

[0:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It's like, 13-24 right

[0:17] * Mattress- has joined #minecraft.

[0:17] <Jat> percent?

[0:17] <Serg> You mean spread?

[0:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> minimum and maximum

[0:17] <supensa> You mean the min/max? 14-24

[0:17] <Atomizer> 14-24

[0:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> oh yeah

[0:17] * Furyhunter has joined #minecraft.

[0:18] <Serg> If you want percents, 13+7 is most likely

[0:18] <supensa> avg. 19

[0:18] <Aal> awww, ill ask later :P

[0:18] <Serg> 12+7* yeah

[0:18] <Serg> hurp

[0:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> aal, fuelcart

[0:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Bigby's crushing hand doesn't amplify based off caster level for damage does it?

[0:18] <Aal> OTB, thats the catch, i dont want to use fuel carts :)

[0:18] <Serg> @Aal, push it

[0:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> supensa, does it?

[0:19] <Aal> and i dont want to use boosters which keep on moving, i want to be able to have a cart moving from a standing still possition

[0:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can't find anything about it doing so

[0:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> aal you use a ramp

[0:19] <Serg> @Aal, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC3d75qGBiA

[0:19] <supensa> Um

[0:19] <supensa> That's a good question.

[0:19] <supensa> I will find out.

[0:19] <Serg> @Aal, you could have a button that is pressed that sends out a booster

[0:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I checked some internet stuff, it doesn't

[0:19] * eisbehr has joined #minecraft.

[0:19] <Serg> That then moves a cart on a track

[0:19] <Aal> Serg, thing is, i have a storage building and i want to retreive carts from it after pressing a button :)

[0:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the absolute minimum in daggerfall is another 1 to 1 (that's d1, and that's terrible) every 20 levels

[0:20] <Serg> So send out a booster car to the next available station

[0:20] <supensa> OTB: No.

[0:20] * Mattress has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:20] <Serg> The booster car is on it's on track

[0:20] <Atomizer> easy with redstone

[0:20] <Serg> so it returns to where it was after sending one out

[0:20] <Serg> I'd be a complicated mess

[0:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> d1 every 20 it is

[0:20] * `ak has quit: Quit: Defending the seas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

[0:20] <Serg> It'd*

[0:20] <Atomizer> no, it wouldnt

[0:20] <Serg> I don't want to plan it out, Atomizer.

[0:20] <Aal> thats what i want exactly, yet, when the boosters dont move it wont work :)

[0:21] <Atomizer> heck you could just use a button, hook it up to redstone, to modify a track direction

[0:21] <supensa> It increases the amount of damage for consecutive rounds grasped

[0:21] <Aal> problem is getting the initial cart to move automatically

[0:21] <supensa> although I don't know how that would translate into the TES system

[0:21] <Atomizer> itll let the cart out then switch back

[0:21] <supensa> I have a subway!

[0:21] * Pobelter has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.15/20101026205513]

[0:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I don't have enough magicka at all to use this spell

[0:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It takes at least 194. I have 94.

[0:22] * Toadbert has quit: Quit: whys the brotha gotta be at the desk

[0:23] <DrZaius> Hard to get carts to go up track with just boosters.

[0:23] <DrZaius> You have to put in so many.

[0:23] * Jat has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.4/20100630100130]

[0:23] <Serg> Momentum stacks, DrZaius

[0:23] <Serg> So you could have a long booster

[0:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> BUT FOR 944 GOLD, I WILL MAKE THIS SPELL

[0:23] <Serg> And while speed caps, momentum is for ever

[0:24] <DrZaius> Momentum is forever?

[0:24] <supensa> Okay. Take two minecarts on parallel tracks 9 blocks across. 3 tracks up, three tracks straight, then 3 more tracks up so they make a V shape. If you place those two carts on the tops of the tracks, and have an extra block at the top, the carts will continually boost each other up and down and up and down ad nauseum.

[0:24] <DrZaius> I've had carts lose momentum.

[0:24] <supensa> Straight momentum is.

[0:24] <supensa> Corners will cause a loss of memontum.

[0:24] <DrZaius> I've had carts lose straight momentum.

[0:24] <supensa> Then they weren't at max momentum.

[0:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Actually, continously each round means 1196 gold to make, and 268 magicka to cast.

[0:25] <DrZaius> How long should a booster be to get max momentum?

[0:25] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Next, floating disk

[0:25] <DrZaius> My initial booster resets.

[0:26] * sinedeviance has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:27] * gloomy_ has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[0:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> can't do it, maybe as an itme

[0:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Oh no! A posessed dungeon master's guide. It can bite for 1d2 nonlethal damage, and move 6 ft/round!

[0:29] <DrZaius> I have two parallel tracks, one with a cart that slides down, hits a wall, then goes back up. Not a complete V. The other starts at a wall and then goes up a block and loops back into itself. I got the design from a youtube video.

[0:29] <DrZaius> The design is supposed to reset the minecarts so that they don't suffer from eventually stopping but that seems to happen anyway.

[0:30] * pakman has joined #minecraft.

[0:30] <Serg> 6ft per round?

[0:30] <Serg> Jesus

[0:30] <supensa> DrZaius: That's why you have the two parallel tracks that do the same thing the first one does.

[0:31] <DrZaius> Two tracks that do the same thing the first one does? So there are three tracks?

[0:31] <supensa> Yup.

[0:32] <supensa> I have a screenshot, let me find it.

[0:32] <Sqozza> Anyone wanna reccommend me a texture pack that's biome compliant?

[0:32] <Xa> A possessed d4 dice

[0:33] <Xa> Deald 1d4 nonlethal when stepped on

[0:33] <Xa> deals*

[0:33] * pakman has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> IT'S LIKE BEING PUNCHED

[0:33] <Xa> Yeah!

[0:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> What other spells do I need in Daggerfall?

[0:34] <supensa> http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x232/supensa/Minecraft/ScreenShot012.jpg

[0:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> is that castlevania no

[0:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> what's up with the torchy thing

[0:34] <supensa> OTB: The one where you can make doors out of nothing.

[0:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> there's a spell to do that?

[0:34] * Stick__ has joined #minecraft.

[0:35] <DrZaius> What the HELL am I looking at?

[0:35] <supensa> No.

[0:35] <supensa> That's not what I meant

[0:35] <supensa> The one where you can dig doors in walls.

[0:35] <supensa> OTB: It's Zelda

[0:35] <CruelNoise> portal gun spell

[0:35] <DrZaius> Wait, so does the left track loop at the top or does it fall to the track below?

[0:36] <supensa> DrZaius: You'll see on the right that the two booster carts will continally go up and down, up and down, back and forth.

[0:36] <supensa> drupal: : Okay. Lemme 'splain.

[0:36] <supensa> er, sorry. bad nick complete.

[0:36] <DrZaius> Always happens...

[0:37] <DrZaius> But what's going on in the left track?

[0:37] <supensa> Anyway. Yeah, the third cart will either be boosted around the loop and fall back down, or be boosted into the starting block.

[0:37] * Stick_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:37] <supensa> Either way, it will always start at that block where it is.

[0:37] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I do not know of a way to dig doors in daggerfall

[0:37] <supensa> I am standing on a piece of redstone wire that is attached to a small circuit.

[0:37] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I am limited to effects in the game, which include things like damaging health, parylizing, continuous damage, damaging spellpoints, sucking things from people

[0:38] <supensa> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Maybe it was Arena, then, that I did that.

[0:38] <supensa> but it was where you could dig out walls

[0:40] <supensa> DrZaius: The circuit is attached to a pressure plate that is at the beginning/end of a very, very long track. When you put a cart down on the plate, and sit in the cart, it activates the circuit, which flips the track, and allows the third cart to leave the loop.

[0:40] <DrZaius> Yeah, I know.

[0:40] <DrZaius> I already have a system set up.

[0:40] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> earth wall, passwall, and pitfalls

[0:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> they aren't in daggerfall :(

[0:41] <DrZaius> It's just not as efficient as I'd like...

[0:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I wonder if Arena will run on this 32MB machine

[0:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> does arena support a sound blaster AWE32?

[0:44] * LanceATX has quit: Quit: Leaving

[0:44] * acky has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:44] * mouse_ has quit: Quit: Ex-Chat

[0:45] * TestDummy has quit: Quit: Leaving

[0:45] * Spessu has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:46] * acky has joined #minecraft.

[0:46] * Spessu has joined #minecraft.

[0:46] * Away|jonnyabc has quit: Quit: http://imgur.com/9xWZG.jpg

[0:47] * Neon has joined #minecraft.

[0:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> ahaha oh wow, someone made the Fighter's Guild in minecraft, and the mage's guild

[0:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and they used fences as little center-poles, it looks amazing.

[0:49] <Xa> Wish the "bed" would be implemented in MC so that we could set the spawn location

[0:49] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:49] * phantomcircuit has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[0:50] * Kruxoman has joined #minecraft.

[0:51] * evaldusia has joined #minecraft.

[0:53] * Sense|Nick^ has joined #minecraft.

[0:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The most powerful spell possible in daggerfall for damage, would cost 36k gold pieces to make

[0:55] * Top_Quark has joined #minecraft.

[0:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> without say, using continuous damage

[0:55] <Pepe> I wish there a game where you could use a sack of money as a weapon.

[0:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It would deal exactly 300 damage per caster level for an area at range, meaning at level 3 it'd deal 900, and by level 10 you'd be dealing 3000 damage, pretty much 1-hitting groups of end bosses

[0:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Pepe, Dwarf Fortress

[0:56] <Pepe> And how much money you had determined its attack power.

[0:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It costs 7110 magicka to cast

[0:56] <DrZaius> Here's my minecart system: http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g104/TheZaius/CartSetup.jpg

[0:56] * Serg has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[0:56] <Xa> A spell called "Annoying Tune" that keeps playing in the victim's head and dealing 1 damage continuously FOREVER

[0:56] * Misan has joined #minecraft.

[0:56] <DrZaius> Sometimes I show up and the two carts are just sitting at their starting blocks on opposite ends.

[0:56] * vloev has joined #minecraft.

[0:57] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[0:57] * vloev has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[0:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> like in oglaf, xa

[0:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I HAVE THE POWER OF SONG

[0:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The most deadly spell I have designed, so far

[0:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Deals 300-300 damage+300-300 per level, constantly, for 60 rounds(which... may or may not be a minute each), +60 rounds each level, to everyone in an arbitrary area you point at.

[0:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it costs a "mere" 67.2k gold pieces to inscribe, but takes 13627 magicka to unleash.

[0:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> There's no saving throw.

[0:59] * Serg has joined #minecraft.

[0:59] * Darfk has joined #minecraft.

[0:59] <supensa> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj1heGiIehU

[0:59] <supensa> That's your Annoying Song

[1:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It would take pretty much literally all of my money to buy. I don't think you can have that much magicka at your disposal in the game ever at any time no matter what

[1:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it doesn't go that high

[1:00] <Xa> supensa goddamnit

[1:01] <Sqozza> e.e

[1:01] <supensa> I warned you

[1:01] <Sqozza> There's a CS 1.6 texture pack for minecraft...

[1:01] * Sqozza dacerolls

[1:01] <Sqozza> facerolls*

[1:01] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> There are direct engine ports of CS 1.6 maps, Sqozza

[1:01] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I am out of potential vital D&D spells to learn

[1:02] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[1:02] <GreyVulpine> Only doing Core spells OTB?

[1:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Anything that doesn't have some absurd rule to it, can be done

[1:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> That means no trying to make "hurr everything dies", or "this monster gets herpes" spells

[1:02] <GreyVulpine> Okay.. um

[1:02] <GreyVulpine> http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/iw/20041015b&page=6

[1:02] <GreyVulpine> Defenestrating Sphere

[1:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Because most spells, especially lower-level ones, in D&D, always are really cheap to make

[1:03] * DrZaius has quit: Quit: <Turtle> G'night, Ned.

[1:04] * Biohazard has joined #minecraft.

[1:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Let's see if I have a "throw monster" effect

[1:04] * CakeJakko|Sleep has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[1:04] * [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep has joined #minecraft.

[1:04] <Biohazard> Hello

[1:04] <GreyVulpine> The final version of that in the spell compendium has "if there's a window nearby, the monster is thrown towards it instead"

[1:04] <supensa> Bonjour, comment allez-vous?

[1:05] <GreyVulpine> ca va, et tu?

[1:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> none

[1:05] <GreyVulpine> Drats

[1:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I tried to make silly use of levitate and teleport, they can't be used against monsters

[1:06] * Vinlaell has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[1:07] * tendonsie has joined #minecraft.

[1:07] <GreyVulpine> Psionics in there?

[1:07] <tendonsie> http://www.minecraft.net/servers.jsp

[1:07] <tendonsie> How do you join that list?

[1:07] * Pulec has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:07] <tendonsie> After trying 2 days don't luck to join servers.jsp list

[1:07] <Sqozza> Click a server name.

[1:07] <GreyVulpine> Make a classic server. Have "Public" set in your server.properties

[1:07] <Sqozza> Do you have an account?

[1:08] * Igu has joined #minecraft.

[1:08] <tendonsie> alpha servers cant join ?

[1:08] <GreyVulpine> Nope

[1:08] <Sqozza> I don't know what he's trying to get across.

[1:08] <Sqozza> ._.

[1:08] <Igu> Good morning

[1:08] <GreyVulpine> There is no central repository of all alpha servers

[1:08] <tendonsie> okay

[1:08] <tendonsie> thanks greyvulpine

[1:08] <tendonsie> thanks a lot :)

[1:09] * Vinlaell has joined #minecraft.

[1:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> GreyVulpine, spell sources and functions are mostly irrelivant in daggerfall

[1:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> only how they work

[1:09] * tendonsie has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (as are the names, technically)

[1:09] <GreyVulpine> Spell forms that can switch between any elements, without being set in stone?

[1:10] * klusark has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> There are like... 5 elements. You pick one. You can also make the same spell in each element, if you want

[1:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You could be a spellsword who only uses music-themed spells named "fart", and pretend to be some kind of fart-bard.

[1:10] * GreyVulpine eyerolls.

[1:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The elements are magic-based, shock-based, poison-based, cold-based, and fire-based.

[1:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the leftmost one is default

[1:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Then you can throw in any number of effects(including ones that are so hillariously useless that they only work because something in the game will always give way to a minimum effect), and it calculates things because of that

[1:11] <Mattress-> fart bard

[1:12] <Mattress-> that is wonderful

[1:12] <GreyVulpine> Noooo.... Valve Time strikes again. Portal 2's pushed back

[1:12] <GreyVulpine> again.

[1:12] * ain has joined #minecraft.

[1:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> wait the april pushback, or another?

[1:13] <GreyVulpine> Yeah, april

[1:13] <GreyVulpine> Was Feb.

[1:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You could totally make a gaseous fart spell in this game.

[1:13] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[1:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> An area effect of continuous damage, paralysis, stat drain, poison-based

[1:14] * LG_Legacy has joined #minecraft.

[1:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> wielding the power of projected fart-missiles and spitting on people near you

[1:14] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[1:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> stenches so deadly you have to use magical powers(or burritos?) to wield them

[1:14] * kyb3r has joined #minecraft.

[1:15] <GreyVulpine> "Solid Fog" farts? Farts so thick your movement speed is actually reduced?

[1:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> yeah

[1:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or making you unable to think

[1:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or draining the will out of you

[1:16] <Vinlaell> lol

[1:16] <Pepe> quantum fart

[1:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or fatiguing you

[1:17] <Lev> does netherstone/normal fire destroy items? I swear I tested it and it didn't :X... hmm

[1:17] <GreyVulpine> fire destroys items you drop, sure

[1:17] <esperduke> and fire spreads

[1:17] <Vinlaell> i got a fireplace for that

[1:18] <Vinlaell> destroying garbage

[1:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> FIRE BAD

[1:18] <Vinlaell> not when ya live underground

[1:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You can even make a spell that does an effect, as fart-themed as you want

[1:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and then creates an item in your inventory

[1:18] <Vinlaell> i got lava drippping all over the living room

[1:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> which could potentially be late-game armor and weapons.

[1:18] <Vinlaell> good light and pretty, like a laval lamp

[1:19] <Vinlaell> i am located right underneat a natural obsidian lake

[1:19] <Vinlaell> huge

[1:19] <Aal> grrr -frustrated look-

[1:19] <supensa> i cheated and brought some water spawn blocks into the Nether and made waterfalls

[1:19] <Aal> im trying to have a door block water and let it through :<

[1:19] <supensa> there is obsidian EVERYWHERE

[1:19] <Aal> doesnt work hehe

[1:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Or a spell where you press your slightly cold hands on someone. So they get hurt a tiny bit

[1:20] <supensa> ..yes...it does.

[1:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> then if you kill them really quickly, you own their soul

[1:20] <Vinlaell> lol

[1:20] <supensa> oh, wait, nm. sorry. misinterpreted reply ftl.

[1:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Or hands that are cold, and disintegrate people

[1:21] <Vinlaell> how out a spell that saws off their head

[1:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Due to limitations in the game, you can't make a spell that paralyzes you, or deals purely you or purely other effects the other way around

[1:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> So, unfortunately, we cannot wield a powerful "oprah blast" that gives people items, without modding

[1:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "YOU GET AN ITEM, AND YOU GET AN ITEM"

[1:22] * Furyhunter has quit: Quit: what did I tell you about saying that

[1:22] * Mine_Builder has quit: Quit: Bye

[1:23] * Teraflint has joined #minecraft.

[1:23] * Pulec has joined #minecraft.

[1:23] * Wijk has joined #minecraft.

[1:23] <Pepe> Don't you mean gives people that are sitting itmes


[1:24] <Biohazard> lol?

[1:24] * Spellyr has joined #minecraft.

[1:24] * uni|offline is now known as [ND]unimatrix.

[1:24] * dthro_ has joined #minecraft.

[1:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Grand Oprah Wave

[1:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> EX

[1:25] * PhonicUK has quit: Quit: Leaving

[1:25] <N3X15> hahaha

[1:25] * dthro_ has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:25] <N3X15> dig up a block of sand


[1:26] <N3X15> I swear to god I fell 60m

[1:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Gives 3d12 people in within 100 feet, and within the same room as you, one item of the caster's choice. The caster then leaves the dungeon within 20 rounds.

[1:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The caster then owns their own campaign

[1:26] * tumik has joined #minecraft.

[1:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The caster must give the same item to each creature, unless they are of 4th level or higher.

[1:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Yeah, Oprah Winfrey gave everybody some stuff. It was great! And now she runs her own TV channel."

[1:27] <Nebuchadnezzar> Yo

[1:28] <Nebuchadnezzar> Might I perhaps ask a physics related question?

[1:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> sure!

[1:28] <Nebuchadnezzar> wooh

[1:29] <Nebuchadnezzar> you have a spacecraft 400000km away from earth, which has the velocity 500m/s

[1:29] <Frymaster> in what direction?

[1:29] <Frymaster> or else it's just a speed :P

[1:30] <Nebuchadnezzar> The spacecraft is supposed to move into an orbit around the earth, only affected by the gravitational force. The radius from earth to the orbit is supposed to be 10000km. What is the speed of the spacraft in the orbit?

[1:30] <Frymaster> from the earth's core, I assume?

[1:30] <Nebuchadnezzar> Yeh, It must be speed. Because it does not say anything about direction.

[1:30] <Nebuchadnezzar> From the core.

[1:31] <Nebuchadnezzar> Just thinking logically the speed must increase, since it is closer to the earth right ?

[1:31] * Mapleleaf has joined #minecraft.

[1:32] * AG-Oaki_Duke has quit: Quit: See you later alligator

[1:32] <Frymaster> depends what direction it was going :p but yes

[1:32] <Frymaster> the orbital speed increases for lower orbits

[1:32] <Nebuchadnezzar> Then the next question makes no sence...

[1:33] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[1:33] <Frymaster> which is?

[1:33] * cba-off is now known as cba.

[1:33] <Nebuchadnezzar> "When the spacecraft moved into orbit it must have happened a deacceleration"

[1:33] * PandaBear has joined #minecraft.

[1:33] <Nebuchadnezzar> "How much mechanical energy has the spacecraft lost when moving into orbit" ?

[1:33] <Frymaster> Nebuchadnezzar, you're assuming it started off in orbit

[1:34] <supensa> Nebuchadnezzar: uhhh...what was that one about deacceleration? is that verbatim?

[1:34] <Nebuchadnezzar> ?

[1:34] <supensa> The grammar is incorrect.

[1:35] <Frymaster> if it wasn't in orbit at 400000km, then you don't know it had to speed up to orbit at 10000km

[1:35] <Nebuchadnezzar> retardation, deceleration

[1:35] * Lev has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:35] * dag10 has quit: Quit: Leaving

[1:35] <supensa> I was wondering if that was included in the question.

[1:35] <Frymaster> if, in fact (because I haven't ran the numbers yet) orbital speed at 10,000km is _less_ than 500m/s, then it's slowed down

[1:35] * eXa-san has joined #minecraft.

[1:35] <Nebuchadnezzar> This problem, is in norwegian so it is a tad hard to translate... Sorry fot the grammar mistakes.

[1:36] <supensa> Ahhh, okay.

[1:36] <Nebuchadnezzar> I did the math, and got 780m/s

[1:36] <supensa> "When the spacecraft moved into orbit, it decelerated."

[1:36] <BalthCat> Isn't the angle required, unless more data is given after ?

[1:36] <Frymaster> yes, also did it say what direction the craft was going 500m/s in?

[1:36] * BalthCat shushes since his physics is rusty like nobody's business. (It just looks like there's not enough info.)

[1:37] <Nebuchadnezzar> right

[1:37] * vurtual has joined #minecraft.

[1:37] <vurtual> Guys, I had an amazing idea for a client command to script

[1:37] <Nebuchadnezzar> I also have the mass of the planet, thats kinda important...

[1:37] <Frymaster> btw am I right in thinking the forumla is radius = (G * the mass of earth) divided by the velocity squared?

[1:37] * Omnipresent_Text_Box has quit: Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by vurtual))

[1:37] * vurtual is now known as Omnipresent_Text_Box.

[1:38] <Nebuchadnezzar> velocity = sqrt ( gamma * M / r )

[1:38] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> So, basically, you do the command. Name, password, maybe just password if need be

[1:38] <Nebuchadnezzar> Where gamma is the gravitational constant, M is the mass of the planet, and r is the distance from the core.

[1:38] <Frymaster> yup, looks like the same to me

[1:38] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> then your client ghosts the name, changes to it, and identifies.

[1:39] <Nebuchadnezzar> Planet mass = 7.5*10^22

[1:39] <Serg> :v

[1:39] <Nebuchadnezzar> kg

[1:39] <Serg> Why are we talking physics?

[1:40] <Biohazard> orly?

[1:40] <Sqozza> So guys.

[1:40] <Serg> This has nothing to do with Minecraft, cut it out.

[1:40] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Yeah that's pretty simple?

[1:40] <Sqozza> I need like, a dull texture pack, so to speak.

[1:40] <Sqozza> And I don't really want a HD one.

[1:40] <Frymaster> hmmm, I get 6,314 m/s at 10,000k

[1:40] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> if I was using mIRC I'd make it

[1:41] <Nebuchadnezzar> I get 707.2835358

[1:41] <BalthCat> Clearly you should be :3

[1:41] <Serg> @Sqozza, replace all textures with a single colour.

[1:41] <Frymaster> <Nebuchadnezzar> Planet mass = 7.5*10^22 <--- that's not the mass of the earth

[1:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Linux.

[1:41] * PandaBear has quit: Quit: Gone

[1:41] <Frymaster> it's about 100 times too little

[1:42] * Chrissi has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[1:42] <Biohazard> Planet mass = 7.5*10^22 <-- Thats the mass of my ass

[1:42] <Serg> 5.9736 × 10^24 kg

[1:42] <Serg> That's Earth's estimated mass.

[1:42] <Sqozza> Serg, I mean like, washed out.

[1:42] <Nebuchadnezzar> I never said it was the mass of the earth

[1:43] <Sqozza> Fallout 3-ish

[1:43] <BalthCat> Nebuchadnezzar: Earlier you said "around the earth"

[1:43] <Serg> @Sqozza, bring it into GIMP and use the Desaturate tool

[1:43] <Serg> Add some brown and bloom, boom.

[1:43] <Serg> You are done.

[1:43] <Frymaster> Nebuchadnezzar, yes you did

[1:43] <Sqozza> -.-

[1:43] <Nebuchadnezzar> Sorry for the confusion :/

[1:43] <supensa> Sqozza: there is a Fallout texture, y'know

[1:43] * Sqozza facewalls

[1:43] <Sqozza> Yeah, it looks like crap.

[1:43] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[1:43] <Frymaster> anyway, again: what direction is the spacecraft initially moving in?

[1:43] <Sqozza> There's one I REALLY liked, but it didn't have the halloween crap

[1:44] * [HARL]LuckySeven has joined #minecraft.

[1:44] * [HARL]LuckySeven has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[1:44] * eLGassi has joined #minecraft.

[1:45] <Serg> @Sqozza, that one scares me.

[1:45] * Chrisknyfe has quit: Quit: Ex-Chat

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> So, guys, someone has suggested I have an int-draining spell.

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and it must be named "finger of derp"

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> How powerful should it be?

[1:46] <BalthCat> Is this d20?

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it's daggerfall

[1:46] * Caldi has joined #minecraft.

[1:46] <BalthCat> What's that?

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so most rules can be used as in D&D

[1:46] <BalthCat> Ah

[1:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It's a videoogame.

[1:46] <BalthCat> You're looking for Ray of Enfeeblement?

[1:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I already did ray of enfeeblement

[1:47] <BalthCat> oh

[1:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Zub said I should do "finger of derp" as an int-draining touch attack

[1:47] <Smiley> like finger of death...

[1:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but it makes you stupid

[1:47] <Smiley> but just for int? :D

[1:47] <Smiley> :D

[1:47] <Smiley> well it should rely on Will

[1:47] <Smiley> and it should be about 2/3 overpowering.

[1:47] <BalthCat> oh not enfeeblement

[1:47] <eLGassi> derp

[1:47] <BalthCat> feeblemind?

[1:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> screw it I'll just make it as high as possible without overpowering my caster

[1:48] <BalthCat> http://www.d20srd.org/srd/spells/feeblemind.htm

[1:48] <Ipix> [ºnº]

[1:48] <BalthCat> ^_^

[1:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> 1d6+1d6 per two levels of intelligence drain

[1:49] <jhaa> ’,

[1:49] <BalthCat> That's retarded.

[1:50] <supensa> sounds about right

[1:50] * KrimZon has joined #minecraft.

[1:50] <BalthCat> It's just Feeblemind, except they're also in a coma

[1:50] <supensa> Wait, that's not damage, right? That's just int drain?

[1:50] <Smiley> BalthCat: no, thats what happens when it HITS you.

[1:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Going by how daggerfall actually numbers stats

[1:50] <BalthCat> Smiley: Huh?

[1:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it either can turn someone retarded with a flick of the wrist

[1:51] <Smiley> [09:49:51] < BalthCat> That's retarded.

[1:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or makes you have a hard time thinking

[1:51] <BalthCat> Oh right, I'm thinking in terms of D&D damage

[1:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I am unsure of how 1d6 correlates to the stats.

[1:51] * tumik has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[1:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Which are technically double-digits(I'm a spellcaster with 63), but even at that rate, it'd impede someone

[1:52] <BalthCat> lol 63

[1:52] <BalthCat> ok I was thinking max 20

[1:52] * KiDD has joined #minecraft.

[1:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Although I don't know how much it does if you say, get a 6.

[1:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> drain only 6 points? Or more?

[1:53] <BalthCat> Huh?

[1:53] <BalthCat> If it's like D&D you roll each die separately

[1:54] <Smiley> i'd presume it'd drain 6.

[1:54] * BalthCat rolls [ 2d6 ] getting [ 5 4 ] for a total of [ 9 ]

[1:54] <BalthCat> like so

[1:54] <BalthCat> That would be a Lv3 caster

[1:54] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> As in, does 6 "damage" to a stat count as just 6 points

[1:54] <BalthCat> Ah

[1:54] <Smiley> or is it a percentage?

[1:54] <Smiley> So you dont end up with 0'ed stats?

[1:54] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or is it moreso relative, so it'd deal more like, 60

[1:55] <BalthCat> Relative to what?

[1:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I passed out and idled so much in daggerfall, that a day passed. It's now 3am in the game.

[1:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> As in, does the game try to make the stat-damage act like it'd be in a low-number setting, dealing out so many points per damage-point?

[1:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> this one night theme is awesmoe

[1:56] * trekkie1701c has quit: Quit: :P

[1:56] * tkmr has joined #minecraft.

[1:56] * eXa-san has quit: Quit: 12( www.nnscript.com 12:: NoNameScript 4.22 12:: www.esnation.com 12)

[1:56] <Smiley> hum de dum

[1:56] <Smiley> time to make some TNT \o/

[1:56] <BalthCat> Omni: Are you using the UESP wiki?

[1:56] <Smiley> need to flatten a small island

[1:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I have it for when I need something

[1:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Naturally, when I pause, my horse will never shut up. Ever.

[1:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The cart-horse is worse. It fires off noises like a machinegun.

[1:58] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Make a throwaway save, make the spell, cast it on yourself :3

[1:58] * eXa-san has joined #minecraft.

[1:58] * KiDD_ has joined #minecraft.

[1:58] * KiDD has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[1:58] * clips has quit: Quit: omnom

[1:59] * ojii has joined #minecraft.

[1:59] * ojii has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[1:59] * ojii_ has joined #minecraft.

[1:59] * Geroro has joined #minecraft.

[1:59] * ojii_ has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[1:59] <Smiley> yey, 22 TNT \o/

[1:59] * Villor has joined #minecraft.

[1:59] * Geroro has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[1:59] * vloev has joined #minecraft.

[2:00] * petercoulton has joined #minecraft.

[2:00] <vloev> someone?

[2:00] * lmg has joined #minecraft.

[2:00] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: I see no reference in the wiki to it being anything other than a straight relationship

[2:01] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Well there goes the power of derp

[2:01] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> On the other hand, the spell is REALLY cheap

[2:01] * franktinsley has quit: Quit: franktinsley

[2:02] <Sqozza> ThetaSigma10: how old are you snowy?

[2:02] <Sqozza> snowy446: why

[2:02] <Sqozza> ThetaSigma10: because

[2:02] <Sqozza> ThetaSigma10: i want to rape you

[2:02] * kyb3r has quit: Quit: Ex-Chat

[2:02] <BalthCat> 1d6+1d6/2lv sounds like crap in a game with 60+ int points

[2:02] <Sqozza> I lul'd

[2:02] <Kokopure> so so

[2:02] <BalthCat> oh wait, what level are you?

[2:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> one second

[2:02] <Kokopure> who here nearly wet their pants when Notch told us MP health would be here early next week

[2:02] <Kokopure> o/

[2:03] <Xa> o|

[2:03] <Mattress-> o\

[2:03] <Kokopure> if The Nether is included in this update, I think I know what my thanksgiving vacay is gonna look like.

[2:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> guys if minecraft used a diceroll-based damage system, how would you feel

[2:03] <Kokopure> I would feel like health would be more complicated.

[2:04] <Xa> A bit weird

[2:04] * BigBob85 has joined #minecraft.

[2:04] <vloev> mad

[2:04] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Hateful.

[2:04] <Kokopure> I don't know if I'd be mad

[2:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I would probably whine about how some setup is op

[2:04] <Kokopure> but I can imagine that I would be equally parts distressed, irritated, amused, and jolly.

[2:04] <Xa> As long as it fits the gameplay, I don't really care

[2:04] * Biohazard has quit: Quit: Shall try out Theinternetftw's minecraft cpu

[2:04] <BalthCat> I am not a huge fan of random outcomes.

[2:04] * Dman757 has joined #minecraft.

[2:04] <BalthCat> It makes sense in pen&paper

[2:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://img547.imageshack.us/img547/8674/deckedouthero.png this is my guy

[2:05] <BalthCat> It takes me like, an hour to make a new Oblivion person; I'm kinda retarded about chargen @_@

[2:05] <bildramer> morninh

[2:05] <bildramer> g

[2:05] <Sqozza> Aww.

[2:05] <BalthCat> I loathe encumbrance.

[2:05] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: You played Oblivion?

[2:05] <Sqozza> Can't make my nick @Sqozza

[2:05] <Sqozza> :(

[2:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> nnope

[2:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I played fallout 1 and 2 though

[2:06] <BalthCat> That doesn't help.

[2:06] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> which I guess are like the arena and daggerfall of oblivionwithguns

[2:06] * Zurtle2 has joined #minecraft.

[2:06] <BalthCat> Even a little.

[2:06] * dizzyone has joined #minecraft.

[2:06] <BalthCat> Well in perspective, I had my Oblivion caster magicked up with enchanted items, spells and potions all the time to carry my odds and ends.

[2:06] <bildramer> "Microsoft offering Age of Empires III for 10¢"

[2:06] <bildramer> wut

[2:07] <BalthCat> Regularly capable of carrying 200-250, I'd have her up to 3000 pounds on some occasions.

[2:07] <Sqozza> bildramer, wat

[2:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can carry a very tiny amount

[2:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> half of it is armor apparently.

[2:07] <Sqozza> If that's digital, I'M IN

[2:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I want to strip down my character and find where the weight comes from

[2:07] * Greg__ has joined #minecraft.

[2:07] * mib_g499uv has joined #minecraft.

[2:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/7396/thisswordisslightlyused.png Also, how I look without armor!

[2:07] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Yeah, so I guess relatively, picture her casting up to encumbrance 1500 in that game.

[2:07] * Zurtle has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:07] <BalthCat> I *hate* encumbrance.

[2:07] * Esge has joined #minecraft.

[2:07] * BigBob85 has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[2:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> That used to be my best sword. But it can't hurt harpies.

[2:07] <bildramer> http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-CA/Games/AgeofEmpiresIII/

[2:07] * mib_g499uv has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[2:07] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:07] <Sqozza> Oh, I've gotta use that shitty thing.

[2:07] <Sqozza> nowaiman

[2:07] <BalthCat> I'd get out of a dungeon and sell and I'd still be at like 600 pounds

[2:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I find it funny that I can max out my encumbrance

[2:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> with ingredients

[2:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> can't even fit coins

[2:08] <BalthCat> She was alchemy/illusion/alteration

[2:08] <BalthCat> Coins have weight? That's obscene.

[2:08] * Llevel has quit: Quit: Leaving

[2:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> They weigh so little though

[2:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Also, I have thousands in raw coins. Maybe I should deposit them....

[2:08] <Vinlaell> we used to have fun in nwn dropping heavy stacks and watch noobs pick em up and get stuck

[2:08] <BalthCat> Eventually I had made so many potions that when I loaded that save after a year, I had so much money I assumed I cheated.

[2:09] <BalthCat> But still, I couldn't keep from picking things up in caves D:

[2:09] <bildramer> http://www.hitlerwasright.com/

[2:09] <bildramer> herp derp

[2:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hitler did a fair few good things for Germany.

[2:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> he also had some interesting opinions, and was a pretty good artist

[2:09] * Xa has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:09] <bildramer> like removing the inferior races

[2:09] * Zurtle2 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:09] <BalthCat> bildramer: Odd place to forward it.

[2:09] <bildramer> yup.

[2:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I also have an absurd array of spells.

[2:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> All of them, shockingly, unique

[2:10] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[2:10] <bildramer> http://www.whitepower.net/ is fun too

[2:10] * immibis has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[2:10] * BalthCat eyes Omnipresent_Text_Box

[2:10] <Vinlaell> every race i have seen has alot of inferior people

[2:10] <BalthCat> race is a lie :B

[2:10] * Fearthehunter has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:11] <vloev> the cake is a lie

[2:11] * HerooftheSky has quit: Quit: Leaving

[2:11] <bildramer> the cake is a pie

[2:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Houdini's Ask Nicely, Shaun White's Identify, Magic Missile, Water Breathing, Chameleon, Slowfalling, Shock, Levitate, Fing-Longer o' Shockin', Homestar's Runner Renew, Bigby's Crushing Hand. plus: Magic Missile, Ray of Enfeeblement, and Finger of Derp.

[2:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> no healing spells.

[2:11] <BalthCat> I don't agree with Houdini's Ask Nicely

[2:11] <BalthCat> It's not properly named

[2:11] <BalthCat> They should be nouns

[2:11] * tophus has joined #minecraft.

[2:11] <BalthCat> Houdini's Polite Request, Shaun White's Identification

[2:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> identify is a verb

[2:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and is a common spell name

[2:11] <BalthCat> Yes but that's not thep oint.

[2:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> polite request is nice though

[2:12] <BalthCat> The named ones are all nouns, I think

[2:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or Nice Ask. Innuendo.

[2:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> not sure if I can rename/remove a spell at all though

[2:12] <BalthCat> Nice Ask hurts me.

[2:12] <BalthCat> I hated that you couldn't forget spells in Oblivion

[2:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Ask Nicely nicely asks the door, opening only weak town doors.

[2:12] * Flopps has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.5.15/20101026205513]

[2:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Also, named spells can be noun-ified adjectives or verbs right?

[2:13] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> like Houdini's masterful lockpicking, referring literally to his lockpicking

[2:13] <Sqozza> Current fb status.

[2:13] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[2:13] <bildramer> lol

[2:13] <Sqozza> "Red Wizard needs sleep, badly"

[2:13] <bildramer> you're doing it wrong

[2:13] <bildramer> food*

[2:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> needs *

[2:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Red Wizard cast Homestar's Runner Renew

[2:13] <BalthCat> Honestly there might be Name's Verb, but I don't recall any, it's always BLack Tentacles, Telekinetic Disk, Crushing Fist, etc.

[2:14] <bildramer> actually

[2:14] * Psicrime has joined #minecraft.

[2:14] <bildramer> in nethack you don't need to sleep

[2:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I don't think I'll ever be able to cast Bigby's Crushing Hand.

[2:14] <bildramer> lol

[2:14] <Visiiri> oops

[2:14] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Yeah, nounified is fine.

[2:14] <Visiiri> 3 am

[2:14] <Visiiri> wat do

[2:14] <Visiiri> oh yeah

[2:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> bildramer, can you in gauntlet?

[2:14] <Visiiri> sleap

[2:14] <Visiiri> noit

[2:14] <bildramer> dunno

[2:14] <BalthCat> It just sounds wierd the way you have it.


[2:15] <bildramer> why should I have played gauntlet?

[2:15] <BalthCat> Technically it would be Houdini's 'Ask Nicely'

[2:15] <BalthCat> w/ quotes, I think

[2:15] * LG_Legacy has quit: Quit: ...

[2:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Houdini is actually well-renowned for his "ask nicely" brand of lockpicking. Traps would often circumvent themselves outright in the presence of the master's intimidative level.

[2:15] <BalthCat> since you're referring to Houdini's spell

[2:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> When asking, Ask Nicely!

[2:15] <BalthCat> Whereas Bigby's Crushing Hand is referring to the hand as BIgby's not the spell

[2:15] <BalthCat> I have no proof of this

[2:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> No seriously, bigby's crushing hand is many times above my spell points

[2:15] <BalthCat> I'm just making metaphysical declarations based on my opinion :D

[2:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Okay, it's official, Ask Nicely is a brand name

[2:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and therefore a noun

[2:16] <bildramer> lol

[2:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> can anyone guess what homestar's runner renew does?

[2:16] <BalthCat> Ask Nicely brand WHAT?

[2:16] <BalthCat> HMMMM?

[2:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Ask Nicely brand lockpicking

[2:16] <vloev> spy

[2:16] <bildramer> Omnipresent_Text_Box, haste?

[2:16] <BalthCat> So then it'd be Houdini's Ask Nicely Lockpick

[2:17] <vloev> lol wrong chat

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> restores some fatigue-energy and health

[2:17] <bildramer> derp

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> BalthCat, do you say ATM machine?

[2:17] <bildramer> sounds completely useless to me

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or Tygon Tubing Tubing?

[2:17] <bildramer> you can't kill with it

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> bildramer, okay, I'm a spellsword.

[2:17] <BalthCat> I say bank machine

[2:17] <BalthCat> or atm

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Exactly.

[2:17] <BalthCat> But that's different

[2:17] <BalthCat> I might say Q-tip cotton swab

[2:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> long dungeons can tire me, and take some health off, having a spell that restores both is useful

[2:18] <BalthCat> And I might say Tygon Tubing tubing

[2:18] <supensa> or PIN number?

[2:18] <TweleventeenStyllables> what's going on in here?

[2:18] * Vinlaell has quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~

[2:18] <BalthCat> I already answered that type of question supensa

[2:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I think my magic missile is wrong.

[2:19] <bildramer> personal identification number number?

[2:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it's a touch spell

[2:19] <bildramer> lolo

[2:19] <BalthCat> lol

[2:19] <BalthCat> oh god

[2:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> which does nothing

[2:19] <BalthCat> the missile is the penis D:

[2:19] <bildramer> :|

[2:19] <BalthCat> oh she doesn't have one

[2:20] <BalthCat> :|

[2:20] * clips has joined #minecraft.

[2:21] <vloev>

[2:21] <TweleventeenStyllables> Solike, I have Braingate at lvl 12 and Animate Nightstand at lvl 11, which one should I put my skill points into?

[2:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I must figure out spell deletion

[2:22] <supensa> TweleventeenStyllables: What on earth are you playing?

[2:22] * Deltafire has joined #minecraft.

[2:22] <TweleventeenStyllables> PQ

[2:23] <BalthCat> PQ?

[2:23] <TweleventeenStyllables> PQ.

[2:23] <supensa> Peasan'ts Quest?

[2:23] <Roadcrosser> So

[2:23] * Deltafire has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[2:23] <supensa> Peasant's*

[2:23] <Roadcrosser> Does DSOrganize even HAVE autojoin?

[2:23] * Oddtwang has joined #minecraft.

[2:23] <TweleventeenStyllables> use CLIRC

[2:23] <Roadcrosser> I tried

[2:23] <TweleventeenStyllables> :l

[2:23] <BalthCat> TweleventeenStyllables: I was attempting to elicit some sort of elaboration

[2:23] <Roadcrosser> It couldnt detect my router

[2:23] <Roadcrosser> for some reason

[2:24] <TweleventeenStyllables> BalthCat: Progress Quest

[2:24] * Alram has joined #minecraft.

[2:24] <Roadcrosser> Yet the R4 Wi-fo screen and DSOrganize can very well do and connect with it

[2:24] * BalthCat had a feeling you might mean that.

[2:24] <Roadcrosser> wi-fi*

[2:24] * BalthCat couldn't remember the name.

[2:24] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[2:24] <BalthCat> If I recall, you can't do your own levelling ;_;

[2:25] <TweleventeenStyllables> the combat sure is fun though

[2:25] <BalthCat> I'd sooner IdleRPG because you can see it.

[2:25] <BalthCat> having a browser open to see it = lame

[2:25] <bildramer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Case,_Jr.

[2:25] <bildramer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kay_Kelly

[2:26] <bildramer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Quekett

[2:26] <TweleventeenStyllables> wad is dis

[2:26] <bildramer> then they tell us about notability

[2:26] * nevyn has joined #minecraft.

[2:26] <bildramer> seriously, Wikipedia?

[2:26] <legion> anyone here who plays Darkstar One?

[2:26] <Roadcrosser> I'm hungry

[2:26] <Roadcrosser> ...

[2:26] * Roadcrosser takes out an orange

[2:26] <Roadcrosser> ORANGES I HATE ORANGES

[2:26] * Roadcrosser throws them out the window

[2:26] * Jondice has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[2:26] * bildramer shall now attempt to mark those for deletion

[2:26] <Roadcrosser> uh why bild?

[2:26] * Jondice has joined #minecraft.

[2:26] * Darfk has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[2:27] <bildramer> because they're useless to everyone

[2:28] <bildramer> and since other articles which are much larger and useful get deleted, those should have no rights to remain

[2:28] <bildramer> also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Internet_memes lol

[2:28] <bildramer> never heard of 90% of those

[2:28] <bildramer> oh wait I have no wikipedia acc

[2:28] <bildramer> :<

[2:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Okay, 2-5 with another 2-5 every 2 levels

[2:28] * Erdinen has joined #minecraft.

[2:29] <supensa> bildramer: half of those are just videos

[2:29] <TweleventeenStyllables> wikipedia memes, oh dear

[2:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Single range projectile, magicka element, and nothing else

[2:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> They have references bildramer

[2:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> that's notable enough

[2:30] <bildramer> durr

[2:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I remember most of those bildramer

[2:30] <BalthCat> bildramer: I know most of them that I checked out

[2:31] <BalthCat> bildramer: Deletionists are a plague upon Wikipedia's house.

[2:32] <Lava_Croft> wikipedia is a plague itself

[2:32] <BalthCat> lol wikipedia hate

[2:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hitler_Reacts_%28Internet_meme%29#Hitler_as_internet_meme that's a bit list

[2:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> big*

[2:32] <BalthCat> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Someone will come nuke it

[2:32] <BalthCat> for once, with good reason

[2:32] <BalthCat> er -,

[2:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> you know it took about 2 seconds of looking at the sword & sandal article

[2:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> to think of a movie where some religious being goes about

[2:33] * Zub has quit: Quit: Leaving

[2:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and gives random people videogame powers.

[2:33] <BalthCat> bildramer: Also some are foreign internet memes, since foreigners are people too

[2:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "And you two? You'll become actual Dungeons & Dragons heroes, a fighter and a mage, as you are."

[2:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Woo! I KNEW it was a good day to wear my 20th level gear."

[2:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "I'm a first level wizard! :("

[2:34] * MissingNo has quit: Quit: leaving

[2:34] <supensa> Omnipresent_Text_Box: : What are you talking about?

[2:34] * Simiil has joined #minecraft.

[2:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it took 2 seconds of reading this article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sword_and_sandal to come up with a movie where a deity or other being goes about and gives people abilities from video games

[2:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (the two people are LARPing, clearly)

[2:35] * Simiil has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[2:35] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:36] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> But the deity still controls reality, so if you attack them, you always get a 1, or your bullets always randomly fly out of the way, or something

[2:36] * Tolster has joined #minecraft.

[2:36] * Vlek has joined #minecraft.

[2:36] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[2:36] * nbik has joined #minecraft.

[2:36] <Lava_Croft> http://www.ruiner.atomicarmadillo.com/

[2:36] <Vlek> Guys, guys, guys, there's a skeleton on a spider on my map!

[2:36] <Vlek> It's riding the freaking spider!

[2:37] * Smiley is nom nom nom hungry.

[2:37] <Serg> 1/100 chance, Vlek.

[2:37] <Vlek> You serious?

[2:37] <Serg> Yessir

[2:37] <Serg> I figure it would've been better to mess with you

[2:37] <Vlek> I took a picture, but it isn't that good. I want video. =/

[2:37] <Serg> But, I'm lazy.

[2:37] * Mattress- has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[2:38] * Mattress has joined #minecraft.

[2:38] <Vlek> I'm trying to think of a way of saving it.

[2:38] * bildramer read that as atomicarmadildo

[2:39] <Serg> That's what it says, Bild.

[2:41] * Leo_V117 has joined #minecraft.

[2:41] * Halitus has quit: Quit: Leaving

[2:42] * zapu has joined #minecraft.

[2:42] <BalthCat> Vlek: build something around it

[2:42] <BalthCat> and never leave it

[2:42] * nbik has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[2:42] * stewiecraft has joined #minecraft.

[2:42] <Vlek> Lol? How boring is that?

[2:42] <Smiley> :D

[2:42] <Smiley> its worth it!!!

[2:42] * Serg has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:43] <stewiecraft> Can anyone here hlep me test a temp server quickly

[2:43] * nbik has joined #minecraft.

[2:43] <username17> sure

[2:43] <stewiecraft> it was working earlier but been having some troubles

[2:43] <stewiecraft> not sure if people can connect atm

[2:43] <Vlek> Sorry, I have a skeleton riding a spider here.

[2:43] <stewiecraft> Ah

[2:43] <Vlek> I don't think you understand how awesome it is.

[2:43] <stewiecraft> well carry on sir

[2:43] * Serg has joined #minecraft.

[2:43] <Vlek> I mean, I don't think jumping off my castle wall to go give it a hug is smart, but I definitely want more video.

[2:43] <bildramer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleve

[2:44] <bildramer> I like that pixely illustration

[2:44] * Overdose has joined #minecraft.

[2:44] <Smiley> stewiecraft: pm me the ip/url

[2:44] * Pepe has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[2:45] <stewiecraft> if anyone has a moment

[2:46] <Vlek> I have an idea: why don't we all get on tinychat and video our minecrafting while we talk?

[2:46] * gizmodo_ has joined #minecraft.

[2:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> This game has lots of nudity

[2:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Harpies, when they die, fall over so their nipples point up perfectly

[2:46] <bildramer> http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=air+speed+velocity+of+a+laden+swallow

[2:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> contrasting against the floo

[2:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> r

[2:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> And nymphs have boobs! And a butt! Which means SUCCESSFUL BACKSTAB!

[2:47] * Serv_123 has joined #minecraft.

[2:47] * lonequid has joined #minecraft.

[2:47] <Serv_123> hey

[2:47] * Viral has quit: Read error: No route to host

[2:47] <Serv_123> I have a weird request

[2:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> what is it

[2:48] <Vlek> I'm not doing anything with my butt again, nope.

[2:48] <Serv_123> can someone please buy ChanServ, BotServ, LogServ, UberServ (or any other existing ...Serv (except NickServ)) the game?

[2:48] * Villor has quit: Quit: Leaving.

[2:48] <Serv_123> also, no Vlek

[2:48] * ZombieL has joined #minecraft.

[2:48] <Serv_123> I dont need your butt

[2:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> why?

[2:49] <Serv_123> so that I can play alpha

[2:49] <Serv_123> a friend of mine showed me this game

[2:49] * Viral has joined #minecraft.

[2:49] <Serv_123> and all I can say is: Epicness!

[2:49] <bildramer> http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6AG0BB20101117

[2:49] <Serv_123> whats that, bildramer

[2:49] <Shrub> Tommy used to work on the docks, the union's been on strike, he's down on his luck, it's tough...

[2:50] <bildramer> an article about the UN being retarded

[2:50] * ghostnote has joined #minecraft.

[2:50] <Serv_123> UN?

[2:50] <Serv_123> whats that?

[2:50] <Shrub> the UN was a moderately good idea but then it went poop

[2:50] <bildramer> I never thought the best representatives of all the world are such fucking idiots

[2:50] <Serv_123> UN is poop?

[2:50] <Serv_123> niice

[2:50] <Shrub> U.N. Owen is poop

[2:50] <bildramer> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations

[2:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> GUYS, CHALLENGE

[2:50] <Serv_123> oh

[2:50] <Serg> Why is U.N. Owen so popular suddenly?

[2:50] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[2:50] <Serv_123> United Nations

[2:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> srg they always aaaare

[2:50] <Serg> I am listening to U.N. Owen right now

[2:50] <Serg> :v

[2:50] <bildramer> whatever

[2:51] <Serv_123> ._.

[2:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> was they her?

[2:51] <Serv_123> wait

[2:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> get wolframalpha to see 1d4+1 as dice

[2:51] <Serv_123> so no-one is gonna buy the game for me? D:

[2:51] <Serv_123> I cant

[2:51] * bildramer kills homosexuals because it isn't wrong

[2:51] <Serg> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jJZA-O_B78&feature=related

[2:51] <Serv_123> because Im ot old enough to have a credit card

[2:51] <Shrub> Serg, are you and Serv long lost borthers

[2:51] <Serv_123> *old

[2:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hint, doing 1d4+1 recognizes it as a mathematical object

[2:51] <Serg> No

[2:51] <bildramer> derp Omnipresent_Text_Box

[2:51] <bildramer> d^4 + 1

[2:51] <Serv_123> ;-;

[2:52] <Serv_123> and I thought the people here are nice :(

[2:52] <Shrub> but WHO WAS D?

[2:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> does not result in dice rolled bildramer

[2:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Serv_123, well, wait

[2:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> you have ALL of those names?

[2:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> also, who is NickServ in minecraft?

[2:52] <Serv_123> erm

[2:52] <Serv_123> yeah

[2:53] <Serv_123> all of them

[2:53] <Serv_123> except NickServ

[2:53] <Serv_123> a friend Roadcrosser took NickServ ;-;

[2:53] * Sqozza buys "PornServ" Minecraft alpha

[2:53] * Nam-Ereh-Won has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:53] <Serv_123> inb4 road saying something

[2:53] * clips has quit: Quit: omnom

[2:53] * TheBeev has joined #minecraft.

[2:53] <Serv_123> nononono

[2:53] <Serv_123> there is no pornserv

[2:53] <Serv_123> :P

[2:53] <Sqozza> THERE IS NOW

[2:53] <Serv_123> I said only /excisting ones/

[2:53] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:53] <Serv_123> Lol

[2:53] <Serv_123> existing

[2:54] <Sqozza> IT EXISTS NOW

[2:54] <Sqozza> :P

[2:54] <bildramer> ChanServ, MemoServ

[2:54] <Serv_123> erm

[2:54] <bildramer> nothing else exists, right?

[2:54] <Sqozza> ...ServServ...

[2:54] <Serv_123> nah

[2:54] <Serv_123> BotServ

[2:54] <Sqozza> There's always Q.

[2:54] <Serv_123> UberServ

[2:54] <Serv_123> OperServ

[2:54] <Serv_123> but Id like ChanServ

[2:54] <Serv_123> thats the most recognized

[2:54] * MBoffin has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[2:54] <Sqozza> I'd rather Q.

[2:54] <Sqozza> :P

[2:54] <Serv_123> theres no Q in esper

[2:54] <bildramer> http://eric22222.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/hl2.jpg

[2:54] <Serv_123> thats in QuakeNet, amIwrong?

[2:54] <bildramer> warning, huge

[2:55] <Sqozza> (It's quakenets version of a "serv")

[2:55] * Serv_123 has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[2:55] <bildramer> derp

[2:55] * Villor has joined #minecraft.

[2:55] * Serv_123 has joined #minecraft.

[2:55] <Serv_123> woah

[2:55] * Seberoth has joined #minecraft.

[2:55] <Serv_123> that thing bildramer sent crashed me

[2:55] <Sqozza> XD

[2:55] <Serg> lol

[2:55] <Serg> That image contains errors

[2:56] <Serg> so it wouldn't even load in a real browser.

[2:56] <Serg> (firefox)

[2:56] <Serv_123> Im using chrome

[2:56] <Sqozza> Worked fine for me

[2:56] <Sqozza> (Failfox)

[2:56] <Serv_123> and Mibbit (dont judge me >:U)

[2:56] * GreyVulpine points and laughs

[2:56] <Serv_123> ._.

[2:57] <Serv_123> so anyways

[2:57] * Sqozza judges Serv_123

[2:57] <Sqozza> GUILTY

[2:57] <Serv_123> where was I

[2:57] <Serv_123> oh right

[2:57] <Serv_123> this alpha

[2:57] <Serv_123> its magical

[2:57] <Sqozza> a wizard coded it

[2:57] <Serv_123> and I dont like pirating

[2:57] <Serv_123> wait

[2:57] <Serv_123> Notch is a wiz?

[2:57] <Serv_123> niice

[2:58] <Sqozza> Don't pirate.

[2:58] <Sqozza> Ninja instead.

[2:58] * Xenovoyance has joined #minecraft.

[2:58] <Serv_123> pirates are bad

[2:58] <Serv_123> ninja, eh?

[2:58] <Serv_123> hmm

[2:58] * lobstar_MB has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:58] * lobstarooo has joined #minecraft.

[2:58] <Serv_123> dunno how

[2:58] <GreyVulpine> Then go buy a pre-paid card at a store, register a paypal account, and use your own money

[2:58] <Sqozza> Pirate METAL, however..

[2:58] * lobstar has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[2:58] <GreyVulpine> You'll get nowhere begging online

[2:58] <Serv_123> like we have prepaid cards in estonia x.x

[2:58] * magotar__ has quit: Quit: Leaving

[2:58] <GreyVulpine> Ouch

[2:58] <Serv_123> im not begging

[2:58] <Serv_123> Im just asking nicely

[2:58] * Sqozza begs for Alpha

[2:58] <Serv_123> just thought this place would help my prob

[2:58] * Nam-Ereh-Won has joined #minecraft.

[2:59] <Sqozza> (Yes, I already have it)

[2:59] <Sqozza> :V

[2:59] <Serv_123> but I guess not then ._.

[2:59] <GreyVulpine> <Serv_123> so no-one is gonna buy the game for me? D:

[2:59] <GreyVulpine> <Serv_123> and I thought the people here are nice :(

[2:59] * GreyVulpine coughs

[2:59] <Sqozza> We are nice!

[2:59] * Serv_123 hides

[2:59] * Viral has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[2:59] <Sqozza> *cough* bullshit *cough*

[2:59] <Serv_123> but

[2:59] <Serv_123> aperture

[2:59] <Serv_123> showed me the way of life

[3:00] * Immow has joined #minecraft.

[3:00] <SumWon> *cough*I don't want to be left out*cough*

[3:00] <Serv_123> *cough* this is madness *cough*

[3:00] <Sqozza> SumWon, you are.

[3:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> APPARENTLY

[3:00] <SumWon> Baw

[3:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> you can't put gold in the wagon

[3:00] <Sqozza> Go back to feeding your virtual monkeys.

[3:00] <SumWon> Haha

[3:00] <SumWon> Working on my game actually

[3:00] <SumWon> Added two new map layers

[3:00] <Sqozza> How's that going, anyway?

[3:00] <Sqozza> D:

[3:00] <SumWon> One for background, one for foreground :D

[3:00] <Serv_123> omnipresent_text_box: theres wagons in alpha?

[3:00] <SumWon> So now I has scrolling stars

[3:00] <Serv_123> WANT

[3:00] * Dman757 has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[3:01] <Serv_123> also

[3:01] <Serv_123> brb molesting oxes

[3:01] <Sqozza> She's playing Daggerfall, Serv_123

[3:01] <Sqozza> (afkish)

[3:01] <Serv_123> she?

[3:01] * McCloud has joined #minecraft.

[3:01] <Sqozza> yes...

[3:01] <Serg> It's a He.

[3:01] <GreyVulpine> And you have Western Unions in Estonia.

[3:01] <GreyVulpine> So, you have access to prepaids..

[3:01] <Serv_123> say what?

[3:01] <Serv_123> whats that?

[3:01] * GreyVulpine eyerolls

[3:02] <Serv_123> Western Onions?

[3:02] <Serv_123> what is this I dont even

[3:02] <Sqozza> I can attest that Omnipresent_Text_Box is a female.

[3:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'm a she.

[3:02] * O7rogersg has joined #minecraft.

[3:02] <Sqozza> That doesn't blink often.

[3:02] * SumWon takes a screen shot of his game.

[3:02] <GreyVulpine> I'm.. going to stop talking to you now.

[3:02] <Serv_123> hot!

[3:02] <Sqozza> ._.

[3:02] <Lava_Croft> im a she too

[3:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> My intelligence and abilities place me out of your league, Serv_123

[3:02] <Serv_123> hot mother of mercy!

[3:02] <Lava_Croft> my husband is tim willits

[3:02] <McCloud> Anyone here is running a minecraft server with Hey0's mod and McMyAdmin as server wraper at any chance ???

[3:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Lava_Croft, you poor thing

[3:02] <Sqozza> You're of unknown gender, Lava_Croft.

[3:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so yeah. I'm carrying near my encumbrance in gold.

[3:03] <Serv_123> its a tarp!

[3:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can't drop it.

[3:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> What do I do?

[3:03] <Serv_123> you win

[3:03] <Serv_123> The Game

[3:03] <Sqozza> Does daggerfall have mark and recall?

[3:03] <Serv_123> (forced meme was forced)

[3:03] <GreyVulpine> Spend it!

[3:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'm in a dungeon.

[3:03] * GeminiRai has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:03] <Lava_Croft> you candrop it

[3:03] <SumWon> Need to draw a door frame and window frame/window: http://i.imgur.com/p9o4K.png

[3:03] <Lava_Croft> but it goes poof

[3:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> If I were not in a dungeon, I'd beeline for the nearest bank of wayrest and deposit it all

[3:03] <Lava_Croft> you can also deposit at a bank

[3:03] <Serv_123> wait

[3:03] <Serv_123> I like shotgun

[3:03] <bildramer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr1qee-bTZI&t=706

[3:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> SumWon, and glass

[3:03] <Serv_123> *shotguns

[3:03] <bildramer> oh wow holy shizzle

[3:03] <SumWon> lol

[3:04] <bildramer> I wonder how the fuck the USA can survive

[3:04] * Sqozza draws a completely transparent object

[3:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> bildramer, off of a handful of people who go above and beyond the call of duty

[3:04] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:04] * lobstar_MB has joined #minecraft.

[3:04] <Sqozza> It'll sell for millions.

[3:04] * Mithril has joined #minecraft.

[3:04] <Serv_123> wait

[3:04] <Sqozza> FUCK YOU, #minecraft.

[3:04] <Sqozza> I'm trying to be afk

[3:04] * utugi__ has joined #minecraft.

[3:04] <Shrub> fuck YOU

[3:04] <Sqozza> -.-

[3:04] <Serv_123> so can I leave now? no-ones buying it

[3:04] <Sqozza> NO U

[3:04] <Vlek> =3

[3:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Sqozza I'll buy it for 14 thousand gold, that must be returned in at least whole value by the time I get out of the dungeon

[3:04] <Shrub> Sqozza you canfuck me if you want :3

[3:05] <Sqozza> kinky

[3:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Me too, Sqozza


[3:05] * utugi_ has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[3:05] * Sqozza unplugs his monitor

[3:05] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> come ooon, baby, you know you want it

[3:05] <Vlek> Anyone mess with skins yet?

[3:05] * O7rogersg has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[3:05] <Serv_123> I just want alpha ;-;

[3:05] * Biiaru_ has joined #minecraft.

[3:05] * Serv_123 is now known as fufufufu.

[3:06] <GreyVulpine> westernunion.com

[3:06] <Vlek> http://tinychat.com/minecraft

[3:06] <McCloud> anyone her got any expirience with running a Hey0's mod server with a server wraper ?

[3:06] <Vlek> Post up your screen while you're mining.

[3:06] <fufufufu> GreyVulpine: I dont think Im old enough to do that

[3:06] * T-Cat has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:07] <GreyVulpine> You're not old enough to go outside and look for a western union store near you?

[3:07] <Vlek> None of you gies wanna show off your buildings and stuff? =/

[3:07] <fufufufu> dude

[3:07] <fufufufu> wait

[3:07] <fufufufu> I havent seen a western onion shop in my life

[3:08] <fufufufu> how am I supposed to just go outside and see one?

[3:08] <stewiecraft> can anyone here help me test a server right quick?

[3:08] <stewiecraft> just see if you can connect

[3:09] <stewiecraft> Perty please

[3:09] <stewiecraft> If it works you can use my server?

[3:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> GUYS

[3:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I SEE A DAEDRA LORD

[3:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> looking the other way

[3:10] <Serg> In the tiny chat, there is a guy that looks like a hunter from L4D

[3:10] <Serg> I'm scared.

[3:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I tried t osteal from him and he attacked me

[3:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> what attack do I use on him from behind

[3:11] <fufufufu> GreyVulpine: nearest store in Tallinn

[3:11] <fufufufu> I am NOT walking there

[3:12] <fufufufu> Im on the other side of estonia

[3:12] <stewiecraft> Anyone have a moment to try and connect to my server?

[3:12] <fufufufu> suer

[3:12] <fufufufu> *sure

[3:12] <fufufufu> whats the link?

[3:12] <Overdose> If I had it I would ;) I'm just a big fan of classiv mode

[3:12] * Legume has joined #minecraft.

[3:12] <GreyVulpine> stewiecraft - Sure

[3:12] <Overdose> hoping to buy it soon though.

[3:12] <stewiecraft>

[3:12] * GreyVulpine snerks

[3:12] <McCloud> lol

[3:12] <Serg> KIK'

[3:12] <fufufufu> -facepalm-

[3:12] <Serg> LOL

[3:12] <Serg> I lol'd so hard, I mistyped lol

[3:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> knocked to 1/63 health from a single attack

[3:13] <supensa> That happens often

[3:13] <fufufufu> stewiecraft: I cant connect D:

[3:13] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[3:13] <fufufufu> :P

[3:13] <stewiecraft> what does it say

[3:13] <fufufufu> it says

[3:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> stewiecraft, is an internal IP

[3:14] <fufufufu> "what are you an idiot"?

[3:14] <fufufufu> :P

[3:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> everyone is

[3:14] <McCloud> its says the problem is beteen the monitor and the chair

[3:14] * TheBeev has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:14] <GreyVulpine> PEBKEC error

[3:14] <GreyVulpine> er, PEBKAC.

[3:14] <Vlek> Granit or cobblestone for castles?

[3:14] <McCloud> cobble

[3:14] <Vlek> Granite is looking way too clean for me.

[3:14] <stewiecraft> tbh I have no idea where that # came from

[3:14] <stewiecraft> someone told me to try it

[3:14] <supensa> Cobble

[3:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> How dare he save vs finger of derp

[3:15] <stewiecraft> my external is

[3:15] <stewiecraft> if someone wants to try that

[3:15] <supensa> stewiecraft: is localhost for every computer

[3:15] <supensa> there we go

[3:15] <Vlek> I have a square castle with two sides done in granite and two in cobble. I can't choose.

[3:15] <GreyVulpine> stewiecraft - You haven't done port forwarding..

[3:15] <Vlek> Granite is harder to get because you have to smelt it from cobblestone, so it should seem more alluring.

[3:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hey, if you type in your pw, it will show as stars

[3:16] <McCloud> connection timed out: connect

[3:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> ********* see!

[3:16] <stewiecraft> I have done portfowarding

[3:16] <Vlek> Lol, troll

[3:16] <stewiecraft> and I tested with portfoward.coms checker

[3:16] <McCloud> firewall ?

[3:16] <stewiecraft> 25565

[3:16] * Cheese has joined #minecraft.

[3:16] <bildramer> derpaherp

[3:16] <Vlek> iluvb015

[3:16] <GreyVulpine> Then yeah, you've got a firewall still up

[3:16] <Vlek> =[

[3:16] <stewiecraft> just turned it off

[3:16] * Hashio has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[3:16] <GreyVulpine> Now it works

[3:16] <stewiecraft> I figured if it went through port checker it wasnt blocking

[3:17] <stewiecraft> Really?

[3:17] * GreyVulpine nods

[3:17] <stewiecraft> AWESOME

[3:17] <stewiecraft> so I have no idea how to do anything else

[3:17] <stewiecraft> BUT IT WORKS

[3:17] <Vlek> http://tv.40cakes.com/toonamicakes/

[3:17] <Vlek> They watchin' inception.

[3:18] <SumWon> I'mma make a spoof of inception. It shall be called...conception!

[3:18] <SumWon> Wow, what an awesome porn title, actually.

[3:18] <SumWon> Probably been done...

[3:18] <Vlek> LOL

[3:18] <Vlek> Oh dear god, I'd watch it.

[3:18] * Snowman has joined #minecraft.

[3:18] <Snowman> Hey

[3:19] <SumWon> Hai

[3:19] <SumWon> Snowman <3

[3:19] <GreyVulpine> Uh-oh

[3:19] <Vlek> Doing girls in their sleep, or in their dreams?

[3:19] <SumWon> Hah!

[3:19] <SumWon> Epic

[3:19] <Vlek> Both?

[3:19] <SumWon> Probably

[3:19] <supensa> girls have sex in their dreams and wake up pregnant

[3:19] * copyboy has joined #minecraft.

[3:19] <SumWon> lmao

[3:20] <supensa> only to wake up from that dream to find it was a dream

[3:20] <supensa> only to wake up from THAT dream to find that they're pregnant.

[3:20] <SumWon> Deep

[3:20] <Vlek> Three dreams? That's impossible!

[3:20] <SumWon> Hmm...I'm going to write a script to see what percentage of people in here say a single line in a given week...

[3:20] <supensa> Dude, didn't Inception go like 6 dreams deep or something?

[3:20] <SumWon> Gah, haven't seen it

[3:20] <Vlek> They went three.

[3:20] <SumWon> QUIET YOU.

[3:20] <stewiecraft> 3

[3:21] * Kizzi has joined #minecraft.

[3:21] * reduktorius has joined #minecraft.

[3:21] <SumWon> Anyway, going to bed, I guess.

[3:21] <copyboy> vegeta, what does the dream counter say about his dream level?

[3:21] <SumWon> I'm supposed to get up in like 6 hours or so...Hmm.

[3:21] <SumWon> Hah

[3:21] * supensa has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[3:21] <Snowman> Someone once had some program that showed the most used words

[3:21] <copyboy> IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAAAND!

[3:21] <GreyVulpine> fufufufu - I see like a bazillion western unions in estonia. - http://www.westernunion.com/WUCOMWEB/staticMid.do?pagename=agentLocator&method=load#

[3:22] <Snowman> But it showed them really awesome

[3:22] <Snowman> Like it made the most said word the biggest

[3:22] <GreyVulpine> You can get a prepaid card *somewhere* in your country

[3:22] <Snowman> And put all the other words around them

[3:22] <SumWon> I'm making a program that's actually a game. And it's really awesome.

[3:22] <SumWon> Actually, that sounds pretty cool lol

[3:22] <copyboy> SumWon: hey, me too

[3:22] <SumWon> Cool :D

[3:22] <SumWon> What is it? :P

[3:23] * Viral has joined #minecraft.

[3:23] <SumWon> Also, mine isn't a program, seeing as it's web based...so..A web app?

[3:23] * Atomizer has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:23] <copyboy> a snowball fighting game

[3:23] <SumWon> interesting

[3:23] <SumWon> Got any screen shots? :3

[3:24] <copyboy> let's see ...


[3:24] <copyboy> i'll upload one

[3:24] <SumWon> lol

[3:24] <SumWon> I'm making a multiplayer 2D side scroller shooter. That's a lot of words...

[3:25] <copyboy> not really

[3:25] <SumWon> lol

[3:25] <SumWon> I suppose I've seen more.

[3:25] <SumWon> I could have added more, but it would have been a little over kill.

[3:25] * King has joined #minecraft.

[3:25] * SumWon is now known as Queen.

[3:26] <Queen> oh hai thar King

[3:26] * Queen is now known as SumWon.

[3:26] * Maaka has joined #minecraft.

[3:26] * SumWon shrugs.

[3:26] <SumWon> It suddenly grew quiet. How odd.

[3:26] <SumWon> Maaan, I really need to get to bed soon. I wanted to finish The Restaurant at the End of the Universe tonight >_<.


[3:27] * TomyLobo has joined #minecraft.

[3:27] <SumWon> Only got two chapters left :D

[3:27] <Mattress> OKAY

[3:27] <SumWon> YES. OKAY.

[3:27] <Mattress> YOU SHOULD FINISH IT

[3:27] <SumWon> It's a good book

[3:27] * Smiley tries to recall how ot finishes

[3:27] <copyboy> here: http://i.imgur.com/ajO3a.png

[3:27] <SumWon> imgur <3

[3:27] <SumWon> oh wow, nice copyboy

[3:28] <SumWon> That looks really interesting

[3:28] <Smiley> o+O?

[3:28] <SumWon> What platform does it use?

[3:28] <bildramer> http://www.martinschweitzer.com/squaregame.html#

[3:28] <bildramer> oh wow

[3:28] <copyboy> it gets boring pretty fast if there's not enough players

[3:28] <copyboy> to be honest, it's game maker

[3:28] * Rens2Sea has joined #minecraft.

[3:28] <SumWon> Oh wow lol

[3:28] <Smiley> http://imgur.com/gallery/xbLKV

[3:28] <Smiley> lol wtf

[3:28] <SumWon> bildramer, that'd incredibly easy..

[3:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> thankfully

[3:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the daedra lord ran off

[3:29] <Mattress> lol

[3:29] <SumWon> Screeny of a map I'm currently making: http://i.imgur.com/p9o4K.png

[3:29] <SumWon> Just posted it though, so you might have already seen it.

[3:29] * SumWon shrugs

[3:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I killed my bounty, which had a dwarven longsword on hand, so that's my new main sword for now

[3:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> SO GUYS 5-23 vs 6-20

[3:29] <bildramer> SumWon, change to ninja

[3:29] <bildramer> lol

[3:29] <SumWon> Anywho, need to make a door frame and window frame.

[3:29] <Shrub> SumWon: What game?

[3:29] <SumWon> Shrub, mine?

[3:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Bonus points to come up with a diceroll that explains either

[3:29] <Shrub> yeah

[3:29] <SumWon> bildramer, what?

[3:29] <bildramer> Omnipresent_Text_Box, are there xdy numbers?

[3:30] <copyboy> SumWon: that looks neat

[3:30] <bildramer> SumWon, the difficulty

[3:30] <SumWon> Shrub, that was more retorical. What do you mean "What game"

[3:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> None that I see

[3:30] <Snowman> SumWon, under the puzzle

[3:30] <SumWon> Thanks :D

[3:30] <SumWon> ooh, I see.

[3:30] <bildramer> 4+1d19

[3:30] <bildramer> derp

[3:30] <Shrub> SumWon: What game is that map for?

[3:30] <SumWon> Jesus christ. That looks a little harder..

[3:30] <SumWon> Ooh, Shrub, it's for my own game lol

[3:30] * Smiley finished that puzzel

[3:30] <bildramer> I don't know the distributions so I can't tell you which one is the best

[3:30] <Shrub> Ah.

[3:30] <Smiley> theres an easyway

[3:30] <Shrub> It looks fun SumWon

[3:30] <Smiley> Do I win?

[3:30] <SumWon> Thanks :D

[3:30] <SumWon> It is lol

[3:30] <Shrub> has it been released yet?

[3:30] <SumWon> I spend far too much time playing it and not enough developing it

[3:30] <SumWon> Not yet, but we're getting close

[3:31] <Smiley> SumWon: its easy

[3:31] <bildramer> if they're evenly distributed it's 14 vs 13 so get the 5-23 one

[3:31] <SumWon> Close to an EARLY and buggy beta*

[3:31] <Smiley> that rectanges thing...

[3:31] <SumWon> lol

[3:31] <Shrub> tell me when it's released I wanna try it

[3:31] <Smiley> change them ALL to the same colour

[3:31] <Serg> uhhg, I'm never going to figure out what's wrong with my matrices :v

[3:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the upside of the 6-20 is that it's a whole material better

[3:31] <Smiley> then make it diaganal colors.

[3:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so I can hurt the everpresent harpies

[3:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Other enemies though, not so much

[3:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and I can use a shield with the 6-20

[3:31] <SumWon> Sure Shrub

[3:33] <bildramer> well

[3:33] * Adurah has joined #minecraft.

[3:33] <bildramer> then it's probably better to use it instead of having just +1 average damage

[3:33] <Snowman> Yes!

[3:33] <Snowman> Completed hard!

[3:33] <SumWon> lmao

[3:33] <Smiley> whut game?

[3:34] <Snowman> http://www.martinschweitzer.com/squaregame.html#

[3:34] <Smiley> it has a hard mode

[3:34] <Smiley> ?!

[3:34] * stewiecraft has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[3:34] * Adura has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:34] <Snowman> Yes

[3:34] * Sami345 has joined #minecraft.

[3:34] <Snowman> Look under the puzzle

[3:35] * bildramer looks at old irc quotes

[3:35] <bildramer> http://pastebin.com/Pmb50aVg

[3:36] * asnoehu has quit: Quit: Idealism is great until you realize that someone has to pay for it, and that someone is always, without exception, YOU.

[3:36] <SumWon> Hah!

[3:37] * Bekschurft has joined #minecraft.

[3:38] <SumWon> Well, off to bed I suppose. Night everyone.

[3:38] * Smiley is going to complete ninja.

[3:38] * SumWon sure as hell is not.

[3:38] <Smiley> its not hard -_-

[3:38] <Smiley> i told you how to do it

[3:38] <SumWon> I'm tired lol

[3:39] * Bilkokuya has joined #minecraft.

[3:39] <SumWon> So, night!

[3:39] <Smiley> gn

[3:39] <Serg> Let's show off the progress of our games!

[3:39] <Bilkokuya> let's not.

[3:40] <Vlek> Dude, I just started a tinychat.

[3:40] * Sliker[Bed] has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:40] * alza has joined #minecraft.

[3:40] <Serg> :(

[3:40] <Smiley> :o

[3:40] <Serg> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3942746/Helio001.PNG

[3:40] <Smiley> thats....

[3:40] <Smiley> amazing

[3:40] <Bilkokuya> is tinychat that webcam thing for perverts and people with their name on a list?

[3:40] <N3X15> Oh fucking hell.

[3:41] <Snowman> HD graphics up in there

[3:41] <Serg> Thanks Snowman

[3:41] <Serg> I made those pixels, by hand, in Maya

[3:41] <N3X15> Any working tools to recalculate lighting in Minecraft singleplayer maps?

[3:41] <GreyVulpine> No, that's the roulette chat thing

[3:41] * parallax has joined #minecraft.

[3:41] <Bilkokuya> nice pixels serg

[3:41] <Bilkokuya> I think it needs some more edges though

[3:41] <Serg> You guys make me blush

[3:41] <Vlek> chatroulette you mean?

[3:41] <GreyVulpine> Whatever

[3:41] <Bilkokuya> ah that's the one I was thinking of

[3:41] <Serg> @Bilkokuya, not yet.

[3:41] <Serg> Probably needs a texture first.

[3:41] <Snowman> My game: http://ScrnSht.com/dnqznd

[3:41] <Serg> Programmer art and all that

[3:41] <Bilkokuya> or two

[3:42] * IsSuE has joined #minecraft.

[3:42] <Bilkokuya> ooh nice

[3:42] <Bilkokuya> I like the way you saved space on your code

[3:42] <Serg> How meta, Snowman.

[3:42] <Snowman> It's all in whitespace

[3:42] <Bilkokuya> lol

[3:42] * iDominateU has joined #minecraft.

[3:42] * ModelTXInfAmY has joined #minecraft.

[3:42] <Bilkokuya> You should put it on source forge so we can all try it out

[3:43] <Vlek> where's a place I can post pictures?

[3:43] * Ipix has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[3:43] <Serg> Scrnsht

[3:43] <Vlek> without an account

[3:43] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> For most of my daggerfall-life, I've disregarded excessive knowledge as pointless

[3:43] <zz> Snowman: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitespace_%28programming_language%29 ;)

[3:43] <Bilkokuya> if it's a picture of yourself naked I dont want to see it vlek

[3:43] <Vlek> =3

[3:43] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but when I trained up only 1% in dragonish by training

[3:43] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I rethought

[3:43] * ModelTXInfAmY has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[3:43] <Snowman> Vlek, uploadscreenshot.com

[3:43] <Smiley> imgur.com?

[3:44] <Bilkokuya> imageshack works for a temporary upload

[3:44] <Bilkokuya> tbh though, you should just start a photobucket/flickr/picasa account

[3:44] * Eddga has joined #minecraft.

[3:44] <Smiley> paste the binary to pastebin

[3:45] <Vlek> I dun wanna. =[

[3:45] <Serg> Get Dropbox

[3:45] <Vlek> http://imgur.com/zEir8

[3:45] <Snowman> tinypic.com

[3:45] <Vlek> That's the spider riding a freaking spider!

[3:45] <Snowman> No

[3:45] <Vlek> err.. skeleton... spider...

[3:45] * Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross.

[3:45] <Snowman> It's a skeleton

[3:45] <Bilkokuya> I don't really get what is so special about your picture

[3:45] <Snowman> And they sometimes do

[3:45] <Serg> Luckily you havn't found the pig riding a cow

[3:45] <Bilkokuya> skeletons ride spiders whenever they touch

[3:46] <Serg> I don't think that's true, Bilko.

[3:46] <Vlek> Skeleton riding a spider! That's the deadliest thing I've ever seen in the game!

[3:46] <Lava_Croft> no they dont

[3:46] <Bilkokuya> maybe I'm just lucky

[3:46] <zz> No.. They just spawn like that sometimes

[3:46] <Lava_Croft> its a 1percemt chance to spawn one orso

[3:46] <Lava_Croft> percent*

[3:46] * Salzkorn has joined #minecraft.

[3:46] <Serg> The wiki says 1/100 chance of spawning

[3:46] <Serg> Nothing about them touching

[3:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> clwnpa is totally pronouncable

[3:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> cull-win-pah

[3:47] * hatasu has joined #minecraft.

[3:47] <Vlek> I was thinking it was clown-pa.

[3:47] <Serg> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3942746/minecraftreed3.PNG

[3:47] <Bilkokuya> and who're you going to believe, that wiki shit with it's testing and crap. Or trusted me with my experience and history of only lying to you occasionally?

[3:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> yeah!

[3:47] <Serg> I need 2000 more glass :(

[3:47] * asnoehu has joined #minecraft.

[3:47] * xRDVx has joined #minecraft.

[3:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> cllnpa could be cull-lin-pah, the linux version of the acronym!

[3:47] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> xkcd can probably be pulled off as eckskcidid

[3:47] * zproc has joined #minecraft.

[3:48] <Serg> cidid?

[3:48] * Kizzi has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:48] <Vlek> I want to make an underwater glass tunnel leading to an island. It'll be my minecraft getaway house.

[3:48] <Serg> I was thinking eckskayceedee.

[3:48] * TheBeev has joined #minecraft.

[3:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> ci for c, did is the d

[3:48] * tumik has joined #minecraft.

[3:48] <Serg> @Vlek, make sure you make it 2 tiles under the top surface.

[3:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or ci-di

[3:48] <Vlek> Why's that?

[3:48] <Serg> Otherwise the source blocks wont fill in

[3:48] <Serg> You can't have source blocks ontop of glass

[3:48] * Shrub has quit: Quit: They look so sad and old as they mount us from behind

[3:48] * iDominateU has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:49] <Smiley> muahahah

[3:49] <Smiley> has anyone else built anything giant out of lights?

[3:49] <Vlek> My underwater tunnel is really in hopes that he adds npc fish.

[3:49] * Collen has joined #minecraft.

[3:49] <Smiley> like a huge sign saying Hi!

[3:49] <Smiley> ?

[3:49] * asnoehu has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[3:49] <Collen> Hello!

[3:49] <Bilkokuya> not on my own server ;)

[3:49] <Serg> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3942746/Lavamountain.PNG

[3:49] * iDominateU has joined #minecraft.

[3:49] <Smiley> How do you create a space underwater?

[3:49] <Serg> Notice the glass tunnel, sadly, that save got deleted, because I was terrfied of Herobrine at the time

[3:50] <Collen> Build from the bottom

[3:50] <Bilkokuya> lol

[3:50] <Serg> @Smiley, fill it in with dirt, empty it out, and fill it will glass.

[3:50] <Collen> and roof it off

[3:50] <Collen> or

[3:50] * [ND]unimatrix is now known as uni|offline.

[3:50] <Collen> mcedit

[3:50] * sppt has joined #minecraft.

[3:50] <Smiley> Serg: urgh, thats gonna take forever -_-

[3:50] <Collen> but

[3:50] <Serg> @Smiley, dirt, get lots of dirt.

[3:50] * Overdose has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[3:50] <Smiley> I say that like i'm not building a 25block high sign for my URL ;D

[3:50] <Collen> It's sorta weird

[3:50] <Bilkokuya> I always find sand works best

[3:50] <Serg> Jackolanterns help with lighting, too

[3:50] <Collen> so I'm using INVedit

[3:50] <Bilkokuya> you build the sand on a wooden paltform above the water and then destroy the wood

[3:50] <Snowman> ('&%:9]!~}|z2Vxwv-,POqponl$Hjig%eB@@>}=<M:9wv6WsU2T|nm-,jcL(I&%$#"

[3:50] <Snowman> `CB]V?Tx<uVtT`Rpo3NlF.Jh++FdbCBA@?]!~|4XzyTT43Qsqq(Lnmkj"Fhg${z@>

[3:51] <Collen> and doing it by hand =/

[3:51] <Serg> Invedit?

[3:51] <Serg> Scrub

[3:51] <Snowman> That's Hello world in Malbolge

[3:51] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[3:51] <Smiley> jebus.

[3:51] <Serg> I only invedit on seperate saves to play with TNT and minecarts

[3:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Program insufficiently polite, Snowman

[3:51] <Collen> How am I supposed to get a bunch of redstone, iron blocks, gold blocks, glass blocks, signs, and other various stuff?

[3:51] <hatasu> morning \o/

[3:51] <Collen> It would be ineffecient

[3:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://translationparty.com/#8278251 it broke :(

[3:52] <Collen> Besides, the result will be good...

[3:52] <Bilkokuya> when you say that's "hello world" in malbolge, do you mean that's the charcaters for "hello world" or that it will also print "hello world" to the screen

[3:52] <Snowman> It will print it

[3:52] <Bilkokuya> nice

[3:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://translationparty.com/#8278252 Guys do I win

[3:52] <Snowman> inb4translationpartyflood

[3:53] <Collen> Besides, given the amount of falls I have building this, it's a good thing that I have -10000 armor, or else I would be dead

[3:53] <Collen> which, apparently, happened

[3:53] * asnoehu has joined #minecraft.

[3:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Guys I can't get it to chain pleases

[3:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so I can't make an insufficiently polite/too polite program joke

[3:54] <Collen> like a build up of a surge, just trying to get through, blasting through a wire and smacking you in the face

[3:54] <Collen> and then you load and

[3:54] <Collen> "Wait, why am I dead?

[3:54] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:54] <Collen> However

[3:54] <Serg> Invedit is for babies.

[3:54] <Collen> It's more of a minor inconvienence

[3:55] <Collen> Or for people who are doing these projects

[3:55] <Serg> You can do it by getting the resources, by hand.

[3:55] <Serg> Might as well use mcedit

[3:55] <Collen> ehhh

[3:55] <Collen> I am, but only creative in a box, and the spawners

[3:55] <Serg> >:(

[3:56] <Collen> because that's the whole point of one of the rooms

[3:56] * zedDB has joined #minecraft.

[3:56] <Collen> You have to kill spiders to make cloth blocks to unflood a room

[3:56] * asnoehu has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[3:56] <Collen> and place a redstone wire

[3:56] <Serg> Creating Dungeons?

[3:57] <Serg> You can do that by hand.

[3:57] <Collen> Creating puzzle

[3:57] <Collen> s

[3:57] <Serg> I meant puzzle dungeons, yeah

[3:57] <Collen> And no, you can't

[3:57] <Collen> you have to use mcedit

[3:57] <Serg> Don't be a baby.

[3:57] <Collen> Becaues

[3:57] <Collen> if you place them, they won't do anything

[3:57] * Armonte has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[3:57] <Serg> Why do you have to place them?

[3:57] <Serg> Explore and find the spawners.

[3:58] <Collen> they just sit there being a cage

[3:58] * abaart has joined #minecraft.

[3:58] <Collen> That would be inconvienient

[3:58] <Serg> Baby

[3:58] <Bilkokuya> serg - let him play the game how he wants

[3:58] <Collen> it would be out-of-proportion with the rest of the rooms

[3:58] <Serg> Yeah, on peaceful.

[3:58] <Bilkokuya> he's not impacting how you play it in any way

[3:58] <Serg> Nah, I don't actually care, Bilko.

[3:58] <Collen> It MIGHT, when I release it

[3:58] <Serg> But, mcedit.

[3:58] <Serg> I say that when SMP comes out

[3:59] <Serg> It will be survival

[3:59] <Salzkorn> http://translationparty.com/#8278280 wiiin :DD

[3:59] <Bilkokuya> there's a reason there is a peaceful setting on SMP

[3:59] <Serg> @Salzkorn, I like the fact that it fixed your grammar for you.

[3:59] * Serg has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.0.19/2010031422]

[3:59] <Vlek> Lol, I love grammar.

[3:59] <Collen> MC edit makes all the blocks disappear

[3:59] <Collen> when I place a block

[3:59] <Vlek> I'd marry grammar, but it's a cold, cold bitch.

[3:59] <Collen> and it takes awile

[4:00] <Collen> for the blocks to come back

[4:00] <Salzkorn> I can have pancake doesn't bring anything useful

[4:00] * Risugami has quit: Quit: Beware of the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. Much pain but there is still time. Believe. There is still good out there. We oppose the decievers. Conduit is closing.

[4:01] <Collen> Besides, when doing puzzles, you kinda have to put the redstone by hand

[4:01] * [SHITE]JuuL has joined #minecraft.

[4:01] * charrr has joined #minecraft.

[4:01] * Rusty has joined #minecraft.

[4:01] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> guys

[4:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> cliff racers

[4:02] <Bilkokuya> cliff racers?

[4:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> behind you

[4:02] <Vlek> lol, I love adventure time.

[4:02] <Bilkokuya> NOooooooooo

[4:02] <Epi> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOFy8QkNWWs&feature=related lier birds make some pretty cool sounds like the camera one at the beginning.. but this made me lol

[4:03] * Bilkokuya equips enchanted bonemould helm of levitation

[4:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> chainsaw?

[4:03] <Bilkokuya> heh the original has chainsaw

[4:03] <Bilkokuya> but this is much better

[4:03] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'm studying intensively in daggerfall now

[4:04] <Bilkokuya> daggerfall?! I thought we were in morrowind!

[4:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> countless days just to learn Dragonish alone.

[4:04] * TheBeev has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and then a very powerful spell

[4:05] * cryzed has joined #minecraft.

[4:06] * TheGod has joined #minecraft.

[4:06] * hassifa has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[4:06] <Bilkokuya> damn it's raining

[4:06] <Bilkokuya> why did you do this to me

[4:06] <Bilkokuya> I hate you so much sometimes

[4:07] * jan has joined #minecraft.

[4:07] * DarthRiko has joined #minecraft.

[4:07] <Collen> What did rain ever do to you?

[4:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I have begun learning a spell of untold power.

[4:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DAGGERHERP LESSER RIFT

[4:08] * Linkshot has joined #minecraft.

[4:08] <Snowman> Herp

[4:08] <DarthRiko> Who learns spells? I just create them.

[4:08] * liq4 has joined #minecraft.

[4:08] <Bilkokuya> who creates spells, I just know them.

[4:08] <Snowman> Who knows spells, I just do them

[4:08] * Rinsmaster has joined #minecraft.

[4:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Pretty much 3d6 damage(+1d6 every two levels I think)

[4:08] <Collen> What is a man?!

[4:08] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> over a whole area

[4:08] <Linkshot> I accidentally cast a spell once.

[4:09] <Linkshot> It caused a netsplit as "intended"

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but a miserable pile of classless racial feats, Collen?

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> HUMAN VERSATILITY

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> +1 EVERYTHING

[4:09] * liq3 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:09] <Bilkokuya> Opposable Thumbs +1 biatch

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "I'm an elf. I get +1 spot check"

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Well I'm human. +1 everything"

[4:09] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "But I get a +1 spot check-" "I get that too. It falls under 'everything'."

[4:10] * Vegon has joined #minecraft.

[4:10] <Snowman> I'm a dwarf. I get -1 height

[4:10] <DarthRiko> 100 Electric Damage in a 100 meter radius every second for 120 seconds + Fire damage (same damage, range, and duration) + Frost damage (same damage, range, and duration) = Death to all who oppose me.

[4:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "What about-" "A +1 to 'win game instantly if this is at least 1 and unless you get a +1 it's always +0' too"

[4:10] <DarthRiko> Although you need cheats to make that spell in Oblivion

[4:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DarthRiko, I can make it in daggerfall.

[4:10] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> FOR A PRICE

[4:11] <Snowman> Fire damage + frost damage?

[4:11] <Snowman> Your magic fails

[4:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> If I could actually combo elements

[4:11] <Linkshot> Elves get +5 Charisma in my book ;D

[4:11] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'd make a prismatic spray

[4:11] <DarthRiko> Blast something with fire, then blast it with ice

[4:11] <DarthRiko> It will shatter

[4:12] <DarthRiko> even in the real world

[4:12] * Roadcrosser has quit: Quit: Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over the world of IRC.

[4:12] * MisterD has joined #minecraft.

[4:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You did it wrong.

[4:12] * dxtr has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> other way around

[4:12] <DarthRiko> both ways work

[4:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> you can liquify something then solidify it into a puddle

[4:12] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> What's the most bizarre element you can think of a spell having?

[4:12] <Bilkokuya> Higgs Boson

[4:12] <DarthRiko> Hillary Clinton

[4:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> The best I came up with was "thermal paste"

[4:13] * Roadcrosser has joined #minecraft.

[4:13] <Bilkokuya> I love games that add "grass" as an element

[4:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> for "thermal shielding", 20 damage of non-superantural fire and heat damage absorbed each round with no side effects, which stacks with multiple casts.

[4:13] <Snowman> Elephant dung

[4:14] <legion> pokmon, Bilkokuya?

[4:14] <DarthRiko> No country has the right to use a Hillary Clinton in a preemptive strike.

[4:14] <DarthRiko> There's just too much damage.

[4:14] * Greg__ is now known as Zurtle.

[4:15] * dman has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:15] <DarthRiko> Thousands flee in terror, and thousands more are trapped, forced to listen to her clumsy attempts to sympathize with her victims.

[4:16] <DarthRiko> A spell that summons Hillary for even 2 seconds could destroy the whole Imperial City.

[4:16] <Linkshot> Grass has only one redeeming quality in Pokemon: Everything it's weak to, Stealth Rock takes care of.

[4:17] <Linkshot> Oh, and SubSeeding

[4:17] <Linkshot> Fuck SubSeeding

[4:18] <Bilkokuya> subseeding?

[4:19] <Bilkokuya> what the fuck is subseeding?

[4:19] <Bilkokuya> if you're seeds only sub-grow, it's not sub-seeding it's just failing

[4:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hehehe

[4:19] <Bilkokuya> *your

[4:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> an SA page redirected to a site

[4:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> HEY YOU WIN A FREE APPLE IPHONE

[4:19] <Bilkokuya> LOL

[4:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (cancel)

[4:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Running linux

[4:19] <Bilkokuya> Sounds legit, I'd take it

[4:19] <DarthRiko> I'm still wondering why they essentially gave the power of time, space, and even GOD, to a freaking child.

[4:20] * KiDD_ has quit: Quit: Bye

[4:20] <Bilkokuya> which kid?

[4:20] <Bilkokuya> Goku?

[4:20] <Bilkokuya> Because he's not really a kid, he's just small

[4:20] <DarthRiko> The kid you control in every Pokemon game.

[4:20] <Mattress> that's goku

[4:20] <Bilkokuya> Ah right, he's small

[4:20] <Bilkokuya> but he's not goku

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> because he was the very best

[4:21] <Mattress> i'm now going to name all of my pokemans Goku

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> woah mindblow

[4:21] <DarthRiko> Like no one ever was?

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the voice saying the lines in brawl for the pokemon trainer

[4:21] <Bilkokuya> Like somebody ever would?

[4:21] <Mattress> To catch them is my real quest

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> sounds like Ash, but is red

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and I never associate their voices with eachother.

[4:21] <Bilkokuya> To train them is my cause

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I will travel accross the land

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> searching far and wide

[4:21] <Mattress> I'd hit it with Red

[4:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> teach pokemon, to understand, the poower that's insiiiide

[4:22] <Bilkokuya> POKEMONZ!

[4:22] <DarthRiko> Gotta catch the cool ones.

[4:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (gotta catch em alll)

[4:22] <Bilkokuya> POKEMONZ!

[4:22] <Mattress> Only catch the pokemon with sunglasses on them

[4:22] * antila has joined #minecraft.

[4:22] <bildramer> holy shit why does wikia's JS suck so much

[4:22] * crawn has joined #minecraft.

[4:22] <Bilkokuya> because it's not really JS, it's more of a J/S

[4:22] <DarthRiko> Because Ratata is a fucking rat that couldn't damage anything if it tried.

[4:23] <Linkshot> SubSeeding: Bulky Grass puts up a Substitute, then Leech Seeds.

[4:23] <bildramer> every single wiki makes every single browser grind to a halt

[4:23] <Mattress> Use Leer twenty turns in a row

[4:23] * TheGod has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[4:23] <Bilkokuya> Ratata used bite...ITs note very effective

[4:23] <Mattress> Kick ass

[4:23] * dman has joined #minecraft.

[4:23] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[4:23] * Linkshot is a competitive Pokemon battler, and will just back out of the conversation now to avoid shitstorms.

[4:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DarthRiko, but Joey's rattata is the top percentage of rattata

[4:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> like, literally

[4:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> TOP PERCENTAGE

[4:24] <Bilkokuya> Butterfree with sleep powder and psybeam won me all the way through the final four at the end

[4:24] * DeviledMoon has quit: Quit: DeviledMoon

[4:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Linkshot, are YOUR rattata top percentage?

[4:24] <Linkshot> It really is

[4:24] <Linkshot> They hacked into the trainer files

[4:24] <Linkshot> And Joey's Rattata has near-perfect IVs.

[4:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so I realize: I have no healing spell.

[4:24] <DarthRiko> <Bilkokuya> Ratata used bite...ITs note very effective

[4:24] * DarthRiko contracted Porphyric Hemophilia

[4:24] <Mattress> You don't need one

[4:24] <Mattress> Drink milk

[4:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> no milk

[4:25] <Linkshot> For all of those that don't know, IVs are unseeable values that are basically the genetics of your Pokemon.

[4:25] <Bilkokuya> remember chalk+water =/= milk

[4:25] <Collen> spray potion on yourself

[4:25] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> got none

[4:25] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:25] <Collen> ummmm

[4:25] <DarthRiko> I'm pretty sure only 10 year olds and people who don't play the games don't know what IVs/EVs are

[4:25] <Bilkokuya> seriously I've never heard of Ivs or EVs yet

[4:25] * sj has joined #minecraft.

[4:26] * sj is now known as shawnsonium.

[4:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Linkshot we're talking about spellcrafting in a 1996 DOS RPG

[4:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> we know about IVs

[4:26] <Linkshot> Heh

[4:26] * DarthRiko bites Bilkokuya.

[4:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Guys, do you okay if RPGs put your characters in the top percentage

[4:26] * shawnsonium has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[4:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> like, stat rolls vs stat points

[4:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> vs say stat rolls that are relative, so you still have the same net stats

[4:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Then again, you have the hillarious experience of characters being freakishly ugly.

[4:27] * Viral has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:28] * jan has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:29] * Kizzi has joined #minecraft.

[4:29] * Firex has joined #minecraft.

[4:29] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[4:29] <Firex> Hello

[4:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hi Firex

[4:29] <Firex> Is it just me, or is the MC .exe out of date on Notchs site?

[4:29] * Sliker has joined #minecraft.

[4:29] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it's not

[4:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> is your server unupdated?

[4:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> did you know that in the something awful message board it costs money to get a title and avatar, but you can also buy it for someone else

[4:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so if something notable happens, your name and avatar are STUCK FOREVER

[4:30] <Firex> the one i download has no texture pack change option

[4:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> delete the version file

[4:30] * MissingN1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:31] <Firex> where is that located, in Local?

[4:31] <DarthRiko> Omnipresent_Text_Box, that's why SA isn't as popular as it use to be ages ago

[4:31] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[4:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> But is still cool

[4:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> firex somewhere in like

[4:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> appdata, roaming

[4:32] <DarthRiko> %appdata%/.minecraft

[4:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> So guys should I get a healing spell

[4:32] * poNji has joined #minecraft.

[4:33] <Firex> Thanks Omni, its updating now

[4:33] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:33] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> if so how powerful

[4:33] <DarthRiko> Real men don't use pansy healing spells.

[4:33] <DarthRiko> Real men enchant some armor with a passive healing effect, that way they have mana to use on more important stuff, like MASSIVE FIREBALLS OF DEATH>

[4:33] * Vlek has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[4:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DarthRiko real men sleep

[4:34] * DarthRiko dies due to lack of the ability to enchant armor with healing effects.

[4:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I now know CURE LIGHT WOUNDS

[4:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and CURE MODERATE WOUNDS

[4:34] <DarthRiko> I sleep every time I level up.

[4:34] <Mattress> CURE ALL DARN WOUNDS

[4:35] <DarthRiko> Currently, I am level 6,640

[4:35] * gonads has joined #minecraft.

[4:35] * gonads has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[4:37] * saph has quit: Quit: Leaving

[4:37] * tophus has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[4:37] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> heh

[4:37] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Cure Light Wounds and Magic Missile are both 5 magicka

[4:38] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[4:38] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> er, 25

[4:38] * Populus has joined #minecraft.

[4:38] * Xeon06 has joined #minecraft.

[4:39] * MissingN1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:40] * zavist has joined #minecraft.

[4:43] * rkng has quit: Quit: [5:24.305] robot ZerOHouR: like i actually have wet dreams over murder / [5:25.979] gRAPHIQUES: murdering a double pounder meal

[4:43] * Firex has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[4:43] * Mattress has quit: Quit: 12( www.nnscript.com 12:: NoNameScript 4.22 12:: www.esnation.com 12)

[4:44] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[4:45] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:45] * Grimhound has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:46] * gOne2002 is now known as g.

[4:47] <Lava_Croft> note to Omnipresent_Text_Box

[4:47] <Lava_Croft> just like weapon-based combat is needed in MW

[4:47] <Lava_Croft> magic is OP in daggerfall

[4:48] <Lava_Croft> dont bother with weapons, focus on magicka

[4:48] <Lava_Croft> its beyond OP

[4:48] * [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep is now known as CakeJakko.

[4:48] <DarthRiko> Are the MC forums down?

[4:48] <DarthRiko> Nope

[4:48] <DarthRiko> just slow

[4:48] * XychsGeist has joined #minecraft.

[4:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can one-hit things with my sword.

[4:49] <Lava_Croft> for now, yes

[4:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> infact pretty much everything if it follows the following qualifications:

[4:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> is infront of me, mouse1

[4:49] <Lava_Croft> you just started

[4:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Up to, and including, daedra lords.

[4:49] <Lava_Croft> trust me, magic is needed to beat DF

[4:49] <Lava_Croft> its OP in DF, weapon combat is OP in morrowindf

[4:50] <Lava_Croft> its balanced out in oblivion

[4:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> every single thing that moves.

[4:50] <DarthRiko> Omni, what level are you? And is it an enchanted sword?

[4:50] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[4:50] * Grimhound has joined #minecraft.

[4:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> 4, no magical ability on them. Anything from an elven daikatana to a dwarven longsword

[4:51] <DarthRiko> Well there's why

[4:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yes, I am using massively powerful weapons.

[4:51] * MissingN1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:51] <DarthRiko> You can one-hit-kill anything at level 4

[4:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> what about daedra lords.

[4:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> why are they spawning anyways

[4:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Did the internet lie to me?

[4:51] <DarthRiko> inclusing daedra lords, assuming they spawn at all

[4:51] <DarthRiko> *including

[4:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Actually, they're very hard to kill! They resist magic somewhat capibly, and are hard blocked from taking any damage

[4:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> But then they... explode. So I win either way.

[4:53] <Smiley> Does anyone know if you can make minecraft-overviewer use the painterly textures?

[4:53] * Quatroking has joined #minecraft.

[4:53] <Lava_Croft> Omnipresent_Text_Box: http://www.uesp.net/dagger/daghack.shtml#moreview

[4:54] <DarthRiko> At level 42, with 100 blade and a Daedric Claymore, it still takes me at least a dozen hits to kill a Xiviali.

[4:54] * Mithril has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:54] <Linkshot> Fiddle around with textures.png in Overviewr

[4:54] <Linkshot> er

[4:54] <Lava_Croft> ctrl+f for "view distance"

[4:54] * g is now known as gAway2002.

[4:54] * Thorn_ has joined #minecraft.

[4:54] <Lava_Croft> easy as cake to get larger view distance in DF

[4:54] <jhaa> "easy as cake" wtf man

[4:54] * jhaa slaps Lava_Croft

[4:54] <Lava_Croft> hey what

[4:54] <Lava_Croft> damn yeti

[4:55] <DarthRiko> Lava_Croft, "easy as cake" doesn't mean a whole lot, considering I just went through I whole game, jumping through hundreds of portals, and killed a masochistic robot, just for some cake I never got.

[4:56] <DarthRiko> `-`

[4:56] <Lava_Croft> portal ol

[4:56] * Awesomeness has joined #minecraft.

[4:56] <Lava_Croft> takes like 2h to beat that game

[4:56] <Lava_Croft> easy as cake

[4:56] <Awesomeness> Hai everyone. :3

[4:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'm not vicariously hacking my game for you Lava_Croft

[4:56] * Viral has joined #minecraft.

[4:56] <DarthRiko> On a good day, I can beat it in under 40 minutes

[4:56] <Lava_Croft> Omnipresent_Text_Box: increased view distance for the win

[4:56] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[4:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I like it as-is mister :|

[4:57] <Lava_Croft> its Sir for you

[4:57] * Faustie has joined #minecraft.

[4:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Sorry, you don't have high enough reputation for that title

[4:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> -187 reputation can't get you that

[4:58] <DarthRiko> Lava_Croft, quick, take off the Cowl of Nocturn

[4:58] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[4:58] <Lava_Croft> thats stupid oblivion

[4:58] <Lava_Croft> nooblivion

[4:59] * gAway2002 is now known as gOne2002.

[4:59] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[5:02] * MissingN1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:02] * [ehe] has joined #minecraft.

[5:02] * Faustie has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[5:02] * SumWon has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:03] * Smily has joined #minecraft.

[5:03] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[5:03] * asiekierka has joined #minecraft.

[5:03] * Smarag has joined #minecraft.

[5:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It's so daggerfall outside

[5:04] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the fog is amazingly perfectly daggerfall-level

[5:04] <DarthRiko> Well considering Bethesda called TES4 a "massive upgrade" to Morrowind, what are you calling the rest of the games, lava?

[5:05] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:05] * Smily has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[5:05] * Skoshuke has joined #minecraft.

[5:05] <DarthRiko> Then again, we could just accept that everyone has an opinion.

[5:06] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: i dont care what beth said

[5:06] <Lava_Croft> the game was awesome, but also a step back, mentally

[5:06] <Lava_Croft> less deep RPG, more easy action RPG

[5:06] <Lava_Croft> thats what today's customers want

[5:07] <DarthRiko> Last I checked, Morrowind was also an action RPG.

[5:07] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[5:07] <Lava_Croft> i didnt say it wasnt

[5:08] <Lava_Croft> all i said is less deep rpg more easy action rpg

[5:08] <Lava_Croft> diablo is an action rpg

[5:08] <Lava_Croft> morrowind isnt really, can get quite far with being rather pacifistic

[5:08] <Lava_Croft> oblivion also dumbed down the skills

[5:08] <Lava_Croft> dumbed down the items

[5:08] <DarthRiko> So really, the only difference, according to your comparison, is Morrowind was deep, and Oblivion was easy.

[5:09] <Lava_Croft> you have trouble with comprehending beyond the exact meaning of a word, do you

[5:09] <Lava_Croft> oblivion is dumbed down TES to appeal to the masses

[5:09] * MissingN1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:09] <Lava_Croft> still awesome game, but very dumbed down

[5:10] <Maaka> hmm anyone good at redstone? i need something like an XNOR gate but has 2 outputs, one that activate when the XNOR reuslt is 0 and one when its 1

[5:10] <DarthRiko> I'm just trying to get what you're saying with exact words.

[5:10] <Lava_Croft> oblivion is a TES game a different generation

[5:10] <Lava_Croft> to get an idea

[5:10] * Gengsta has joined #minecraft.

[5:10] <Lava_Croft> look at the RPGs Bioware used to make

[5:10] <Lava_Croft> and the RPGs they make now

[5:10] <Lava_Croft> you see the same thing has happened

[5:10] <Gengsta> Hey?

[5:10] <Gengsta> Can anyone help me?

[5:11] <DarthRiko> System Shock and Bioshock are pretty much the exact same thing.

[5:11] * Kaberton has joined #minecraft.

[5:11] <DarthRiko> >_>

[5:11] <Lava_Croft> not really

[5:11] <Lava_Croft> bioshcok is dumber

[5:11] <DarthRiko> One is futurepunk, and the other is Steam punk

[5:11] <Lava_Croft> bioshock is way more shooter

[5:11] <Gengsta> Anyone can help me=

[5:11] <Gengsta> ?

[5:11] <Lava_Croft> and you mean cyberpunk:>

[5:11] <hatasu> maybe

[5:11] <Lava_Croft> Gengsta: just ask the question

[5:11] <DarthRiko> Same difference

[5:12] <DarthRiko> Then again, complexity isn't somthing I factor in when I'm deciding if I like a game or not.

[5:12] <Lava_Croft> its not about complexicity in itself

[5:12] <Lava_Croft> its about the choice

[5:12] * PandaBear has joined #minecraft.

[5:12] <Lava_Croft> oblivion is a nice game, but it also tries to take your hand

[5:12] <Lava_Croft> you get a compass, you cant kill certain Quest-related people, etc

[5:13] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[5:13] <Lava_Croft> i like to fuck up stuff in games like TES

[5:13] <Lava_Croft> kinda like you can in MC

[5:13] <DarthRiko> Oh you mean making it so that the game is still playable if you miss with an arrow?

[5:13] <Lava_Croft> you mean it tries to protect players from their own failing

[5:13] <Lava_Croft> i dont like that

[5:13] <Lava_Croft> if you miss with an arrow, aim better

[5:14] <DarthRiko> One arrow can kill most quest-related NPCs...

[5:14] <Lava_Croft> its like

[5:14] <Lava_Croft> if you miss with an arrow, aim better

[5:14] * Darkfire002 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:14] * Leoryk_1 has joined #minecraft.

[5:14] <DarthRiko> When said quest related character is engaged in combat agaisnt the same enemy as you...

[5:14] <Leoryk_1> Hi guys i need help with plaid minecraft

[5:14] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: then such is life

[5:14] <DarthRiko> I could aim just fine, but they walk right in front if it while it's in mid air

[5:14] <Lava_Croft> im a roguelike lover

[5:15] <Maaka> gah making programmable keypads is annyoing

[5:15] <Lava_Croft> i like it when shit goes bad, and i dont want the game 'protecting' me from it

[5:15] <Leoryk_1> i bought minecraft via paypal but my acc still not activated like bought

[5:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> watching Lava_Croft defend their opinion makes it very hard to formulate a sentence.

[5:15] <Linkshot> Give Notch time to get home.

[5:15] <Lava_Croft> Leoryk_1: patience probably

[5:15] <DarthRiko> Personally, I prefer to be able to continue the game after some character acts retarded and kills themself.

[5:15] * Cue has joined #minecraft.

[5:15] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: yeah, you prefer the game to help you not make mistakes

[5:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> [load game]

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> Daggerfall was perfect for making mistakes, with all its quests being spammed randomly all over

[5:16] <DarthRiko> *ignoring all the NPCs that can randomly die without you even being within a bowshot from them

[5:16] * MistarC has joined #minecraft.

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> I think DF manual even stated it was good to have you fail quests

[5:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Daggerfall also had lots of bugs

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> had?

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> more like has

[5:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it has slightly less!

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> and thats normal for a beth game

[5:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and 1 less feature :(

[5:16] <Lava_Croft> its basically impossible to completely bugtest a TES game

[5:17] <Linkshot> Human nature to say "had" once you've stopped paying attention.

[5:17] <Lava_Croft> even Deus Ex was nigh impossible to fully bug-test

[5:17] <Lava_Croft> Linkshot: i think he said 'had' because DF is an older game

[5:17] * Leoryk_2 has joined #minecraft.

[5:17] * petercoulton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> because we're talking in past tense!

[5:17] <Lava_Croft> DF had some evil bugs upon release

[5:18] <DarthRiko> Protecting a player from shit they didn't even cause seems pretty reasonable to me.

[5:18] <Leoryk_2> i long i must wait for activating my acc?

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> first 5 minutes of playing ever i already fell through the floor

[5:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I was defending a mage's guild from intruders, and I couldn't loiter. They were apparently still around. If you tried to go to the "other" half(you have to go outside to do this), you'd fail as a traitor

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: but if you shoot the arrow into the wildly running NPC

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> it means you have to pay more attention

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> simple as that

[5:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> eventually I decided to just walk around the mage's guild while I waited for the time to pass

[5:18] <Smiley> tralala la

[5:18] <DarthRiko> An event I have never done

[5:18] <Linkshot> It's the same thing as Team Attack Off in Smash Bros.

[5:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> One of the doors would open if you closed it.

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> its like MC not making you die from creeper explosion because the creeper had to happen to run in from behind you

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> and how could you ever see it?

[5:18] * Smiley starts updating his overviewer map to see how his sign is looking

[5:18] <Linkshot> If you hit your teammate by accident, you ahve to put up with it.

[5:18] <Lava_Croft> Linkshot: yup

[5:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Unless you were in a room!

[5:19] <DarthRiko> I'm talking about a quest NPC walking through the wildy and running into a wolf or soemthing and dying, miles away from you.

[5:19] <Leoryk_2> Lava_Croft: how long i must wait for activation

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: i understand your point tho, dont worry

[5:19] <DarthRiko> That's the game fucking up, not me

[5:19] * antila has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> Leoryk_2: it can take some time

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: no its not:D

[5:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it's the wolf

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: you are shooting the arrow into the NPC running about

[5:19] <Linkshot> You should have protected the NPC, lol.

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> yeah

[5:19] <Lava_Croft> and you should have taken care when spamming arrows

[5:20] <Leoryk_2> Lava_Croft: hours days?

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> Leoryk_2: i have no idea

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> hours i think, at most

[5:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I want to see what happens if you make a game where instead of NPCs killing other NPCs, they instead do it.

[5:20] <GreyVulpine> Could be immediate, could take a few hours, could be days

[5:20] <DarthRiko> And NPC MILES AWAY FROM ME that I've not even started the prerequisite quest for?

[5:20] <Linkshot> Does Notch apply them manually?

[5:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Oh hey quest NPC... who is married to a named random encounter creature."

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: pay attention

[5:20] <DarthRiko> Shall I protect every quest NPC in existance too?

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: if you shoot a bow or gun

[5:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Lava_Croft, he's talking about someone far away from him

[5:20] * Atomizer has joined #minecraft.

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> remember that the arrow or bullet MAY happen to hit other shit

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> so what

[5:20] <DarthRiko> sk;lfwhlerfhwf

[5:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> outside of his perception, precognition, reach, or thought

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> its like im sorry mr police officer

[5:20] <Lava_Croft> i fired my 9mm gun


[5:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> randomly, running into an enemy, outside of his view

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> and i shot someone 200meters arrow

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> away*

[5:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> unreachable. Outside of his action. On its own will.

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> i couldnt even see him so im not guilty

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> Omnipresent_Text_Box: then dont fire weapons

[5:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> And dying, breaking the game, even though he had no input on this system.

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> Omnipresent_Text_Box: what he wants is a casual action game

[5:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> not even a fart on your ugly screen

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> TES tries its best to be kind of a simulation type game

[5:21] <Linkshot> Lava_Croft: He means he's just standing there.

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> what he wants is Diablo

[5:21] <[ehe]> he didn't fire

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> Linkshot: tough luck!

[5:21] <Linkshot> Suddenly, NPC runs into wilderness and kills himself

[5:21] <Linkshot> Honestly I would laugh like hell

[5:21] <Lava_Croft> Linkshot: thats just awesome

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> i would be totally happy


[5:22] <Lava_Croft> that is emergent gameplay

[5:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Is this evidence to get you admitted to an insane asylum Lava_Croft?

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: that is Bethesda games!

[5:22] <Linkshot> I love observing AIs :3

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: if you dont like stupid shit like that, you really shouldnt play TES games:"D

[5:22] <DarthRiko> Seems reasonable to protect from stuff like random deaths the player cannot stop.

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: maybe to you

[5:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Hillarious but predictible issues aside

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: i grew up with that ridiculous shit, so i just smile at it

[5:22] <Lava_Croft> and go woohoo bethesda

[5:22] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> a gamebreaking bug like that is generally patchworthy

[5:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yeeet, you hate Dwarf Fortress, Lava_Croft.

[5:23] <DarthRiko> Personally, I prefer my games remain playable.

[5:23] <Lava_Croft> Omnipresent_Text_Box: thats because TES does something DF does not

[5:23] <Lava_Croft> it sucks me in

[5:23] * MC8 has joined #minecraft.

[5:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Oh man, but X does Y unlike Z!"

[5:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Where Y is abstract!"

[5:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "Clearly, Z is flawed and horrible play this other thing instead."

[5:23] <Linkshot> Oh boy opinions!

[5:24] <[ehe]> you grew up getting used to shitty bugs lava ;)

[5:24] <Linkshot> I love opinions! Especially debating them like facts!

[5:24] <Lava_Croft> [ehe]: yeah, bethesda made me soft

[5:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> no man I love opinions, Linkshot

[5:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> how dare you try to steal my love

[5:24] <Lava_Croft> [ehe]: id Software kept me on edge thpo

[5:24] <[ehe]> yea

[5:24] <Linkshot> Learn to share the love you evil monoamorous devil

[5:24] <Lava_Croft> DarthRiko: the nature of games like TES is that shit fucks up

[5:24] <MC8> A man walks into a bar. Ow.

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> the best fun is when AIs bug (or look like they bug) out

[5:25] <Smiley> a horse walks into a bar

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> and they start duking it out

[5:25] <Smiley> barman says:

[5:25] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://i.imgur.com/uVUf1.jpg

[5:25] <Smiley> "what the fuck! NO HORSES!"

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> i might still have that DOOM ai mod for oblivion

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> where AIs would do what they would do in DOOM when being shot by another AI

[5:25] <MC8> A neutron walks into a bar. Barman asks what he wants. Neutron says, "Nothing thanks, I'm just passing through"

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> they would start fighting

[5:25] <Smiley> TES?

[5:25] <Lava_Croft> The Elder Scrolls

[5:26] <Smiley> I love df, it encompasses my mind

[5:26] <Smiley> ah.

[5:26] <MC8> hang on, that makes absolutely no sense

[5:26] <Linkshot> Lava

[5:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Bugs are good fun and all but when the game starts doing annoyingly irreversible stuff often days before you notice, that screws over the game very badly, we're going from "two people who look like they're dancing" to "I don't like my save anymoer"

[5:26] * Tolster has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[5:26] <MC8> A /neutrino/ walks into a bar...

[5:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Jimmy Neutron walks into a bar.

[5:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> he gets continued for years after samurai jack gets shafted for some unknown reason

[5:26] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> which one do people still want to watch?

[5:27] <MC8> Stephen Hawking walks into a b--- oh, wait.

[5:27] <Linkshot> Jimmy Neutron isn't half-bad.

[5:27] <Smiley> Socrates walks into a bar, or does the bar merely appear in front of him?

[5:27] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but it was not Samurai Jack.

[5:27] <Linkshot> A priest and a rabbi walk into Mordor...

[5:28] <Aurum> One does not simply walk into Mordor.

[5:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> remember to hit alt+direction to walk into mordor

[5:28] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and not to walk into the space above mordor, or you'll fall and be stunned

[5:28] * Thom- has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:29] * Kizzycocoa has joined #minecraft.

[5:29] <MC8> Comic Sans walks into a bar. The barman says "We don't serve your type here!"

[5:29] <Lava_Croft> d2lod time

[5:29] * Blackthorne has quit: Quit: Going offline, see ya! (www.adiirc.com)

[5:29] <Smiley> http://images.milkme.co.uk/screenshots/minecraft/M_I.jpg << the giant URL of doom is coming together, but need to clear those trees away (fuill map is futher down the dir structure).

[5:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> MC8

[5:30] * Ultimate-miner has joined #minecraft.

[5:30] <MC8> Yes?

[5:30] <Linkshot> :O

[5:30] <Bilkokuya> hey I'm back

[5:30] <Ultimate-miner> Hello fellow minecrafters

[5:30] <Linkshot> Hello to you too, Smiley's map!

[5:30] <Bilkokuya> so what was the thing about pokemon and IV again?

[5:30] <Ultimate-miner> Anyone know how to set a server to a certain kind of type?

[5:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> how do you have 8

[5:30] <Bilkokuya> what type do you wnt?

[5:30] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> when the limit is 3

[5:30] <Lava_Croft> d2lod so slow in shitwine

[5:30] * Kizzycocoa has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[5:30] * Polpopolitan has joined #minecraft.

[5:30] <Ultimate-miner> Big caves for example

[5:31] <Bilkokuya> ah right

[5:31] <Lava_Croft> its also obese in widescreen

[5:31] <MC8> Eight?

[5:31] <drupal> dare I say Omnipresent_Text_Box and Lava_Croft are the masters of ch@

[5:31] <Bilkokuya> when you start the server type in the title BC#5 where #5 is the number out of 10 for the size of the cave

[5:31] <Bilkokuya> it works every time

[5:31] <Lava_Croft> I have barely spoken in this channel

[5:31] <Bilkokuya> there's a bear in this channel?

[5:31] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Ah I will tell this to my friend. :)

[5:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Magic_cancellation

[5:31] <Polpopolitan> plop

[5:31] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> how do you have magic cancellation 8

[5:31] <Lava_Croft> adom > nethack

[5:31] <Lava_Croft> icesus > *

[5:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> woah so edgy

[5:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> ADOM was interesting in that I was a blacksmith then I walked down a road and died

[5:32] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: How do I make flat servers then? WHat kind of servers are there?

[5:32] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> also, don't group me in with him!

[5:32] * Ratmatix has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[5:32] <Lava_Croft> ADoM is quite neato

[5:32] <Collen> Alright, cannons take 6 or 7 seconds to explodew

[5:32] <Lava_Croft> you know which game is also a neat RL?

[5:33] <Lava_Croft> Elona

[5:33] <Lava_Croft> its a bit messy, but if you like messy games like DF, Elona surely will come across as not so messy

[5:33] <Collen> to maximize launch distance, you must ignite the TNT at 6 seconds

[5:33] <Collen> and then BOOM.

[5:34] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DF isn't messy :|

[5:34] <Lava_Croft> http://homepage3.nifty.com/rfish/index_e.html

[5:34] <Lava_Croft> Elona is neato

[5:35] * Sp47 has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[5:35] * Sp47 has joined #minecraft.

[5:35] * jonathanbloom has joined #minecraft.

[5:37] <MC8> OK, if I have a SMP server that connects fine but doesn't let me login, what could be the problem?

[5:37] <Bilkokuya> Ultimate-Miner: you can stack multiple ones together like BC#5 caves, TT#2 (tall trees 2/10), FLH#9 (flathills 9/10) and a few I can't remember

[5:37] <Ultimate-miner> Survival as working mobs and health?

[5:37] <Collen> It's probably a bad idea to have my launching site near the tower

[5:37] <Collen> the glass roof kinda got exploded

[5:37] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: You got msn perhaps?

[5:37] <Collen> but iron blocks seem to be resistant

[5:37] <Bilkokuya> I don't give it out, PM me here though if you want a private chat

[5:38] * Higufuuindo has joined #minecraft.

[5:38] <Ultimate-miner> how do I pm?;o

[5:38] <Polpopolitan> Is Loleditor a good mod ? :|

[5:38] <Bilkokuya> just type in that private chat window I opened to you

[5:40] <Quatroking> Polpopolitan, no client modification talk other than texture packs, please

[5:40] * parallax has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[5:40] <Quatroking> idem ditto for servers

[5:41] * nevyn has quit: Quit: nevyn

[5:41] * nevyn has joined #minecraft.

[5:42] <Bilkokuya> you don't like people talking about server mods?

[5:42] <Aurum> Do gold and diamond picks do anything more than iron?

[5:42] <Quatroking> Bilkokuya, rules are rules

[5:43] <Quatroking> Also, lol, Age of Empires 1 & 2 on my mac

[5:43] <Polpopolitan> whatever

[5:43] * cheezychicken has joined #minecraft.

[5:43] <Bilkokuya> I thought I'd remembered server mod chat being ok after Notch said it was fine

[5:43] <DarthRiko> AoE 1/2 won't run on my computer

[5:43] <Bilkokuya> Must have just confused myself with something else

[5:44] <DarthRiko> AoE3 works perfectly fine though

[5:44] <Lava_Croft> Quatroking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon_Trilogy

[5:44] <Lava_Croft> mandatory mac fps

[5:44] <Quatroking> DarthRiko, it doesn't work properly on my Win7 either, but the iMac G3 I got yesterday should work fine with its 230mhz and 64MB RAM

[5:45] <legion> dosbox running on a windows emulator?

[5:46] * Psicrime has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[5:46] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[5:46] <hatasu> how can i use my skin?

[5:46] <DarthRiko> One of my friend was running a dos emulator so he could run a NES emulator on it.

[5:46] <Bilkokuya> lol

[5:46] <Bilkokuya> not as fun as just buying a NES

[5:46] <DarthRiko> I called him a retard

[5:46] * Zeis has joined #minecraft.

[5:47] <Bilkokuya> lol

[5:47] <legion> <hatasu> how can i use my skin? << go to preferences on the minecraft site

[5:47] <DarthRiko> Bilkokuya, that's assuming you can get a NES that still works.

[5:47] <DarthRiko> I have 3 NESs and none of them work

[5:47] <Lava_Croft> or you just own a working NES

[5:47] <Lava_Croft> since you take care of your equipment

[5:47] <Bilkokuya> true, but I've found they're not so rare if you go to a lot of car boot sales

[5:47] <hatasu> ohh great, thanks

[5:47] <Quatroking> \Why not? I managed to buy a fully working iMac G3, original release model

[5:47] <legion> I found a working NES in the trash. unfortunately, the adapter is shot.

[5:47] <Quatroking> I don't see why it would be hard to get a working NES

[5:48] <Bilkokuya> ah, at least the adapter is easy enough to bodge together yourself

[5:48] <legion> it'm not that technical

[5:48] <Lava_Croft> you know whats harder

[5:48] <Lava_Croft> getting a gold zelda cart

[5:48] <Bilkokuya> is it the power adapter or the video adapter?

[5:48] <legion> (though the SNES adapter is the same)

[5:48] <Quatroking> a local computer store used to sell the hero edition of Majora's Mask

[5:48] <legion> it's the power one

[5:49] <Bilkokuya> ah right, it's just a basic DC supply

[5:49] <Bilkokuya> check the voltage on it and look around for a similar one

[5:49] <Bilkokuya> you've probably got one lying somewhere

[5:49] <DarthRiko> It's kinda funny, I can't get a working NES, but I have two copies of Chrono Trigger working perfectly.

[5:49] <legion> i know that the SNES adapter is the same

[5:49] <DarthRiko> That doesn't seem irght to me.

[5:49] <DarthRiko> *right

[5:50] <Bilkokuya> lol

[5:50] <Bilkokuya> you know, I'm feeling a little guilty

[5:50] <Bilkokuya> you know that Ultimate-Miner guy

[5:50] <legion> i'm talking about the PAL versions of both consoles

[5:50] <Bilkokuya> he was asking about how to make a server with various settings; and I told him you just add these "codes" to the end of your server title

[5:51] <Bilkokuya> he's now away testing them all, and it'll probably take a good hour before he realises the map is the same as always

[5:51] <Lava_Croft> i play chrono trigger on my phone

[5:51] <Lava_Croft> <3

[5:51] * Quatroking high-fives Bilkokuya

[5:51] <Lava_Croft> i should put my N900 internals in a SNES controller

[5:52] <Bilkokuya> turn your SNES controller into a multitool

[5:52] * Macyo has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[5:53] <Lava_Croft> i can use wiimote or ps3 controller on n900

[5:53] <Lava_Croft> but its a bit meh to carry around a wiimote

[5:53] * `ak has joined #minecraft.

[5:53] * Simiil1 has joined #minecraft.

[5:53] <Quatroking> and its not meh to carry around a ps3 controller

[5:54] <Quatroking> makes sense

[5:54] <Bilkokuya> Dreamcast controller FTW :P

[5:54] <legion> Dual Shock.

[5:54] <DarthRiko> Keyboard FTW

[5:55] <Bilkokuya> Fuck keyboards, Numpad FTW

[5:56] <legion> Muppets FTUW

[5:56] * Wixi has joined #minecraft.

[5:56] * asiekierka is now known as asie[afk].

[5:56] <Quatroking> billmo ftw

[5:56] <Bilkokuya> http://images.wikia.com/muppet/images/7/78/Doctorteethfig.jpg ?

[5:57] <Bilkokuya> Has anybody here got a yum yum pastry right now?

[5:57] <DarthRiko> My controller has 105 buttons and an optical pointing device.

[5:58] <DarthRiko> Keyboard + Mouse beats everything.

[5:58] * DarthRiko is shot many times

[5:58] <legion> http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41FYHGM6ERL.jpg << Beauregard rules

[5:58] <Bilkokuya> lol

[5:59] * Thom- has joined #minecraft.

[5:59] * Gengsta has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[5:59] * Bilkokuya has a yum yum and you don't

[6:01] <Igu> afk

[6:01] * DarthRiko has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[6:03] * Polpopolitan has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[6:03] * [Husky]Shnaw|Sleep is now known as [Husky]Shnaw|Busy.

[6:04] * FoxWolf has joined #minecraft.

[6:04] <asie[afk]> hi Quatroking

[6:05] <Quatroking> hrm

[6:07] * N00bish_legend has joined #minecraft.

[6:07] * Ordeith has joined #minecraft.

[6:09] <Bilkokuya> remind me never to listen to the soundtrack of a film I haven't seen

[6:09] <Bilkokuya> some dick in the comments wrote the ending

[6:10] * Keiya_ has joined #minecraft.

[6:11] * Kyto has joined #minecraft.

[6:11] * |nfecteD has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:12] <Collen> Woooah

[6:12] * |nfecteD has joined #minecraft.

[6:12] <Collen> the iron door is flipping out

[6:12] <Bilkokuya> like a ninja?

[6:12] <Collen> no, like

[6:12] <Collen> *flip* *flip* *flip*]

[6:12] * Daniel_cps has joined #minecraft.

[6:12] <Collen> really really fast

[6:13] <Bilkokuya> like a Mcdonalds employee on speed?

[6:13] <Daniel_cps> hey, wazzup with that block breaking bug.? sometimes you have to hit the same block 3 times to break.. it reappears

[6:13] <Bilkokuya> it's just you

[6:13] <Bilkokuya> you should fix your game

[6:14] * ChJees has joined #minecraft.

[6:14] * acky has quit: Quit: Leaving

[6:14] <Bilkokuya> or you're just mining them wrong

[6:14] * Atomizer has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:14] <Daniel_cps> nope...

[6:14] <[SHITE]JuuL> yeah, i never heard of that problem..

[6:14] <Bilkokuya> make sure to mine them for the required time for it to break

[6:15] <TweleventeenStyllables> If it's SMP, it's something Notch hasn't fixed yet.

[6:15] <Bilkokuya> The SMP glitch is literally just people not mining correctly

[6:15] <Daniel_cps> yes, it is MP...

[6:15] <Bilkokuya> if you dont mine the block carefully, it re-appears

[6:15] <Bilkokuya> you gotta show it some love, give it some attention. find out what it likes/dislikes

[6:15] <Bilkokuya> don't just rush in with a picaxe

[6:15] <legion> i think it has to do with range and elevation of the mined block

[6:15] <TweleventeenStyllables> http://notch.tumblr.com/

[6:15] <Daniel_cps> hahahahahah rofl

[6:15] <TweleventeenStyllables> Read the Nov 17 entry

[6:16] * Seronis has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:16] <TweleventeenStyllables> Unless you happen to be Meta-Notch in disguise or something

[6:16] <Bilkokuya> but yeh, if you mine the blocks one at a time and not holding the mouse button, you'll find the glitch happens half as often

[6:16] <Krabbe> Lol! Found a dungeon at the surface near water, filled with sand :D

[6:16] <Krabbe> (daylight shines in)

[6:16] <Bilkokuya> heh nice

[6:17] <Daniel_cps> true.. notch said "...I’m also looking into fixing a bunch of lag issues, specifically the returning blocks after mining them bug..."

[6:17] * Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK.

[6:17] <Bilkokuya> I'm not so sure it's a lag issue

[6:17] <Daniel_cps> who the hell breaks the block by clicking every single F.. time rather than just holding down the button.. ??

[6:17] <Collen> http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/8489/flipgate.png

[6:18] <Bilkokuya> Daniel - people who don't want the glitch to occur

[6:18] <TweleventeenStyllables> * Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED

[6:18] <TweleventeenStyllables> From the latest entry

[6:18] * Grymmoire has joined #minecraft.

[6:18] * Thols has joined #minecraft.

[6:18] <Collen> What did I do to it?

[6:18] * Dinnerbone has joined #minecraft.

[6:18] <Daniel_cps> Bilkokuya, man.... your hand HAS to hurt after a while... hahahahah ROFL

[6:18] <Bilkokuya> lol, practice makes perfect ;)

[6:18] <TweleventeenStyllables> In my opinion, just dig it 'til it goes through, you have unlimited tool durability anyways.

[6:19] <Bilkokuya> TNT everything, that seems to work

[6:19] <TweleventeenStyllables> Except for the majority of servers disabling that for most players ( '___')

[6:19] <Daniel_cps> that is true...

[6:20] * Roadcrosser has quit: Quit: Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over the world of IRC.

[6:20] * StaffAndFifteen has joined #minecraft.

[6:20] * Demki has joined #minecraft.

[6:20] <Demki> anyone wants a flying sheep: http://i.imgur.com/47MWD.png ?

[6:20] <Daniel_cps> is there TNT on SMP . ?? in the server where I play it seems to be disabled...

[6:20] * Keiya has joined #minecraft.

[6:20] <legion> if you put tnt down a 2 block deep hole and detonate it, is the resulting explosion stronger then when the detonation is on the surface?

[6:20] <Daniel_cps> or due the fact i cant get powder

[6:20] <Daniel_cps> lol

[6:21] <Bilkokuya> if you can't get powder you wont be able to get TNT without having admin

[6:21] <Demki> Legion, it will not be stronger, but destroy more ground

[6:21] * Hellstar has joined #minecraft.

[6:21] <Daniel_cps> legion, i truly think it has to be...

[6:21] <TweleventeenStyllables> Someone should go test it

[6:21] <Demki> It isn't stronger

[6:21] <Bilkokuya> if you surround TNT with stone you get a 3x3x3 hole

[6:21] <Demki> it just digs deeper

[6:21] <Daniel_cps> make 4 holes then....

[6:21] <legion> it seems stronger though

[6:22] * Miclee has joined #minecraft.

[6:22] <Daniel_cps> 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 block deep.

[6:22] * Kaberton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:22] <Daniel_cps> see what destroys the most.

[6:22] <Demki> Legion, it detonates in all directions, so usually, it will simply destroy air

[6:23] * Morde has joined #minecraft.

[6:23] <Demki> You are asking if it is stronger, and daniel gives you a test for damage, not strength

[6:23] <Daniel_cps> flint and steel was a nice tool... but also disable on the server I play as there were some manics burning other ppl houses...

[6:23] * Keiya_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:23] <Demki> "was"

[6:23] <Demki> it still is a nice tool

[6:24] <Daniel_cps> yes, it is a nice tool.

[6:24] <TweleventeenStyllables> Cobblestone doesn't burn :)

[6:24] <Demki> true

[6:25] * asie[afk] has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:25] <Bilkokuya> burns on SMP

[6:25] <Demki> O.o

[6:25] <Snowman> http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-GB/dailydeal/day7/

[6:25] <Snowman> Like

[6:25] <Snowman> wat

[6:25] <Bilkokuya> it burns on my SMP :S

[6:25] <Snowman> 99% off

[6:25] * Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross.

[6:25] <Bilkokuya> wholly shniz

[6:25] <Bilkokuya> thanks snowman

[6:25] <Bilkokuya> buying

[6:25] * The-fox has joined #minecraft.

[6:26] <Bilkokuya> is it definitely safe?

[6:26] <Miclee> http://www.youtube.com/comment?lc=l4zVIrPnnahy4wzKpIMou6T547p-JS0FO49lGlyBGYc

[6:26] <Miclee> I lol'd

[6:26] <Miclee> so hard

[6:26] <Quatroking> what the poop

[6:26] * Leito has joined #minecraft.

[6:26] <Quatroking> AoE III for 10 cents

[6:26] <Quatroking> that doesn't make sense

[6:27] <Quatroking> oh well I'm not buying it

[6:27] <Quatroking> fucking games for windows client can suck my dick

[6:27] * Curt` has joined #minecraft.

[6:27] * acky has joined #minecraft.

[6:27] <Snowman> GMWL is Steam done wrong

[6:28] <Snowman> GFWL*

[6:28] <legion> good, not using GFWL anyway.

[6:28] * Logon has joined #minecraft.

[6:28] <Logon> Can anyone tell me a awesome texture pack ?

[6:28] * MisterX has joined #minecraft.

[6:29] <Bilkokuya> default

[6:29] <legion> yup, default's the best

[6:29] <TweleventeenStyllables> http://painterlypack.net/customizer.php

[6:29] <TweleventeenStyllables> knock yourself out

[6:29] * abaart has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[6:30] <Leoryk_2> pleas do you say a good word for some multiplayer minecraft server?

[6:30] <TweleventeenStyllables> what?

[6:30] * Dezired has joined #minecraft.

[6:30] <Leoryk_2> some recommend server for multiplayer

[6:30] <Bilkokuya> server for recommend please yes?

[6:30] <Leoryk_2> some recommend server for multiplayer full game

[6:31] * Neillithan has joined #minecraft.

[6:31] <Bilkokuya> lol you're going to have to try harder if you want me to recommend a server

[6:31] <TweleventeenStyllables> /join #smp

[6:31] <Neillithan> Hi, I'm getting an error when I try to start my minecraft server. Can somebody assist?

[6:31] <Bilkokuya> Reformat the drive, it's the only solution

[6:31] * Danking has joined #minecraft.

[6:31] <Bilkokuya> Infact, you'd be best to buy a new HDD altogether

[6:32] <Bilkokuya> and download more ram

[6:32] <Neillithan> here is the error I'm receiving: http://pastebin.com/2D5tdnir

[6:32] * Dezired` has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:33] <Bilkokuya> Yeh you need to download more ram and reformat your HDD

[6:33] <Miclee> Some people are just stupid. A guy put my L4D2 map's files into his Miencraft .jar file, thinking that would work.

[6:33] <Neillithan> I have 24 gigs of ram and I have tested this on 12 different solid state harddrives

[6:33] <Bilkokuya> did you reformat them all?

[6:33] <Snowman> FAILURE

[6:33] <Neillithan> yes

[6:33] <Bilkokuya> that seems like a lot of time

[6:33] <Neillithan> lol

[6:33] * Dred_furst has joined #minecraft.

[6:33] <Bilkokuya> maybe that's the problem

[6:33] * serendipity has joined #minecraft.

[6:33] <Neillithan> shouldn't a solid state drive reformat fast?

[6:33] <Bilkokuya> maybe you shouldn't have reformatted them

[6:34] <Bilkokuya> Infact I think that was the advice

[6:34] <Bilkokuya> "under no circumstances should you reformat your hard-drive to make minecraft work"

[6:34] <Bilkokuya> ah well, all's well that ends well

[6:34] * Danking_ has joined #minecraft.

[6:34] <Neillithan> Why reformat when you can..... format... ohhhhhhh

[6:34] <Neillithan> what now

[6:34] * Danking has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:35] <Bilkokuya> i'm glad to have helped fix it

[6:35] <Leoryk_1> i would like ask for ip adress some alpha multiplayer server

[6:35] <Snowman> Go to #smp

[6:35] * zavist has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:36] <Bilkokuya> Neillithan - have you tried just redownloading the files?

[6:36] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:37] * Doug has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:37] * abaart has joined #minecraft.

[6:39] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: well, I copied the minecraft server.exe into a new folder, ran it. it created all new files and I ran the server, worked fine. So then I tried copying the old world into the new server folder and running the server and I get that same error.

[6:39] * Britich has joined #minecraft.

[6:39] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: therefore, there must be something wrong with my world.

[6:39] <Bilkokuya> why not just make it generate a new world then?

[6:39] <Bilkokuya> problem solved

[6:39] <GreyVulpine> Did you delete the old /world folder before you copied your SP world over?

[6:39] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: well, that would solve one problem.

[6:39] <Neillithan> GreyVulpine: yes

[6:40] <Bilkokuya> ah right it was an SP world you copied

[6:40] <GreyVulpine> renamed the SP world to just /world?

[6:40] <Neillithan> GreyVulpine: technically it wasn't an SP world.

[6:40] <GreyVulpine> Huh?

[6:40] <Bilkokuya> if it was just an ordinary MP world, why do you want it so badly?

[6:40] <Neillithan> GreyVulpine: I tried copying my old multiplayer world into a brand new server install

[6:40] <Bilkokuya> just make it re-generate

[6:41] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: wouldn't that erase everything that has been created in that world?

[6:41] <Bilkokuya> yes it would

[6:41] <Bilkokuya> try just moving the world and renaming it this time

[6:41] * Daniel_cps has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[6:41] <Neillithan> well I guess I learned something new... it doesn't matter if you manually save the world from in game or from the console, you gotta make physical backups of the world folder

[6:41] <Neillithan> bummer.

[6:42] * Stranger has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:42] <Bilkokuya> always backup your chunks

[6:42] * Logon has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[6:42] <Neillithan> Didn't cross my mind that the world would so easily corrupt

[6:43] * zavist has joined #minecraft.

[6:43] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[6:43] <Bilkokuya> I wouldn't worry about i

[6:43] <Bilkokuya> things happen

[6:44] <Bilkokuya> at least it's not your cat that's corrupted

[6:44] <Neillithan> well, i'm sulking for now but I'll get over it

[6:44] <Collen> Finally, Room 3

[6:44] <Neillithan> a lot of time went into it and now it's gone

[6:44] <Bilkokuya> do you not still have the original copy of the folder?

[6:45] * Awesomeness has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[6:45] <Neillithan> I have the world folder yes... but not before it corrupted

[6:45] <Neillithan> because I didn't make backups of it.

[6:45] <Bilkokuya> well, try copying that over and deleting the player files from within

[6:45] <Bilkokuya> so all you have are the chunk folders

[6:45] <Bilkokuya> and rename it to something like "newworld"

[6:46] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: so I delete the files inside of the player folder?

[6:46] * Danking_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:46] * Sayyan has joined #minecraft.

[6:46] <Bilkokuya> yeh

[6:46] <legion> sheesh, why do i keep getting flat worlds...

[6:46] <Bilkokuya> oh and make sure you're running the server "as administrator"

[6:47] <Bilkokuya> legion, flat as in how flat?

[6:47] <Neillithan> running XP

[6:47] <Bilkokuya> ah that's good

[6:47] <legion> flat as in uninteresting low hilly terrain

[6:47] <Bilkokuya> sucks

[6:48] <legion> okay, now i get bigger hills/mountains. made of sand...

[6:48] * JTR has joined #minecraft.

[6:49] * Miclee has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:49] <legion> oh, it doesn't look too bad after all

[6:53] * liq3 has joined #minecraft.

[6:53] * SumWon has joined #minecraft.

[6:53] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: I just deleted the last numbered folder in my world folder and now it's working.

[6:54] <Bilkokuya> oh dear

[6:54] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: I didn't realize those numbered folders were basically backups

[6:54] <Bilkokuya> those numbered folders aren't backups, they are the chunk data folders

[6:54] <Neillithan> o

[6:54] * liq4 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:54] <Bilkokuya> they are literally what saves the blocks in your game

[6:54] <Neillithan> are those created when you do /save-all ?

[6:54] * Darkflux has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:54] <Bilkokuya> they are created any time the game saves

[6:54] <Snowman> They are sectors of your map

[6:55] <Neillithan> ah

[6:55] * Trolle has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[6:55] <Bilkokuya> so you've effectively got a new-map anyway now

[6:55] <Neillithan> Bilkokuya: but I don't though. it's the same map with my creations

[6:55] <Bilkokuya> I'm guessing it means at least one of your chunks was corrupt then

[6:55] <Smiley> http://images.milkme.co.uk/screenshots/minecraft/M_I.jpg << the giant URL of doom is coming together, but need to clear those trees away (fuill map is futher down the dir structure). <<< love it !!!!

[6:55] <Bilkokuya> hmm, odd

[6:55] <Snowman> .jpg

[6:56] <Smiley> Snowman: ?

[6:56] <Leoryk_2> hi i have very stupid question, how can i use workbench

[6:56] <Snowman> Why not png?

[6:56] <Bilkokuya> Leoryl - right click on it

[6:56] <Smiley> because screengrab for some reason defaults back to jpeg every time i change it

[6:56] * Sp47 has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[6:56] <Smiley> SO I gave up changing it

[6:56] <Snowman> Use prnt scrn

[6:56] <Smiley> Snowman: linux.

[6:56] <Bilkokuya> png is only more useful for transparency anyway

[6:57] <Snowman> ...

[6:57] <Bilkokuya> .jpg has better compression

[6:57] <Smiley> eitherway, the image still shows what I'm trying to convey.

[6:57] <Snowman> ANd shittier quality

[6:57] <Smiley> you can see the "HI THERE! <3"

[6:57] <Bilkokuya> worse quality when compressed

[6:57] <Smiley> and then the M and the start of the I

[6:57] * Sp47 has joined #minecraft.

[6:58] <Collen> Any ideas for puzzles?

[6:58] <Bilkokuya> but when it's an image like that, I'd prefer faster loading to a sharper image

[6:58] * Grynar has joined #minecraft.

[6:58] <Leoryk_2> Bilkokuya: i make workbench from 4 woods, but when i right click on created workbench i only pick up

[6:58] <Collen> I need something to work on

[6:58] <Smiley> Leoryk_2: you need to place it somewhere

[6:58] <Snowman> You care about that 1 second?

[6:58] <Smiley> select it into your "bar" along the bottom

[6:58] <Bilkokuya> Leoryk - did you put the workbench in your hot-bar at the bottom and then right click to place it first?

[6:58] * Stranger has joined #minecraft.

[6:58] <Smiley> then rightclick on the ground and you'll place the tool bench, then you right click to use it

[6:58] <Smiley> failing that, watch a youtube tutorial.

[6:59] * liq3 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[6:59] * King has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[6:59] <Leoryk_2> Smiley: i have it thans

[7:00] <Smiley> Leoryk_2: :)

[7:00] * xrichard has quit: Quit: Leaving

[7:00] * Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK.

[7:01] <Bilkokuya> fuck this

[7:01] <Bilkokuya> the one time I dont move my hand infront of my mouth fast enough is the only time I sneeze a giant mucus ball onto my keyboard

[7:01] <GreyVulpine> Ew

[7:01] <Bilkokuya> literally from the space bar to the T

[7:02] * Trolle has joined #minecraft.

[7:02] <Snowman> How nice

[7:02] <Bilkokuya> I'll laugh if I ever do that when teaching in a school..."oh yeh jimmy..it's a really good essa----achoo"

[7:02] <Snowman> Pick your nose more often, less will come out when you sneeze :P

[7:02] * Barrier has joined #minecraft.

[7:02] <Bilkokuya> LOL

[7:02] <Bilkokuya> it came out of my mouth though

[7:02] <Linkshot> Snowman speaks the golden truth.

[7:03] <vloev> true

[7:03] <Snowman> Learn to sneeze

[7:03] <Linkshot> "Bobby, this essay looks wonderful so--AAAAHHHHH CHOOO-- ....I can't read the rest now. You get an F."

[7:03] <Bilkokuya> can I craft what I mine out of nose into anything?

[7:04] <vloev> no

[7:04] * Kaberton has joined #minecraft.

[7:04] * Stranger has quit: Quit: Your mother

[7:04] <vloev> its useless like slime balls

[7:04] <legion> odd, got a single patch of fire on my new world.

[7:04] <Bilkokuya> I remember when I was back in school a teacher returned an essay with a nice brown coffee-mug ring on it

[7:04] <Snowman> You sued him?

[7:05] * asnoehu has joined #minecraft.

[7:05] <[SHITE]JuuL> Classic

[7:05] * `ak is now known as ak.

[7:05] <ak> sup

[7:05] * Rubix has joined #minecraft.

[7:05] <Bilkokuya> I live in Scotland, Lawyers aren't something people make use of

[7:05] <ak> what

[7:05] <Bilkokuya> unless they "slip" on a wet floor, or "trip" down the stairs that were too steep

[7:05] <ak> no lawsuits in scotland?

[7:06] * Cheeseyx has joined #minecraft.

[7:06] <ak> yeah what if i come over your house and i "slip" on your wet floors

[7:06] <Bilkokuya> plenty of lawsuits, but not many against other people. Mainly person vs. company and person vs. government

[7:06] <ak> oh.

[7:06] <Snowman> Sue the government for that coffee ring

[7:06] * Rubix has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[7:06] * Rubix has joined #minecraft.

[7:07] <Bilkokuya> I'll just hold it off until I need to get a job

[7:07] <Bilkokuya> then I can blackmail them...."I know what you do with your coffee"

[7:08] * Rijnders has joined #minecraft.

[7:08] <Linkshot> Legion: Lava spring above ground poured onto a tree, probably.

[7:08] <Snowman> Shove it up your ass

[7:09] * KrimZon has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:10] * Adju has joined #minecraft.

[7:10] * Bub has joined #minecraft.

[7:11] * SumWon has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:11] <legion> gonna check it as soon as it gets lighter

[7:13] * Grynar has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:13] * [Husky]Shnaw|Busy is now known as [Husky]Shnaw.

[7:13] <viila> http://viila.dy.fi/~tylisirn/tree.jpg <- Map generator stroke of genius of the day :P

[7:14] * Ind3x has joined #minecraft.

[7:15] <ShoviT> viila could be worse

[7:15] * spdorsey has joined #minecraft.

[7:15] * Jim_away has joined #minecraft.

[7:15] * serendipity has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[7:15] * vloev has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:16] * Keiya has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[7:16] * Grynar has joined #minecraft.

[7:16] * Keiya has joined #minecraft.

[7:16] * Jat has joined #minecraft.

[7:17] <Demki> viila: in a much earlier version of infdev(when caves were first introduced to infdev) I saw floating tree blocks, half trees and more

[7:17] <Bilkokuya> I quite liked the huge cliffs and overhangs that made

[7:17] <Bilkokuya> it was just a shame they were so common

[7:17] <Bilkokuya> it'd be nice to have that back as a biome though

[7:18] * Hyst has joined #minecraft.

[7:18] <Demki> no

[7:18] <Demki> that isn't what I was talking about bilkokuya

[7:18] <Demki> I am talking and earlier version of the caves

[7:18] * Keiya_ has joined #minecraft.

[7:18] <Demki> when they were just randomly placed everywhere

[7:18] <Bilkokuya> oh right, when everything was just broken looking

[7:18] * Weltschmerz has joined #minecraft.

[7:19] <Demki> and you could find Swiss cheese mountains everywhere

[7:19] <Bilkokuya> ah, not so good

[7:20] * vloev has joined #minecraft.

[7:20] * MKoR has joined #minecraft.

[7:20] * Grynar has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:21] * petercoulton has joined #minecraft.

[7:21] * Keiya has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:21] * Griob has joined #minecraft.

[7:21] * Griob has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[7:21] <vloev> back online XD

[7:22] <Bilkokuya> don't lie

[7:23] * dux0r has joined #minecraft.

[7:23] * Ronjoe has joined #minecraft.

[7:24] <[SHITE]JuuL> is the price 10 euros?

[7:24] <Bilkokuya> for what?

[7:24] <Bilkokuya> there are things in the world that cost 10 euros

[7:24] * Kaberton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:24] <Bilkokuya> there are things that do not

[7:24] * KrimZon has joined #minecraft.

[7:24] <Bilkokuya> a ferrari is not 10 euros

[7:25] * Nebuchadnezzar has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[7:25] <Bilkokuya> a ton of steel is not 10 euros

[7:25] <[SHITE]JuuL> Anyone besides the troll?

[7:25] <N3X15> Check the damn website

[7:25] <Bilkokuya> ask more specific questions if you want more specific answer

[7:25] <MC8> "If you pre-purchase now during alpha, you pay just 9.95!"

[7:25] <Bilkokuya> otherwise don't waste our damn time, and look at it yourself

[7:25] <[SHITE]JuuL> Its not there if you already bought it ;)

[7:26] <Bilkokuya> then log out

[7:26] <N3X15> log out

[7:26] <[SHITE]JuuL> G33z, relax already

[7:26] <Bilkokuya> I really hope you never get a job in management

[7:26] <N3X15> they will

[7:26] <[SHITE]JuuL> i asked, because maybe there was a friendly person who could remember it..

[7:26] * N3X15 pats bil soothingly

[7:26] * Grymmoire has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:26] <N3X15> they will

[7:26] <[SHITE]JuuL> wow

[7:26] * PyroPyro has joined #minecraft.

[7:26] <Bilkokuya> *sadface*

[7:26] <PyroPyro> hai

[7:27] <N3X15> double pyro

[7:27] <Skoshuke> Pyro^2

[7:27] <N3X15> no

[7:27] <[SHITE]JuuL> But i can see you would rather have a argument, then just say "yes" if you remember..

[7:27] * alza is now known as alza^rs.

[7:27] <N3X15> (Pyro)^2

[7:27] <[SHITE]JuuL> Talk about wasting time..

[7:27] <Skoshuke> Aaah!

[7:27] * Fern has joined #minecraft.

[7:27] <Skoshuke> Good old parenthesis.

[7:27] <PyroPyro> :3

[7:28] * Navineous has joined #minecraft.

[7:30] * Viral has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:31] * [Husky]Shnaw is now known as [Husky]Shnaw|AFK.

[7:33] * tali713 has joined #minecraft.

[7:33] * Darlos9D has joined #minecraft.

[7:33] * trekkie1701c has joined #minecraft.

[7:34] * Megatron has joined #minecraft.

[7:34] <ak> so are there clans now?

[7:34] <ak> what the hell is [SHITE]

[7:34] <Bilkokuya> something not to step in

[7:34] <ak> indeed

[7:34] <Bilkokuya> I hate it when you slip in shit

[7:34] * lmg has quit: Quit: Quitte

[7:34] <Bilkokuya> there's no way you can pretend to everybody around you that you missed it

[7:35] * Xenovoyance has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[7:35] <Bilkokuya> but to the question: yes there are clans, they've been around for a while. I think there's even a forum section for them

[7:35] <Bilkokuya> http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewforum.php?f=31

[7:36] <ak> how do you have minecraft clans. like you can't really have a "clan match"

[7:36] * thevdvde has joined #minecraft.

[7:36] <Bilkokuya> clans don't always have to be competitive though

[7:36] <Bilkokuya> it just needs to be a community that feels closer than just regular players

[7:37] * Tumetsu has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[7:37] * Xeross|AFK is now known as Xeross.

[7:37] * SgtKlaos has joined #minecraft.

[7:37] <Bilkokuya> quite often also means that they'll go onto other games together; but feel their clan identity is important enough to show even on non PvP games

[7:37] <ak> hmm DarkFire002 is in a lot of them

[7:37] <Bilkokuya> lol

[7:38] * GeminiRai has joined #minecraft.

[7:38] <[SHITE]JuuL> and [SHITE] isnt a minecraft clan..

[7:38] * cm12 has joined #minecraft.

[7:38] * lulzwhut has joined #minecraft.

[7:38] * cm12 has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[7:38] <[SHITE]JuuL> 11 year old cs 1.6 clan, called Sharing Happiness In The Evenings..

[7:39] <[SHITE]JuuL> SHITE

[7:39] <[SHITE]JuuL> :)

[7:39] <ak> lol

[7:39] * pakman has joined #minecraft.

[7:39] <ak> well as long as people dont get the wrong impression

[7:39] <[SHITE]JuuL> Well, we are a fun clan

[7:39] <[SHITE]JuuL> nothing serious in our game :D

[7:39] <ak> like i'm guessing you guys aren't SHIT(e)

[7:39] <ak> oh ok

[7:40] <[SHITE]JuuL> We sure are

[7:40] * SgtKlaos has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[7:40] * CookieMonster has joined #minecraft.

[7:40] <[SHITE]JuuL> But we use our servers to chat and have a good time :)

[7:40] <Snowman> 11 year old...

[7:40] <GreyVulpine> Do people still play old school 1.6?

[7:40] <Snowman> There are people of that age playing the game :P

[7:41] <Hyst> Wha?

[7:41] <Hyst> Hey, Snowman,.

[7:41] <ak> lol

[7:41] <Hyst> I just realised

[7:41] <[SHITE]JuuL> oh dear :D

[7:41] <Hyst> during the break without internet


[7:41] <Hyst> -.-

[7:41] <[SHITE]JuuL> Ok the clan is 11 years old.

[7:41] <Snowman> Or read a book

[7:41] <Hyst> I did.

[7:41] <Hyst> Many of them

[7:41] <ak> or do something productive

[7:41] <Hyst> but they were boring

[7:41] <Snowman> Or learned how to solve a Rubik's cube

[7:41] <ak> like that^

[7:41] <Hyst> Know how to.

[7:42] <ak> or pick up a second language

[7:42] <Hyst> AK - Does camping with my girlfriend and a friend, and going to a movie and a live metallica concert count?

[7:42] <ak> no.

[7:42] * Navineous has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[7:42] <Hyst> ak - 2 days without the net isnt enough for me.

[7:42] <[SHITE]JuuL> Top 3 today on STEAM

[7:42] <[SHITE]JuuL> Current Players Peak Today Game

[7:42] <[SHITE]JuuL> 85,397 85,955 Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer

[7:42] <[SHITE]JuuL> 66,463 66,463 Counter-Strike: Source

[7:42] <[SHITE]JuuL> 65,101 67,123 Counter-Strike

[7:42] <Hyst> PERHAPS if I really wanted to WITH the net for language

[7:42] <ak> si.

[7:42] <Hyst> Regardless

[7:42] <Hyst> I had a fun weekend.

[7:42] <Hyst> Without the internet.

[7:42] <Hyst> Which makes me think

[7:42] <ak> the one time i played CSS

[7:43] <ak> everyone in the game AWPed no matter what the range

[7:43] <Hyst> Maybe life without it, I could live.

[7:43] <ak> well i mean.. there was life before the internet Hyst

[7:43] <Bilkokuya> counterstrike 1.6 with less players than CSS?

[7:43] <Hyst> Im aware.

[7:43] <Hyst> But I grew up on it

[7:43] <Bilkokuya> normally it's above CSS for players

[7:43] <ak> so you'd just revert to that lifestyle.

[7:43] <Hyst> After a while yes

[7:43] <Hyst> But i had a fair bit of withdrawal

[7:44] <[SHITE]JuuL> the peak is higher.. so it might just be now :)

[7:44] <ak> the internet makes us lazy

[7:44] * Samppa has joined #minecraft.

[7:44] * ubergeek has joined #minecraft.

[7:44] <ak> or we're inherently lazy and the internet caters to it

[7:44] <Bilkokuya> the best sign of an addiction: have you ever tried to give up using the internet "just to show you can"?

[7:44] <Hyst> For my girlfriend I am not lazy.

[7:44] * spdorsey has quit: Quit: spdorsey

[7:44] * Nathan_ has joined #minecraft.

[7:45] <Hyst> I don't want to quit the internet, It's fun.

[7:46] * fusurugi has joined #minecraft.

[7:46] * Welsh_Mullet has joined #minecraft.

[7:46] <Welsh_Mullet> Avast yea

[7:46] <Hyst> But yes

[7:47] <Hyst> with the 3 days without it, thinking it wouldnt come back, actually proved I could

[7:47] <Collen> Alright, I've almost finished my mob trap

[7:48] <Collen> I just need to make a collection bin, and then we're go

[7:49] <fusurugi> i'd wish chests and cargo carts would collect items on their own

[7:49] * Ronjoe is now known as RonAFK.

[7:50] <Neillithan> is there a way to set a new home point?

[7:50] * uni|offline is now known as [ND]unimatrix.

[7:50] <Erisian> /sethome

[7:50] <Bilkokuya> it would be quite nice to be able to change the time before objects disappear

[7:50] <Welsh_Mullet> hey guys. I set up a server on another pc on my network... how do i go about connecting to it from inside the network.... and how do i turn off mobs....#

[7:51] <Erisian> Set no-animals=true in the config file

[7:51] * mLegion has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:51] <Neillithan> erisian: that didn't work

[7:51] <Erisian> You connect to it by typing the IP address in your MC client

[7:51] <Welsh_Mullet> ah, so i need to find the config file.....

[7:51] * mLegion has joined #minecraft.

[7:51] * Tdogg has joined #minecraft.

[7:51] <Erisian> Neill: Then the server you're on doesn't support changing your home point

[7:51] <Neillithan> :(

[7:52] <Neillithan> it's the default minecraft server

[7:52] <Erisian> Ah, yes

[7:52] <Erisian> You need hey0

[7:52] <Neillithan> hey0?

[7:52] <Erisian> The server plugin, also known as hMod

[7:52] <Bilkokuya> is hey0 working now?

[7:53] <Erisian> It's been working on 1.2.2 since about a day after the release

[7:53] <Neillithan> Erisian: reading about it now.

[7:53] <Neillithan> erisian: can i put this on an existing server / world?

[7:53] <Erisian> Yes

[7:53] <Neillithan> sweet

[7:53] <Erisian> It adds commands, it doesn't mess with your map

[7:54] * lobstarooo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:54] * Gnarly has joined #minecraft.

[7:54] * lobstar_MB has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:54] * Simiil1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[7:55] <Collen> Great.

[7:55] <Collen> I already have a bookshelf problem

[7:55] <Bilkokuya> ?

[7:55] * lobstar_MB has joined #minecraft.

[7:55] <Collen> I misplaced one

[7:56] * acky has quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep

[7:56] * slen- has joined #minecraft.

[7:56] * ubergeek has quit: Quit: Leaving

[7:57] * TigranaterIRC has joined #minecraft.

[7:57] <Krabbe> what is it? Crafted too many bookshelfs? :D

[7:57] <Bilkokuya> lost one by the sound of it

[7:58] <Collen> Doesn't matter

[7:58] <Welsh_Mullet> is it normal for the server to constantly complain it cant keep up? :S

[7:58] <Erisian> Yes

[7:58] <Bilkokuya> it is if your server hardware isn't up to scratch

[7:58] <Bilkokuya> download more ram

[7:58] <Popz> Welsh_Mullet: Specs?

[7:58] <Popz> lol Bilkokuya :D

[7:58] <Welsh_Mullet> It's an old desktop pc

[7:58] <Popz> CPU?

[7:58] <Welsh_Mullet> 2.93 ghz single core with 512mb ram

[7:58] <Erisian> MC is java, java will grab every resource it can and stangle it

[7:59] <Erisian> strangle

[7:59] * TigranaterIRC has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[7:59] <Bilkokuya> there's the problem

[7:59] <Popz> ^

[7:59] <Bilkokuya> the 512mb ram

[7:59] <Krabbe> I have the same problem with a Core i3 540, 4GiB ram server

[7:59] <Bilkokuya> Krabbe, that's because you didn't set it up correctly

[7:59] <Erisian> Needs at least 8GB ram and a Xeon Quad ;)

[7:59] <Krabbe> So, tell me - how to set it up properly then?

[7:59] * magotar has joined #minecraft.

[7:59] <Bilkokuya> make sure to use -java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar

[7:59] <Krabbe> Wiki sez minecraft_server.exe is fine

[8:00] <Bilkokuya> or whatever RAM allocation you want after that Xmx

[8:00] <Collen> http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/2220/papyrusl.png

[8:00] <Welsh_Mullet> there we go, no animals

[8:00] <Bilkokuya> but you need at least a whole Gig dedicated to minecraft for the server to work correctly

[8:00] <Collen> That's how I get all my bookshelves

[8:00] <Collen> papyrus is taking over the world!

[8:00] * lobstarooo has joined #minecraft.

[8:01] <Krabbe> pretty old version

[8:01] <Welsh_Mullet> i think server can't keep up just means it missed a tick or something right?

[8:01] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:01] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:02] <Bilkokuya> pretty much, but it's something you want to avoid

[8:02] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:02] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:02] <Welsh_Mullet> wish minecarts worked XD

[8:02] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:02] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:02] <Popz> they do?

[8:02] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:02] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:02] * TigranaterIRC has joined #minecraft.

[8:02] <Erisian> They do, they're just HUGE memory leaks in MP

[8:02] <Welsh_Mullet> they're really glitchy in mp

[8:02] <Erisian> Same with boats

[8:02] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:02] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:02] <Erisian> Both just grab RAM and don't let go

[8:03] * Rubix has quit: Quit: Leaving

[8:03] <Collen> No, this is a pretty old version: http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/8879/eggminecraft.png

[8:03] <Bilkokuya> not as badly as they used to


[8:03] <Popz> 4728 minecraf 20 0 1190m 1.0g 7216 S 3 51.7 42:57.75 java

[8:03] <Popz> :)

[8:03] <Bilkokuya> after the fixes the memory leaks have been reduced a lot

[8:03] <Erisian> Any memory leak is too much

[8:03] <Bilkokuya> of course, but they no longer make it unplayable

[8:03] <Welsh_Mullet> the minecarts and boats trap players

[8:03] <Popz> i havent noticed any memory leaks :o

[8:04] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:04] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:04] <Bilkokuya> only on SMP, on the SSP there are none/uncommon

[8:04] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:04] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:04] <bildramer> <- le bored

[8:04] <Erisian> Especially since you can't destroy boats

[8:04] * Lulleh has joined #minecraft.

[8:04] <Welsh_Mullet> if you get in a boat and try to get out, you constantly reset onto the boat

[8:04] <Bilkokuya> <- le franch?

[8:04] <Erisian> Except by setting them on fire

[8:05] * Khodar has joined #minecraft.

[8:05] * Khodar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:05] * King has joined #minecraft.

[8:05] <Erisian> The two servers I play on have banned boats and minecarts

[8:05] <Bilkokuya> have they always had them banned? or since the fix?

[8:06] <Erisian> Since the fix

[8:06] <Krabbe> guess why :D

[8:06] <Krabbe> leaving players while in cart

[8:06] <Erisian> One had a huge minecart network, the other had a waterball with about 50 boats on it

[8:06] <Bilkokuya> wow

[8:06] * mohawk has joined #minecraft.

[8:06] * afuhnk has joined #minecraft.

[8:07] <mohawk> Hey! I've just downloaded the free version and registerd but i cannot start the game. It says to Play online first before offline. How exactly do i start?

[8:07] <Bilkokuya> lol watching traffic cops on Dave (freeview)

[8:08] * Lulleh has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[8:08] <Bilkokuya> mohawk, you cannot download the free version

[8:08] <Erisian> The free version is play on the web only

[8:08] <mohawk> Ok

[8:08] <mohawk> So to play offline i need to purchase the alpha?

[8:09] <GreyVulpine> Yes

[8:09] <Bilkokuya> yeh, you can only play alpha offline

[8:09] <Bilkokuya> the free version is always online

[8:09] <Collen> http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/6029/traph.png

[8:09] <Welsh_Mullet> can't connect to the server on my local network.... something to do with my router and port fowarding maybe?

[8:09] * Scarecrow has joined #minecraft.

[8:09] <Erisian> Not unless you're going through a router into another router

[8:09] <GreyVulpine> Welsh_Mullet - firewalls down?

[8:09] <Collen> I hope this works...

[8:09] <Bilkokuya> what Ip have you set in your server.properties?

[8:09] <Erisian> Sure you have the port set properly and do you have any firewalls on your server machine?

[8:09] <Welsh_Mullet> there isn't an ip in there....

[8:09] <Bilkokuya> good

[8:09] <Bilkokuya> what Ip are you typing in to connect to?

[8:10] <Welsh_Mullet>

[8:10] <Krabbe> Collen what is this texture pack and does the water and lava flow properly work?

[8:10] * mohawk has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[8:10] <Welsh_Mullet> that's the local

[8:10] <Collen> ?

[8:10] <Collen> Lava flow?

[8:10] <Erisian> Water and lava flow work with all texture packs as long as you install the HD patch

[8:10] <Collen> what is this lava flow that you speak?

[8:10] <Scarecrow> Just finished HL2 for the first time!

[8:10] <Bilkokuya> so just to check, you're not playing on the same PC as your server?

[8:10] <Welsh_Mullet> can't use the external because i'm going through a router to a network to the internet

[8:10] <Scarecrow> So good!

[8:11] <Krabbe> forget it Collen :P

[8:11] <Welsh_Mullet> i'm not on the same pc

[8:11] <Collen> ooooooooooh

[8:11] <Collen> It's painterly

[8:11] <Welsh_Mullet> Internet-----network------my router----- 2 pc's

[8:11] <Collen> There's custom water and lava, if you use mcpatcher, but if not, it just uses the normal minecraft water/lava textures

[8:11] <Bilkokuya> try opening up the port for both the IP the server is on and Ip of your pc

[8:12] <Neillithan> I'm trying to use the /item but it's not working

[8:12] <Neillithan> any ideas?

[8:12] <bildramer> pcs.

[8:12] <Krabbe> the problem is, water is in terrain.png afair

[8:12] <Collen> Pigs and chicken don't die in the trap

[8:12] <Welsh_Mullet> I don't know if i can be asked if it's not simple XD i'd need to fiddle in my router, fiddle with firewalls, restart stuff.....

[8:12] <GreyVulpine> Welsh_Mullet - What OS?

[8:12] <Welsh_Mullet> Xp on the server, vista on the connecting pc

[8:13] * Atomizer has joined #minecraft.

[8:13] <GreyVulpine> "firewall.cpl" on the server, make sure it's down

[8:13] <Collen> Do you think it will work?

[8:13] * N00bish_legend has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[8:13] <Welsh_Mullet> now it's off

[8:13] <GreyVulpine> If you're connecting with the default port, you don't need to add :25565

[8:13] <GreyVulpine> Just do the 192.168.x.y address

[8:14] <Welsh_Mullet> trying it

[8:14] <Welsh_Mullet> says connecting

[8:14] <Welsh_Mullet> timed out

[8:14] <Welsh_Mullet> do i need to turn off name verifying?

[8:14] <Bilkokuya> nah it's not the minecraft side

[8:14] <Bilkokuya> it's that the two PCs are completely failing to speak to each other

[8:15] <Welsh_Mullet> i could connect local

[8:15] <Welsh_Mullet> when it was on the vista pc

[8:15] <Erisian> Which says firewall to me

[8:15] * Bacu has joined #minecraft.

[8:15] <GreyVulpine> Try setting in your server.properties, online-mode to false

[8:15] * thevdvde has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:15] <Bilkokuya> Grey - it's not his minecraft server settings

[8:15] <Bilkokuya> it's the network itself

[8:15] <GreyVulpine> It could be

[8:16] <Bilkokuya> Welsh - try pinging your other PC across the network and see if it reposnds

[8:16] <GreyVulpine> Hold over from the timing out problem that Notch tried to fix in the last patch

[8:16] <Krabbe> tried to ping the other side with "PING" in command window "cmd.exe" ?

[8:16] <Krabbe> :)

[8:16] <Welsh_Mullet> someone try to connect to

[8:16] * poNji has quit: Quit: 12( www.nnscript.com 12:: NoNameScript 4.22 12:: www.esnation.com 12)

[8:17] <GreyVulpine> Not going to connect for me...

[8:17] <Bilkokuya> cant connect

[8:17] <Bilkokuya> have you port forwarded correctly?

[8:17] <Welsh_Mullet> I don't know how this is going to work. The network box somewhere on campus has an internet ip. That gives my router an ip, which gives the pc an ip

[8:17] <Welsh_Mullet> that's 3 seperate ip's

[8:17] * jaybud4 has joined #minecraft.

[8:18] <GreyVulpine> Oh geez

[8:18] <Erisian> As long as your server and your client are on the same router the port forwarding isn't an issue

[8:18] <Bilkokuya> ah right so it's not actually your own router?

[8:18] <Welsh_Mullet> And i can't change the settings of the network box

[8:18] <Welsh_Mullet> It is. one of them.

[8:18] <Welsh_Mullet> but not the other one

[8:18] * tali713 has quit: Quit: Bye now.

[8:19] <Bilkokuya> right, you want to connect directly to your own router and port forward 25565

[8:19] <Erisian> But your XP and Vista boxes are plugged into the same switch on the router yes?

[8:19] <Bilkokuya> you want that forwarded both for the internal IP of your main PC and the server

[8:19] <Welsh_Mullet> yea

[8:19] <Erisian> Then portfowarding doesn't come into it at all

[8:19] * e has joined #minecraft.

[8:19] <Welsh_Mullet> Vista and xp hate each other

[8:19] <Krabbe> oh noes its an e

[8:19] <Erisian> Port forwarding only happens when NAT comes into it and that's only for traffic over the WAN port, not on the Lan

[8:20] <Welsh_Mullet> i'll just not run a server XD

[8:20] <RonAFK> the OS is irrelevant

[8:20] * PyroPyro derps hard

[8:20] <RonAFK> since java runs as a VM

[8:20] <Welsh_Mullet> they don't talk to each other normally

[8:21] <Welsh_Mullet> i can't see the other on the network

[8:21] <GreyVulpine> You sure you're not running any other security software on the server?

[8:21] * Stranger has joined #minecraft.

[8:21] * Mrcheesenips has joined #minecraft.

[8:21] <e> How do I change my nickname? :o

[8:21] <Welsh_Mullet> brb

[8:21] <RonAFK> the built-in windows firewall can be annoying sometimes

[8:21] <GreyVulpine> e - /nick

[8:21] <RonAFK> e: /nick

[8:22] <Neillithan> guys I'm having a problem with the minecraft hey0 mod

[8:22] <Neillithan> half the commands don't even work.

[8:22] * e is now known as Xickle.

[8:22] * Welsh_Mullet is now known as Welsh_AFK.

[8:22] <Xickle> thanks

[8:22] <GreyVulpine> RonAFK - "sometimes"? :P

[8:22] <RonAFK> GreyVulpine: yeah, sometimes

[8:22] <RonAFK> like, when its on

[8:22] <RonAFK> which isnt always

[8:22] <bildramer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKa-R3OsG9k

[8:22] <bildramer> oh wow

[8:24] <GreyVulpine> Neat!

[8:25] <fusurugi> hmmm....

[8:25] <Bilkokuya> that's good

[8:25] <fusurugi> where is the sound for creepers saved?

[8:25] <Bilkokuya> I cant wait to see a smart skeleton raid his house though

[8:25] <fusurugi> i want to replace it with wtfboom

[8:26] * Bilkokuya has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[8:27] <bildramer> 31.18? already?

[8:27] <GreyVulpine> Just in /.minecraft/resources/newound/mob

[8:27] <bildramer> holy shit toadyone

[8:27] <GreyVulpine> newsound*

[8:28] * Evicous has joined #minecraft.

[8:29] * ehhhhh has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:30] * Wixi has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:30] * Thermi has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:31] * RonAFK has quit: Quit: Ce n'est pas un message de quit.

[8:31] <Xickle> how can I create a server that people can join and dig in my world? :)

[8:32] <Welsh_AFK> download minecraf_server.exe?

[8:32] <GreyVulpine> http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Tutorials/Setting_up_a_server

[8:32] <Xickle> k thanks

[8:35] * magick has joined #minecraft.

[8:36] * Bilkokuya has joined #minecraft.

[8:36] * tumik has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:37] * tavaryn has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[8:38] * AndrewPH|AFK is now known as AndrewPH.

[8:39] * GreyMaria has joined #minecraft.

[8:39] * TheSentinel has quit: Quit: THIS IS NOT AN EXIT

[8:40] * ak has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:40] <bildramer> I love DF

[8:40] <bildramer> !!groundhogs!!

[8:41] * Simiil has joined #minecraft.

[8:42] * LorenXo has joined #minecraft.

[8:42] <GreyMaria> bildramer: !!Urist McDrunkard!!

[8:42] <GreyMaria> !!Dwarven rum barrel [20]!!

[8:42] <GreyMaria> !!fortress!!

[8:42] <GreyMaria> !!world!!

[8:44] * ojii has joined #minecraft.

[8:44] * ojii has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[8:44] <fusurugi> !epic treehouse

[8:45] * subbob has joined #minecraft.

[8:45] * cjrox21 has joined #minecraft.

[8:45] * Xickle has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[8:45] * cjrox21 has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[8:46] * Xickle has joined #minecraft.

[8:47] <fusurugi> is there a way to change the filesystem of an harddisk "on the fly"?

[8:47] * Omnipresent_Text_Box has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:48] <fusurugi> guess not.

[8:48] <fusurugi> i have to unseal my other tb disk then. now where have i put those scissors...

[8:48] * tumik has joined #minecraft.

[8:48] * lonequid- has joined #minecraft.

[8:49] * mib_gsxmkk has joined #minecraft.

[8:49] * mib_gsxmkk has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[8:50] * Biolunar has joined #minecraft.

[8:51] <fusurugi> waaaait a minute. wasnt there an rfid tag supposed to be in that package

[8:51] * Stranger has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:52] * CakeJakko has quit: Quit: http://quassel-irc.org - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.

[8:52] * [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep has joined #minecraft.

[8:52] * mib_efrj0z has joined #minecraft.

[8:52] <Xickle> guys can you tell me if joining works for ya, please? :)

[8:52] * [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep is now known as CakeJakko.

[8:52] * CakeJakko is now known as [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep.

[8:53] * [Fuffy]CakeJakko|Sleep is now known as CakeJakko.

[8:53] <hatasu> moment

[8:53] * Xeross is now known as Xeross|AFK.

[8:53] * Roxas has joined #minecraft.

[8:53] <vede> fusurugi, you were joking about the scissors, right?

[8:53] <fusurugi> no

[8:54] <hatasu> i cant

[8:54] <fusurugi> its packaged in these plastic cables

[8:54] <fusurugi> rather the package is bound up

[8:54] * mib_efrj0z has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[8:54] <vede> OHH

[8:54] <vede> I thought you were planning on taking apart the actual drive.

[8:54] <vede> .___.

[8:54] * Roxas is now known as Guest756648397.

[8:54] <bildramer> lol

[8:54] <fusurugi> are you crazy?

[8:54] <vede> I thought you were.

[8:54] * mib_8b2y3e has joined #minecraft.

[8:55] <fusurugi> why would i do that?

[8:55] * Yourself has joined #minecraft.

[8:55] <Xickle> damn so my server doesn't work even when I opened my ports

[8:55] <vede> I can imagine someone who has no idea what they're doing deciding that's the way to fix a problem.

[8:55] <vede> So I was about to call you an ignorant dumbass, but the situation's resolved.

[8:56] <fusurugi> i asked for a way to change the filesystem. what would it bring if i'd open the case?

[8:56] <mib_8b2y3e> Hello, I just bought minecraft but the game will not load - i get an error saying that i have bad video card drivers.

[8:56] <Yourself> if you opened the case all the files would fall out!

[8:56] <fusurugi> oh my

[8:56] <vede> ^^ Exactly!

[8:56] <fusurugi> then i'd have to actually use the vacuum for once

[8:56] <Linkshot> Well then I think you have an insufficient video card :P

[8:56] * zproc has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[8:57] * sinedeviance has joined #minecraft.

[8:57] * vloev has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[8:57] <mib_8b2y3e> The computer i am on does not have one, lol

[8:57] <Linkshot> That could do it!

[8:57] * Megatron has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[8:57] <Nanobot> I needed to change the filesystem of one of my partitions from ext3 to ext4, so I unscrewed the hard drive case and carefully ran a magnet around the disk. Screwed it back together, and I had a perfectly good ext4 partition with all of my original files. :)

[8:58] <Yourself> problem solving ftw

[8:58] <mib_8b2y3e> So i can play games like ut 2004 but not minecraft? thats messed up

[8:58] * Evicous has quit: Quit: Pants.

[8:58] <Bilkokuya> not really, it makes sense

[8:58] <Welsh_AFK> Nanobot..... you lucky lucky b....

[8:58] <Bilkokuya> UT doesn't load 100,000 objects in your view at the same time

[8:58] <Yourself> ut 2004 is 6 years old

[8:58] * klusark has joined #minecraft.

[8:58] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: Neither does minecraft

[8:59] <Welsh_AFK> i wonder if you put minecraft in dx11 and used tessellation....... what would happen....

[8:59] <Nanobot> My fingers smell like fish. Should I rub them with chicken breasts?

[8:59] <mib_8b2y3e> Well.. i just wasted 14$ CND that sucks

[9:00] <Welsh_AFK> ...

[9:00] <Yourself> yeah, it's not like you could have tried the free version first to see if it worked

[9:00] <Welsh_AFK> can you run it online?

[9:00] <mib_8b2y3e> Nope i could not, the free version would not work

[9:00] <Welsh_AFK> ...

[9:00] <Bilkokuya> if you take a chunk to be 300*300, minecraft loads 90K blocks into memory at any one time

[9:00] <vede> Nanobot, I had the same problem. Same solution too. Just had to make sure the magnet made physical contact with each platter. (Had to temporarily remove one platter so I could reach the other.)

[9:01] <bildramer> http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=71270.0

[9:01] <bildramer> do want

[9:01] <fusurugi> if i have 600GB of free space and i cant move a file of 4.6gb into that space, its the filesystem, right?

[9:01] <Bilkokuya> and that's if it doesn't regard anything but the surfance

[9:01] <Welsh_AFK> my name won't change XD

[9:01] <csharp> fusurugi: iso16?

[9:01] * Collen has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[9:01] <fusurugi> fat32

[9:01] <csharp> thats what i meant :DD

[9:01] <csharp> im little slow today

[9:01] <Welsh_AFK> DE-FRAGMENT IT!

[9:01] <vede> Yeah, FAT32 has a 4GB limit.

[9:02] <fusurugi> im gonna defragment your mome, Welsh_AFK

[9:02] <fusurugi> ok vede, thx

[9:02] * Grymmoire has joined #minecraft.

[9:02] <csharp> but yeah fat doesnt support larger files

[9:02] <Yourself> i love DF bug reports

[9:02] <Linkshot> So I just realised where Notch got his spider sound

[9:02] <Yourself> like there used to be a bug where a coffin with a body in it would shoot out bones if it was on fire

[9:02] * Chrissi has joined #minecraft.

[9:02] <GreyMaria> Yourself: Cat cancels clean self: Too injured

[9:02] <fusurugi> what use is the toshiba hard disk tool anyway?

[9:02] <GreyMaria> Linkshot: whar

[9:02] <Welsh_AFK> I hate the spider sound XD

[9:03] * XychsGeist has quit: Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de

[9:03] <Linkshot> It's the sound of tearing plastic wrap

[9:03] <GreyMaria> also the ghast sounds are stolen straight from zombies

[9:03] <GreyMaria> half-life 2 zombies

[9:03] <vede> Bilkokuya, except a chunk isn't 300x300, and you're assuming that the world is only 1 block high.

[9:03] <fusurugi> i doubt notch would make that mistake

[9:03] <fusurugi> i bet its a public library

[9:03] <Yourself> a chunk is 16x128x16

[9:03] <Nanobot> http://www.mazuisubs.com/img/ore07_1big.gif

[9:04] <Yourself> which is 32768 blocks

[9:04] <Bilkokuya> I was going on the basis that any redstone will still update up to 300 blocks away

[9:04] <GreyMaria> fusurugi: the public libraries aren't exactly that well moderated, then

[9:04] <Yourself> and many of them are loaded simultaneously

[9:04] <GreyMaria> because it is the half-life 2 zombie sounds

[9:04] <Yourself> with a memory cost of 2 bytes per block

[9:04] <fusurugi> the highest buildable layer is 127

[9:04] <Yourself> plus some overhead for entities

[9:04] <Bilkokuya> and the 1 block high is that it must be working out at least that much.

[9:04] * mib_8b2y3e has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[9:04] <Welsh_AFK> Which is fine, as long as you own hl2, you're doing nothing wrong

[9:04] <Yourself> not all block geometrry is loaded, however

[9:04] <vede> But having them all in memory doesn't mean it's actually doing any processing for every single one.

[9:04] * neku has joined #minecraft.

[9:04] <[ehe]> When I installed HD-Textures I got to pick "Tile Size". It picked 32x32 by default. What is it?

[9:04] * neku has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[9:05] <[ehe]> I used the patcher

[9:05] <fusurugi> what format is faster? cmd.com or windows?

[9:05] <Yourself> it looks like some manner of marching cubes algorithm determines the potentially visible faces by a simple criteria and then creates those

[9:05] * fractux has joined #minecraft.

[9:05] <Welsh_AFK> or any sorce game seeing as the zombie sound comes in the SDK

[9:05] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: you should be going on the basis that as the world loads you see 16x16 chunks appear from nowhere, not 300x300 chunks

[9:05] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: it originated from hl2

[9:05] <Bilkokuya> true, but even then it's loading 32000 objects when it loads a new chunk

[9:06] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: you don't have the rights to use Valve's SDK sounds in non-Source-engine games, unless you specifically ask

[9:06] <vede> Bilkokuya, "objects" is a bit awkward to describe the blocks.

[9:06] * Sean13 has joined #minecraft.

[9:06] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: blocks aren't objects, they're tiles

[9:06] <Welsh_AFK> They're objects.... at least in a programming sence

[9:06] <Welsh_AFK> sense*

[9:06] <GreyMaria> they're tiles in a game design sense

[9:06] <Yourself> it's more accurate to say it's loading one object that's 65536 bytes in size

[9:07] <Linkshot> Okay

[9:07] <vede> Welsh, the same way every single byte in a png you load is an object.

[9:07] <vede> At least in a programming sense.

[9:07] <vede> Right?

[9:07] <Yourself> ri9ght

[9:07] <Yourself> right*

[9:07] <Linkshot> If there 90k blocks in one chunk

[9:07] <Welsh_AFK> .....

[9:07] <Yourself> don't forget each color component is an object

[9:07] <Linkshot> That's 540k textures per chunk for the game to load.

[9:07] <Yourself> so there are 3 or 4 objects per pixel, vede

[9:07] <Linkshot> And emulate

[9:07] <GreyMaria> Linkshot: bullshit

[9:07] <vede> Indeed.

[9:07] <Bilkokuya> look, sorry I've brought this whole thing up - I was just saying that UT by its nature doesn't require the same computer processing power as Minecraft.

[9:07] <Linkshot> 6 sides per block

[9:08] <Linkshot> 90k blocks

[9:08] <Sean13> what server is this running on?

[9:08] <vede> Plus all the extra ones for the format specs.

[9:08] <GreyMaria> first off, it's 32768 blocks per chunk

[9:08] <GreyMaria> dumbfuck

[9:08] <GreyMaria> LISTEN

[9:08] <GreyMaria> stop fucking talking

[9:08] <GreyMaria> and listen to someone who understands programming

[9:08] <Linkshot> Well if you're going to be like that

[9:08] <GreyMaria> first off, it's 32768 blocks per chunk

[9:08] <Linkshot> Then I will retort with "no u"

[9:08] <Welsh_AFK> Does MC render stuff you can't see or does it check.....

[9:08] * ak has joined #minecraft.

[9:08] <Bilkokuya> from what I gather, it renders anything touching air

[9:08] <GreyMaria> second, Notch understands optimization, so the average chunk only exposes no more than 200 faces, assuming flat with no tree and one cave underneath

[9:08] <Bilkokuya> that is facing you

[9:08] <Yourself> Welsh_AFK, be more specific about what you mean by "can't see"

[9:09] <Welsh_AFK> Stuff you cannot draw line of sight to

[9:09] <Linkshot> Hallowe'en was so optimised that it didn't even process you dying!

[9:09] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: It renders things which cannot be seen through the ground by normal means - this is how you can see caves underground through bad chunk loads.

[9:09] <Bilkokuya> it does also render more than a single chunk at any time though

[9:09] <Yourself> what it doesn't render are faces that are sasndwiched between two opaque blocks

[9:09] <Welsh_AFK> depending on your fog settings?

[9:09] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: The number of chunks it renders at any one time is determined by the fog settings.

[9:09] <Yourself> danwiched*

[9:10] <Yourself> god dammit

[9:10] <Yourself> sandwiched*

[9:10] <vede> Well, six opaque blocks.

[9:10] <Sean13> I'm a computer programmer

[9:10] <Welsh_AFK> ORLY?

[9:10] <Sean13> i know some C

[9:10] <Welsh_AFK> I'm learning to be one

[9:10] <Bilkokuya> grey - that's true, but if you have close fog, you wont have a slow game so the point still stands

[9:10] <Sean13> cool

[9:10] <Welsh_AFK> Learning C, fluent in VB.net XD

[9:10] <Sean13> i never really tryed to mod a game before

[9:10] <GreyMaria> At the farthest fog settings, you're likely interacting in an area of ~32x32 chunks for 1024 chunks loaded.

[9:10] <Welsh_AFK> In University :3

[9:11] * Aeomin has joined #minecraft.

[9:11] <Bilkokuya> grey - all I was saying is that minecraft, because of having so many objects/tiles/blocks or whatever you wish to call them, will always draw more resources than an FPS such as unreal tournament

[9:11] * PuyoZwei has joined #minecraft.

[9:11] <GreyMaria> At 1024 chunks, assuming your average treeless desert,

[9:11] <Welsh_AFK> Does it know what's in each chunk or is it procedurally generated?

[9:11] <GreyMaria> and an average of 100 or less faces per chunk due to lack of trees

[9:11] <Sean13> im not really a game player

[9:11] <Sean13> i just experiement with mc

[9:11] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: Procedurally generated from a seed number. The same chunk will generate the same time every time, no matter how many times you delete it.

[9:12] <Sean13> pardon my english

[9:12] <Bilkokuya> ~32x32? on the furthest fog setting you're looking into at least 100x100

[9:12] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: uh no

[9:12] * Sean13 has quit: Quit: Leaving

[9:12] <GreyMaria> You said (at the farthest setting, i'm assuming) that redstone stops operating after about 300 blocks

[9:12] <Welsh_AFK> So does digging in a chunk change the seed?

[9:12] <GreyMaria> 256 is very damn close to 300

[9:12] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: No

[9:12] <Bilkokuya> 300 blocks from your current position

[9:12] * KapiteinKoffie has joined #minecraft.

[9:12] <KapiteinKoffie> Haider! ^_^

[9:12] <Bilkokuya> that's different to an area of 32x32

[9:13] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: At which point the chunk unloads.

[9:13] <Welsh_AFK> So a clean chunk takes up less space than a dug chunk....?

[9:13] <GreyMaria> And therefore, the redstone stops working.

[9:13] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: No. The chunk is rendered to a data file.

[9:13] * PuyoDead has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:13] <GreyMaria> It's not changes that are logged in the data file - it's the entire chunk data that's rendered to the data file.

[9:13] * Sevventh has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[9:14] <Welsh_AFK> ... is the minecraft world generated infinite?

[9:14] <GreyMaria> Therefore, working in reasonable estimates of powers of 2, it stands to reason that the average dimension of loaded chunks is 32x32

[9:14] <Bilkokuya> no

[9:14] <GreyMaria> Welsh_AFK: YES

[9:14] <GreyMaria> Therefore, working in reasonable estimates of powers of 2, it stands to reason that the average dimension of loaded chunks is 32x32

[9:14] <Bilkokuya> Greymaria - the generator specifically does not go on infinitely

[9:14] <Welsh_AFK> Thought i saw somewhere it was about 16 X the surface of the earth

[9:14] <Bilkokuya> it breaks after a certain point

[9:14] * Zynux has joined #minecraft.

[9:14] <Bilkokuya> and before that it prevents you from moving

[9:14] * Grynar has joined #minecraft.

[9:14] <GreyMaria> Because 256 / 16 = 16; 16 * 2 (to account for BEHIND YOU) = 32; 32 squared is 32x32

[9:15] * PyroPyro has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[9:15] <Bilkokuya> that 256 is 256 blocks of area though

[9:15] <Bilkokuya> not 256 in a straight line

[9:15] <Bilkokuya> the 300 for redstone is a straight line distance from your position

[9:16] * antila has joined #minecraft.

[9:16] <GreyMaria> 256 is 16x16, dumbass. It's 16 straight across a chunk.

[9:16] <Welsh_AFK> If you had a player at the joint between the blocks, could redstone work across the chunk?

[9:16] <GreyMaria> 16 blocks across one chunk for 16 chunks is 256 total blocks.

[9:16] <Bilkokuya> correct

[9:16] <GreyMaria> It stands to reason that Notch would be far more likely to run updates on all loaded chunks rather than calculate the distance between any given tile and the player because the first way is far cheaper

[9:17] <Bilkokuya> but that does not relate to what I was saying about the redstone at all

[9:17] <Welsh_AFK> \name

[9:17] <Welsh_AFK> its / right?

[9:17] <GreyMaria> yes, but it's also /nick

[9:17] <GreyMaria> not /name

[9:17] <Welsh_AFK> ah

[9:17] <Welsh_AFK> would explain it

[9:17] * Welsh_AFK is now known as Welsh_Mullet.

[9:18] * Bananavice has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[9:18] * JTR has quit: Quit: Leaving.

[9:18] <Welsh_Mullet> Good server anyone?

[9:18] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: Think about it. How much processing power does it take to iterate through all known loaded redstone circuitry, check the distance between it and the player, and make a decision based on that

[9:18] <GreyMaria> Versus simply iterating through all known laoded redstone circuitry

[9:18] * Aeomin has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:19] * testadimorto has joined #minecraft.

[9:19] <testadimorto> salve

[9:19] <Bilkokuya> Grey - Going back to my original point anyway - I was simply saying how it's perfectly understandable why minecraft would take more resource to run than unreal tournament.

[9:19] <Welsh_Mullet> Indeed

[9:19] <testadimorto> itali

[9:19] <GreyMaria> Bullshit.

[9:19] <Bilkokuya> Grey - I really see no point in trying to talk about the technical side of how it works, because I don't actually care too much

[9:19] * testadimorto has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[9:20] * Bub has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[9:20] <Welsh_Mullet> Minecraft has none oof those portal things that stop stuff behind them rendering

[9:20] <Bilkokuya> Grey - I'm not trying to say anything you're saying is wrong - I was just bringing up a simple point that UT takes less to run by nature as it has less individual objects to load and render

[9:20] <GreyMaria> The only time Minecraft should be taking more resources than UT2k4 is when it's generating multiple chunks at once at any fog distance greater than Tiny.

[9:21] <Bilkokuya> which is most of the time

[9:21] <Bilkokuya> for most players at least

[9:21] <Welsh_Mullet> especially if you have it on far so you can spot landmarks

[9:21] * ClassiestMedic has joined #minecraft.

[9:21] <Welsh_Mullet> far renders a lot of chunks....

[9:21] <Bilkokuya> people like me who play with no-fog can expect to see more resource being used when they walk around; than in a game such as UT

[9:21] * Ziphilt has joined #minecraft.

[9:22] * cass has joined #minecraft.

[9:22] <Welsh_Mullet> for example, i get aboout 20fps in minecraft, 40 in TF2

[9:22] * quaxar has joined #minecraft.

[9:22] <Bilkokuya> Obviously if you limit the fog to tiny it will use less - but that's what the fog was put there for anyway

[9:22] * Collen has joined #minecraft.

[9:22] * lulzwhut has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:22] * saifon has joined #minecraft.

[9:22] <Collen> Hello!

[9:22] <GreyMaria> Welsh_Mullet: Areaportals don't really work in a wide-open world sandbox scenario, mainly because of the painful on-the-fly calculations you'd have to run to be able to make the portal cut decisions.

[9:22] <Welsh_Mullet> Bore Da

[9:23] <fusurugi> fogging is an old technic to reduce rendering

[9:23] <Welsh_Mullet> You could possibly have them at cave entrances and 3 blocks below the player?

[9:23] <Welsh_Mullet> and just render black

[9:24] <GreyMaria> Welsh_Mullet: And yet line-of-sight vision cone rendering would do the exact same thing without breaking a sweat.

[9:24] * Aeomin has joined #minecraft.

[9:24] <Welsh_Mullet> could tessellation be used to make far away chunks cheaper?

[9:25] <GreyMaria> define "tessellation" in this context

[9:25] <Bilkokuya> The game would use a lot less resource if you just got a still image, walked around and mined a bit before pressing "render new image" to see where you are

[9:25] * Mehike has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:25] <Welsh_Mullet> ...

[9:25] * LanceATX has joined #minecraft.

[9:25] <Welsh_Mullet> What about creepers sneeking up on you? XD

[9:25] <Bilkokuya> tough shit

[9:25] <Bilkokuya> you better click render fast :p

[9:26] <GreyMaria> no, seriously. define 'tessellation' in this context. because i have never heard it used in terms of 3D design.

[9:26] * koryk has joined #minecraft.

[9:26] <GreyMaria> or even gaming in general

[9:26] <Bilkokuya> mainly meaning subdivision into triangles

[9:26] <Welsh_Mullet> Like instead of reandering all the blocks, you kinda reverse subdivide triangles intoo bigger triangles

[9:27] <Welsh_Mullet> depending how far away they are

[9:27] <Welsh_Mullet> hang on. i'll find a demo

[9:27] <GreyMaria> Welsh_Mullet: Notch SHOULD actually already be doing this even up close, but he's not.

[9:28] <Welsh_Mullet> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkKtY2G3FbU

[9:28] <Welsh_Mullet> watch how more and more triangles appear as you get closer

[9:28] <GreyMaria> I know what you're talking about - it's the same dealie as Sauerbraten's level optimization command which merges small cubes into bigger cubes where possible

[9:28] <Welsh_Mullet> making far away objects easy to render, but making them have detail close up

[9:29] <Bilkokuya> without those damn LODs

[9:29] * ClassiestMedic has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:29] <GreyMaria> LODs have no place in Minecraft because it's intended to be viewed as it is now.

[9:30] <GreyMaria> Besides, how the fuck do you simplify a walking cube penis?

[9:30] <Bilkokuya> I wasn't referring to LODs in minecraft, I was meaning tesselation > LODs

[9:30] <Bilkokuya> LODs being a very common thing in most games that completely uglify the game

[9:30] * koryk has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[9:31] * Mylesmadness has joined #minecraft.

[9:31] <GreyMaria> Bilkokuya: Not if done properly

[9:31] * Zynux has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[9:31] <Bilkokuya> Pretty well no game I've played has a good LOD system

[9:32] <GreyMaria> Super Mario 64 uses LOD for the Mario model depending on how far away you are from the camera

[9:32] <GreyMaria> You can't even fucking tell it happens unless you lock his LOD

[9:32] <Bilkokuya> and the features will always "pop" into view suddenly

[9:32] <GreyMaria> (And believe me, it's a pretty obvious change up close.)

[9:32] <GreyMaria> The key to good LOD is distance.

[9:32] * technological has joined #minecraft.

[9:32] <Welsh_Mullet> Where as with tessellation (or LOD model blending) they appear smoothly

[9:33] <N3X15> Why would we need LOD in a game that has the lowest poly-count possible without smoothing the shit out of the terrain?

[9:33] * PuyoDead has joined #minecraft.

[9:33] <N3X15> I mean, jesus, everything's already a box

[9:33] <Welsh_Mullet> but you could make everything triangles! :3

[9:33] * PuyoDead is now known as Guest756648398.

[9:33] <Bilkokuya> the fact that LODs suddenly jump from low detail to high detail makes it look ugly

[9:33] <GreyMaria> Welsh_Mullet: what the fuck do you think a quadrilateral face is made of

[9:33] <N3X15> which would have practically zero impact

[9:33] <fusurugi> who ever thought aliasing is bad gets a brain stroke when seeing my minecraft world

[9:33] * lulzwhut has joined #minecraft.

[9:34] <fusurugi> every mountain is an aliased caricature of a hill

[9:34] <GreyMaria> do you have an aliased caricature of mount rushmore?

[9:35] * PuyoZwei has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:35] * kalleeen has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:35] * Mr_Boo has joined #minecraft.

[9:36] * Sami345 has quit: Read error: Connection timed out

[9:36] * kalleeen has joined #minecraft.

[9:36] * Parthon has quit: Quit: This is still a quit message.

[9:36] * [Husky]Shnaw|AFK is now known as [Husky]Shnaw.

[9:36] * Igu has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:37] * lobstar_MB has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:37] * lobstarooo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:38] <Welsh_Mullet> could MC procedurally generate houses and villages? :3

[9:38] <Mraedis> Sure

[9:38] <Mraedis> If you set it right

[9:39] * lobstarooo has joined #minecraft.

[9:39] * Midvalley^gerber has joined #minecraft.

[9:39] * Stranger has joined #minecraft.

[9:39] * StaffAndFifteen has quit: Quit: NO NO NO

[9:40] * Pepe has joined #minecraft.

[9:40] * slen- has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:40] <Welsh_Mullet> so leaves fixed next week right?

[9:40] * [ND]unimatrix is now known as uni|offline.

[9:40] * King has quit: Quit: Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?

[9:40] <Krabbe> i hope they fix the trees too.. I want them slowly disappear when the trunk was removed

[9:40] <GreyMaria> Nope, Notch will celebrate Thanksgiving in an unexpected turn of events

[9:41] <GreyMaria> And it won't be until the week after that we'll get our update

[9:41] <GreyMaria> also that reminds me

[9:41] <GreyMaria> what the fuck is "Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?"

[9:41] * slen- has joined #minecraft.

[9:41] * wareya has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[9:41] <Welsh_Mullet> ?

[9:42] <Krabbe> sounds like something computer generated :D

[9:42] * wareya has joined #minecraft.

[9:42] * Kokopure has quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep

[9:42] <Welsh_Mullet> title of spam mail?

[9:42] * [Husky]Shnaw is now known as [Husky]Shnaw|Not-Here.

[9:42] <Welsh_Mullet> That's what the spam i get looks like XD

[9:42] * Krabbe doesn't get spam :)

[9:42] <GreyMaria> well apparently it's a meme or else i wouldn't see it everywhere

[9:42] <Uniju> GreyMaria: someone posted it on 4chan about some game(inception?)

[9:42] <Krabbe> Mailserver is doing a good job

[9:43] * lulzwhut has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:43] <Krabbe> it sez: GEFAHR

[9:43] <Welsh_Mullet> mine filters out all my spam, but it keeps it

[9:43] <Welsh_Mullet> so i can lol at it

[9:43] * lobstar_MB has joined #minecraft.

[9:43] <Krabbe> lulz

[9:43] <Welsh_Mullet> mostly viagra sellers

[9:43] <Krabbe> yes they're usually moved into a junk folder

[9:43] * IMMJR has joined #minecraft.

[9:43] <Krabbe> or casino crap

[9:44] * rommel has joined #minecraft.

[9:44] <rommel> :o

[9:44] <Welsh_Mullet> Or "Some fake hot spanish chick wants to be your friend on MSN"

[9:44] <Bilkokuya> the "have you ever been so far" etc was just a 4chan meme

[9:44] <IMMJR> I wish Notch would add the ability to move your spawn point in Alpha.

[9:44] <Bilkokuya> somebody posted it and then got similar replies like "I've only ever been so far as decided to use go want look more like"

[9:45] <Krabbe> or add random chests into caves

[9:45] <Bilkokuya> there's nothing more to it

[9:45] <Welsh_Mullet> hmmmm, should i do my discrete maths test now or later......?

[9:45] * WhatIsThisIDontEven has joined #minecraft.

[9:46] * shape|away has joined #minecraft.

[9:46] * woopdee has joined #minecraft.

[9:46] <Welsh_Mullet> What is this i don't ever?

[9:46] <Welsh_Mullet> even

[9:46] * Westy543 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:47] <fusurugi> http://i25.tinypic.com/6to5ef.jpg

[9:47] <IMMJR> lawl

[9:47] * Shapeshiftr has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:47] <Welsh_Mullet> there are a few good creeper pics XD

[9:48] <Welsh_Mullet> Theres a guy mining and he hears ssssssssss, then he's like D:

[9:48] <rommel> creepers just want to be loved

[9:48] * Thols has quit: Quit: Quitte

[9:48] <rommel> but they cannot hug you because of their stumpy legs

[9:48] <Welsh_Mullet> You read the VGCats comic?

[9:48] * xieo has joined #minecraft.

[9:48] <Welsh_Mullet> theres one about creepers

[9:49] <technological> Hey guys

[9:49] * Grynar has quit: Quit: Leaving

[9:49] <technological> Just made an unofficail clan channel

[9:49] * Ronjoe has joined #minecraft.

[9:49] <technological> It's for advertising and joining clans

[9:49] <technological> #mcclans

[9:49] <Bilkokuya> dont advertise other channels in here

[9:49] <N3X15> it's like runescape all over again :(

[9:50] <rommel> maybe skeletons are just miners who tried to hug the creepers?

[9:50] <IMMJR> In other words, we don't care if you created a channel.

[9:50] <Welsh_Mullet> Example of my spam mail : Hi #########, Deals to get now. Inquisition Protestants antennal

[9:50] <Welsh_Mullet> XD

[9:50] <IMMJR> I don't get spam

[9:50] * Fire_ has joined #minecraft.

[9:50] <rommel> I don't get spam either

[9:51] * Krabbe has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[9:51] <N3X15> I've got lots of spam in my pantry

[9:51] <rommel> I get targeted emails about various products and services sent to large numbers of people at a time

[9:51] <N3X15> In case I ever run out of spaghetti

[9:51] <IMMJR> rommel: I'm careful about my email.

[9:51] * gOne2002 is now known as g.

[9:51] <GreyMaria> who here's played yoshi's island ds?

[9:51] <rommel> I just use gmail :P

[9:51] <Yourself> every time someone suggests space travel for minecraft i die a little inside

[9:51] <rommel> it seems to catch all my spam :3

[9:52] * yalue has joined #minecraft.

[9:52] <Welsh_Mullet> could you run minecraft on a ds? XD

[9:52] <rommel> Yourself: acquire texture pack, tell them "it's the moon"

[9:52] * technological has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[9:52] * Schnelly has joined #minecraft.

[9:52] <IMMJR> Every time someone suggests <insert already suggested idea here> I beat a pig

[9:52] * neko has joined #minecraft.

[9:52] <Welsh_Mullet> I would buy minecraft for ds

[9:52] <IMMJR> I wouldn't.

[9:53] <Kazer42> We should have a watch that tells time of day.

[9:53] <IMMJR> Kazer42: your an idiot.

[9:53] <IMMJR> :)

[9:53] <Welsh_Mullet> ...

[9:53] <Welsh_Mullet> there is one

[9:53] * Ronjoe1 has joined #minecraft.

[9:53] <IMMJR> sorry your just retarded

[9:53] <Kazer42> And a compass

[9:53] <rommel> you guys

[9:53] <Kazer42> ohhh, and gold

[9:53] <IMMJR> ok now your joking. :P

[9:53] <rommel> are not good at spotting humor

[9:53] <Welsh_Mullet> now you're just trollin

[9:53] <Kazer42> xD

[9:53] <Mr_Boo> Hey guys... why is there a spider web in the minecraft terrain.png ?

[9:53] <IMMJR> ask notch

[9:53] <Welsh_Mullet> cos spiders make em

[9:53] * revenant has joined #minecraft.

[9:54] <Mr_Boo> Spiders do? i never saw any

[9:54] <Yourself> can i borrow someone's an idiot?

[9:54] * PuyoZwei has joined #minecraft.

[9:54] <IMMJR> sure

[9:54] <Yourself> i seem to have run out of my an idiot

[9:54] * Unforgiven has joined #minecraft.

[9:54] <Welsh_Mullet> probably where you will eventually get string from

[9:54] * Guest756648398 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:54] <IMMJR> can i borrow, your i don't give a #@!&

[9:54] <Welsh_Mullet> so you could trap a spider and it would make string

[9:54] * umbridge has joined #minecraft.

[9:55] <Yourself> lrn2english

[9:55] <Mr_Boo> hmm.... i hope he makes eggs and stuff... have spiders make nests and creepy caves :D

[9:55] * Ronjoe has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[9:55] <Unforgiven> I seriously seriously need a guide on Dwarf Fortress XD

[9:55] <IMMJR> Have spiders make you into spiderman

[9:55] <Mr_Boo> YESH

[9:55] <rommel> Unforgiven: check the DF wiki

[9:55] <Yourself> http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Main_Page

[9:55] <Mr_Boo> DF?

[9:55] <Welsh_Mullet> DWARF FORTRESS!!!!!!!!!

[9:55] <rommel> dwarf fortress

[9:56] <Yourself> http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/From_Caravan_to_Happy_Dwarves

[9:56] <Welsh_Mullet> Needs to be on the minecraft engine

[9:56] <GreyMaria> Yourself: Space travel? Fuck that, just give us portals to De Mune.

[9:56] <Mr_Boo> no.. i wont click on it because its coming from Yourself

[9:56] <N3X15> dwarf fortress is minecraft in ascii, but with more drama

[9:56] <N3X15> and emotion

[9:56] <Welsh_Mullet> and dwarfs

[9:56] <N3X15> and dwarves hacking elves to peices

[9:56] <GreyMaria> http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Main_Page

[9:56] <GreyMaria> there

[9:57] <GreyMaria> now it's not coming from Yourself

[9:57] <GreyMaria> happy now?

[9:57] * umbridge has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[9:57] <Yourself> i'm not

[9:57] <IMMJR> No

[9:57] <Welsh_Mullet> never give the elves wood

[9:57] <IMMJR> Give me a BJ

[9:57] <IMMJR> (Ben & Jerry's)

[9:57] <IMMJR> Perv

[9:57] <N3X15> I give them a log, which gets them the fuck out of my trade depot so I can trade with real people

[9:57] <Welsh_Mullet> then they come and kill you

[9:57] <GreyMaria> N3X15: But elves are the one source of sun berries!

[9:58] <N3X15> I have a moat of lava

[9:58] <GreyMaria> And sunshine is the best booze in the world!

[9:58] <N3X15> they can attack all they want

[9:58] <IMMJR> When I get horny, I shit Rainbows

[9:58] <GreyMaria> best fucking booze in the world!

[9:58] * sailorjerry has joined #minecraft.

[9:58] <Welsh_Mullet> You make sunshine from sun berries? XD

[9:59] <GreyMaria> Welsh_Mullet: Yus. And sunshine has the highest booze happiness rating

[9:59] <GreyMaria> A fort that runs on sunshine runs on sunshine

[9:59] <GreyMaria> and no, that's not tautology

[9:59] <Welsh_Mullet> can you build floors from sunshine? So you're walking on sunshine? :3

[9:59] <GreyMaria> sunshine is a booze

[9:59] <GreyMaria> so no

[9:59] <GreyMaria> you cannot build floors from sunshine

[10:00] * bret has joined #minecraft.

[10:00] <Welsh_Mullet> you can put in on the floor

[10:00] <N3X15> you can build a floor made of barrels of sunshine

[10:00] <Unforgiven> I once played a game similar to dwarf fortress on the PS2, but it was 3D-ish and everything, some old hunting game I think it was

[10:00] <N3X15> but then a burning dwarf sets it off like so much TNT

[10:00] <fusurugi> http://speedtest.10-fast-fingers.com/

[10:00] * MistarC has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:00] <GreyMaria> N3X15:

[10:00] <GreyMaria> <08:42.27> <GreyMaria> bildramer: !!Urist McDrunkard!!

[10:00] <GreyMaria> <08:42.37> <GreyMaria> !!Dwarven rum barrel [20]!!

[10:00] <GreyMaria> <08:42.42> <GreyMaria> !!fortress!!

[10:00] <GreyMaria> <08:42.45> <GreyMaria> !!world!!

[10:00] * Doug has joined #minecraft.

[10:00] * Parabola has joined #minecraft.

[10:00] <GreyMaria> bildramer: sorry, should have trimmed that

[10:01] <N3X15> lol

[10:01] * Risugami has joined #minecraft.

[10:01] <N3X15> Rum would make a nice replacement for Napalm in MC

[10:02] <Welsh_Mullet> ...

[10:02] <Welsh_Mullet> pirate themed texture pack with tnt as rum barrel.....

[10:02] <Ndition> lol

[10:02] <N3X15> set up a few barrels of it next to some TNT, wait for some skels to come into range...

[10:02] <Unforgiven> I'll play in the year... 50

[10:02] <Ndition> Strong rum then

[10:02] <N3X15> BOOM

[10:03] <Welsh_Mullet> unless you could make rum flow like water and catch fire......

[10:03] <Welsh_Mullet> make a fire/rum flood trap?

[10:03] <fusurugi> rum? in mc?

[10:03] <fusurugi> wtf

[10:03] <Welsh_Mullet> you could distil it from wheat or something XD

[10:03] <N3X15> All it needs to do is have an area damage effect when it goes off, and light shit on fire

[10:03] * b0ndemand has joined #minecraft.

[10:04] <GreyMaria> But barrels are round

[10:04] <GreyMaria> Minecraft is square

[10:04] * TigranaterIRC has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[10:04] <Welsh_Mullet> Crate

[10:04] * Keiya has joined #minecraft.

[10:04] * TestDummy has joined #minecraft.

[10:04] * b0ndemand has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[10:04] <GreyMaria> What nitwit stores rum in crates without bottles

[10:04] * Teraflint has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:04] <Unforgiven> I don't understand any of these dwarf fortress symbols

[10:04] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: you will, just wait

[10:04] * Teraflint has joined #minecraft.

[10:04] <Welsh_Mullet> You could make it a little rouned

[10:04] * Xa has joined #minecraft.

[10:04] <Unforgiven> I'll wait :D

[10:05] <Welsh_Mullet> Get a texture pack for DF

[10:05] <Unforgiven> Lol I bet if I did, my friends would be like "Wow how do you understand this robot language"

[10:05] <Welsh_Mullet> There are ones which make the dwarfs look like dwarfs

[10:05] <Smiley> hum

[10:05] <Risugami> tilesets help alot

[10:05] * Smiley sighs

[10:05] <Smiley> wish there was a good irc place for df.

[10:05] <TestDummy> Smiley: Make one?

[10:06] <bildramer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPx3h5bwXVQ

[10:06] <bildramer> le came

[10:06] <bildramer> Smiley, check the wiki

[10:06] <Risugami> http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Tilesets

[10:06] * Keiya_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:06] * King has joined #minecraft.

[10:06] <bildramer> tilesets suck and I never intend to use one

[10:07] <GreyMaria> Risugami: tilesets suck

[10:07] <bildramer> Unforgiven, first time eh?

[10:07] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: it's kind of like nethack, everything's represented by a character

[10:07] <Unforgiven> Yep

[10:07] <GreyMaria> just don't mistake your smoothed floors for books or doors

[10:08] <Yourself> bildramer, the savanna titan killed me

[10:08] * Cue has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:08] <bildramer> aw

[10:08] <Risugami> I'm fine without them, but tileset will help a newb understand it some

[10:08] <Unforgiven> So many alt codes

[10:08] <Yourself> mostly because my band of 20 or so adventurers mysteriously vanished when i stopped travelling

[10:08] * LanceATX has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:08] <bildramer> lol

[10:08] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: Also, remember, things that are on fire will be flashing red and yellow.

[10:08] <Yourself> all of a sudden they're just not there

[10:08] * IMMJR has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[10:08] <Yourself> the titan lit me on fire and i melted

[10:08] <Risugami> and magma is red :P

[10:08] * negorath_ has joined #minecraft.

[10:08] <GreyMaria> they can smell danger, Yourself

[10:09] <GreyMaria> thing is, you can't

[10:09] <Yourself> they followed me into a hydra lair and kicked its ass

[10:09] <GreyMaria> the hydra was no threat to them

[10:09] * DerpinLlama has joined #minecraft.

[10:09] * Xickle has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[10:09] * sp1ky has joined #minecraft.

[10:09] <N3X15> my dwarves ate each other

[10:09] <N3X15> it was hilarious

[10:10] <Welsh_Mullet> lol

[10:10] * uni|offline is now known as [ND]unimatrix.

[10:10] <GreyMaria> N3X15: you're better off giving your punishment dwarves wooden weapons

[10:10] <N3X15> they'd eat each other, go down to the shops, and make a nice necklace out of grandma

[10:10] <GreyMaria> at least THEN they'll SURVIVE

[10:10] * negorath has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:10] <bildramer> "I just had to abandon a young fort because NINE of its twenty-five inhabitants were THROWN INTO THE MOAT by A RACCOON. and a tenth was beheaded by the same raccoon. One of them was my axedwarf. The rest are tantrum spiraling into oblivion."

[10:10] <GreyMaria> I made the mistake of giving one of my punishment dwarves an iron axe

[10:10] * Xickle has joined #minecraft.

[10:10] <bildramer> lol

[10:11] <Risugami> hmmm giving the hammerer a wooder hammer... does hammerer still exist?

[10:11] <N3X15> I just lock the hammerer dudes in a room

[10:11] <GreyMaria> Hammerdwarf still exists

[10:11] <GreyMaria> Just make sure they have a weapon

[10:11] <GreyMaria> and arms

[10:11] <N3X15> so I don't get bitched at

[10:11] * Mr_Boo has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[10:11] <Risugami> Hammerer, the guy who kills dwarves that disobey the "law"

[10:11] <GreyMaria> You really have to make sure they have a weapon and arms

[10:11] <GreyMaria> Otherwise they will chew the arms off offenders

[10:12] <GreyMaria> And carry them around for all eternity

[10:12] <GreyMaria> In their mouth

[10:12] <N3X15> that's fucking hilarious

[10:12] <Xa> The hammerer should be a weak dwarf

[10:12] * g is now known as gOne2002.

[10:12] <GreyMaria> Xa: there is no such thing as a weak dwarf

[10:12] <Xa> So that when it hits somebody, they don't explode into pieces

[10:12] * MuumiJumala has joined #minecraft.

[10:12] <Xa> Well.. the weakest around

[10:12] * koryk has joined #minecraft.

[10:12] <fusurugi> http://www.bjw.me.uk/uploaded_images/2008-10-12-warning-in-case-of-terrorist-attack-714265.png

[10:12] <GreyMaria> i once had a liaison who was superdwarvenly every attribute

[10:12] <Unforgiven> Why the hell does it keep saying that I can't survive near salt water

[10:12] * Sami345 has joined #minecraft.

[10:13] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: no drinking water

[10:13] <Unforgiven> But it's an island sorrounded by it

[10:13] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: you can purify it if you pump it first, but you're better off moving away from the ocean

[10:13] <fusurugi> bad luck

[10:13] <Xa> You can't drink salt water

[10:13] <fusurugi> if you dont have access to drinkable water its inhabitable

[10:13] <fusurugi> you can

[10:13] * GK-dkill has quit: Quit: 12—14I12-15n12-15v12-00i12-00s12-15i12-15o12-14n12— 3.2 (July ཆ)

[10:13] <fusurugi> but you have serious health risks

[10:13] <Unforgiven> legonolin

[10:13] <Unforgiven> Huh

[10:13] <GreyMaria> fusurugi: no, it's inhabitable, you just need to pump the salt water until toady fixes that bug

[10:14] <GreyMaria> er

[10:14] * ehhhhh has joined #minecraft.

[10:14] <bildramer> leather bag: 10 dorfbucks

[10:14] <GreyMaria> s/inhabitable/habitable

[10:14] <Unforgiven> A single aquifer layer

[10:14] <bildramer> forgotten beast: half of your fort

[10:14] * Kokopure has joined #minecraft.

[10:14] <bildramer> mayor demanding slade door: priceless

[10:14] * technological has joined #minecraft.

[10:14] * Risugami has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:14] <Unforgiven> I'll just embark here, forget about the single aquifer layer

[10:14] <GreyMaria> bildramer: mayor leather socks: 20 dorfbucks

[10:14] <Unforgiven> Can't be too bad can it?

[10:14] * Geremino has joined #minecraft.

[10:14] * lulzwhut has joined #minecraft.

[10:14] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: You need pump knowledge to utilize anything below the aquifer layer.

[10:15] <GreyMaria> Oh and it generates water infinitely.

[10:15] <fusurugi> is there a graphical more sophisticated version of DF than the ascii salad?

[10:15] * Polecat has joined #minecraft.

[10:15] <GreyMaria> So if you fuck up you have to drain your entire fort.

[10:15] <Unforgiven> Ah.

[10:15] * technological has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[10:15] <Unforgiven> This whole place is covered in aquifers

[10:15] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: use the region finder

[10:15] <N3X15> fusurugi, no, it's like minecraft: you can slap on a better UI but it'll probably make your computer explode

[10:16] <Welsh_Mullet> there are tilesets

[10:16] <Welsh_Mullet> which make it easier to look at

[10:16] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: try to find some place which is warm, but not so hot to evaporate all your drinking water; well-forested, because trees are a fucking scarce commodity in Dwarf Fortress,

[10:16] <GreyMaria> and not evil

[10:16] <GreyMaria> because evil tends to mean undead carp

[10:16] <esperduke> =o

[10:16] <bildramer> lol

[10:17] <Unforgiven> I'm sure my people can easily kill those bastards.

[10:17] * Ronjoe1 is now known as Ronjoe.

[10:17] * Keiya_ has joined #minecraft.

[10:17] <N3X15> you're already dead

[10:17] <fusurugi> i installed df once

[10:17] <Unforgiven> You can't install it? ._.

[10:17] <fusurugi> but deleted it after 5 minutes

[10:18] * petercoulton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:18] * Omega_Guardian has joined #minecraft.

[10:18] * Alec has joined #minecraft.

[10:18] <Unforgiven> Wow seriously I selected no aquifers but it still gives me some

[10:19] * Lemures has joined #minecraft.

[10:19] * Keiya has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:19] * GreyMaria has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:19] * GreyMaria has joined #minecraft.

[10:19] <GreyMaria> fucking useless connection

[10:20] * gOne2002 is now known as g.

[10:20] * Mithril has joined #minecraft.

[10:20] <Unforgiven> Perfect place

[10:20] * Risugami has joined #minecraft.

[10:20] <Unforgiven> Warm temperature, calm sorroundings, no aquifers, good vegetation and trees etxc

[10:20] <Unforgiven> etc

[10:21] <Xickle> can anyone confirm that my server is working/or not, please? IP:

[10:21] * petercoulton has joined #minecraft.

[10:21] <Risugami> calm surroundings is boring

[10:21] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: good.

[10:21] <N3X15> Xickle, #smp

[10:21] <Unforgiven> I'm sure you can expand?

[10:21] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: you're stuck with the region size you pick

[10:21] * snuzzer has joined #minecraft.

[10:21] <Unforgiven> Oh

[10:21] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: once you've picked your good region, make sure you spend a LOT of time preparing carefully for your embark

[10:21] <Unforgiven> Well it's my first time

[10:22] <GreyMaria> trust me, you won't do well at all on the default embark-now settings

[10:22] * Yopi has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[10:22] <snuzzer> Hi. Can someone explain me why I have some blocks in Minecraft on my server that keeps popping up after mined? They are impossible to remove.

[10:22] <fusurugi> copying roughly 300 GB from one disk to another over the same usb controller seems like a bad idea.

[10:22] <Risugami> be sure to learn what would be useful in certain situations

[10:23] <N3X15> snuzzer, welcome to the wonderful world of network lag

[10:23] <rommel> mmm block errors

[10:23] <snuzzer> N3X15: well, I don't believe it's lag. They really ARE impossible to remove. For me and all the other users on the server.

[10:23] <fusurugi> its a known bug

[10:24] <fusurugi> notch announced it to be fixed in the release this week

[10:24] <Risugami> like might be useful to embark with a few stones if there is aquifer

[10:24] <Snowman> snuzzer, how close are they to spawn?

[10:24] * _s1gma has joined #minecraft.

[10:24] <snuzzer> fusurugi: really? It's a known bug? I'm glad to hear that. Even more glad that it will be fixed.

[10:24] * Keiya has joined #minecraft.

[10:24] * Filip has joined #minecraft.

[10:25] <snuzzer> Snowman: well, pretty close (if my /setspawn works properly)

[10:25] <Omega_Guardian> I can see how he could make it fairly easy to mod the game, just dunno if thats worked on yet

[10:25] <fusurugi> http://notch.tumblr.com/ snuzzer

[10:25] <Welsh_Mullet> release the mouse button between blocks

[10:25] <Snowman> afaik you can't delete blocks near the spawmn

[10:25] <Welsh_Mullet> this reduces the problem

[10:25] * _s1gma has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:25] * revenant has quit: Quit: EXC_BAD_ACCESS

[10:25] * PKBT has joined #minecraft.

[10:26] <snuzzer> Snowman: ah, okay. I'm using hey0 mod so if I go a lot of blocks away, use /setspawn I should be able to remove them?

[10:26] <Snowman> idk

[10:26] <fusurugi> $topic

[10:26] <Omega_Guardian> moveable spawn point would help so much.

[10:26] * TeZoR has joined #minecraft.

[10:26] <snuzzer> Snowman: I will try that. Thank you :-)

[10:26] <snuzzer> fusurugi: "Fix the block re-spawning bug: NOT STARTED" Sadly.

[10:26] <Omega_Guardian> even in singleplayer need an editor to do it I think

[10:26] <TeZoR> yo

[10:26] <fusurugi> snuzzer at that date

[10:26] <GreyMaria> snuzzer: yes

[10:27] * TeZoR has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:27] <fusurugi> maybe he does it until he releases

[10:27] * retep9981 has quit: Quit: Leaving.

[10:27] <Unforgiven> How many miners should I have?

[10:27] <snuzzer> GreyMaria: yes, what? Sorry.

[10:27] * Keiya_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:27] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: You only need one

[10:27] <Unforgiven> Ok

[10:27] <GreyMaria> snuzzer: moving the spawn will let you destroy the blocks

[10:28] <snuzzer> GreyMaria: yes. I just tried. That's great! Thank you very much everyone :-)

[10:28] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: Go for two, but a single Legendary miner will do more than two miners at half that training (but only in one spot)

[10:28] * revenant has joined #minecraft.

[10:28] <GreyMaria> Unforgiven: You'll want to train both your miners to legendary status, but you may only be able to spare one dwarf for mining when it comes to quick setup

[10:29] <GreyMaria> remember, your first dwarven caravan will come in your first fall

[10:29] <Omega_Guardian> when I nmake a new world I keep deleting till I get a spawn that has least a moderate sized flat-ish area around, otherwise it could take 2000+ block removal to get an area changed :P

[10:29] <Yourself> i love watching legendary miners dig in soil

[10:29] <GreyMaria> and by that time you'll want to be set up to trade with them

[10:29] <Yourself> since it's like they practically just walk through it

[10:29] <GreyMaria> Yourself: SLAP STEP SLAP STEP SLAP STEP

[10:29] * petercoulton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:29] <fusurugi> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv-FORwG2oo - skip the first 60 seconds

[10:30] <bildramer> spoilers: she dies

[10:31] <bildramer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRx_TjkiHI8

[10:31] * AJesterOnly has joined #minecraft.

[10:31] <AJesterOnly> Hey all.

[10:31] <AJesterOnly> Anybody got a good MP server I can join on?

[10:32] <bildramer> try #smp

[10:32] * AJesterOnly has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:33] * Furyhunter has joined #minecraft.

[10:33] * saifon has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:34] <Yourself> oh, right, that's why i stopped playing fortress mode

[10:34] <Yourself> because of the farming mud bug

[10:34] * Parabola has quit: Quit: Leaving

[10:36] <GreyMaria> Yourself: you can dodge that by leaving your farm on the other side of a brook

[10:36] * petercoulton has joined #minecraft.

[10:36] * sailorjerry has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:36] <Yourself> it's still annoying

[10:37] <GreyMaria> Yourself: but here's the thing that pisses me off

[10:37] <Yourself> even above ground farms need mud

[10:37] <GreyMaria> when i irrigate my farm

[10:37] * snuzzer has quit: Quit: 

[10:37] <GreyMaria> all the DWARF FUCKING BLOOD that has been DRIPPING FROM MY DWARVES

[10:37] <GreyMaria> is washed onto the walls

[10:37] <GreyMaria> my dwarves never stop bleeding, i swear to god

[10:37] * Joonaa has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:37] <N3X15> spray painting

[10:37] <Yourself> lol pwnt

[10:37] <Welsh_Mullet> BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

[10:37] <Welsh_Mullet> SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

[10:37] * Zub has joined #minecraft.

[10:38] <GreyMaria> there are pools of seven different kinds of dwarven blood on the fucking walls of my underground farm

[10:38] <Welsh_Mullet> KILL MAIM BURN!

[10:38] * Cial has joined #minecraft.

[10:38] * brogie has joined #minecraft.

[10:38] * LG_Legacy has joined #minecraft.

[10:38] <N3X15> gray maria: I still have several piles of elf bones in the drainage pond beneath my trade depot/elf trap

[10:39] <brogie> ...

[10:39] <N3X15> and it's been two years literally

[10:39] <GreyMaria> N3X15: except you can't disassemble skeletons...

[10:39] * brogie has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:39] <bildramer> lol

[10:39] <fusurugi> this would be impossible without autocart: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asImTDkPWKA

[10:39] <Omega_Guardian> Everquest2 had a cave with some gnome looking for his friend, deeper in one can find some trolls/ogres making gnome soup

[10:39] * jzdt has joined #minecraft.

[10:39] <fusurugi> so.... NOTCH, GIVE US A LEGIT MODDING INTERFACE T_T

[10:39] * jzdt has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[10:40] <N3X15> he's giving us one

[10:40] <N3X15> jesus be patient

[10:40] <Welsh_Mullet> how do you give yourself stuff in sp?

[10:40] * Yifee has joined #minecraft.


[10:40] <N3X15> Welsh_Mullet, MineEdit/InvEdit

[10:40] <Risugami> bodies don't compose fast enough in rivers

[10:40] <bildramer> skeletal. carp.

[10:41] <N3X15> I want elf zombies that are made entirely of wood

[10:41] <Risugami> *decompose

[10:41] <fusurugi> N3X15 since hes arguing about code modificiation / injection, i doubt it

[10:41] <N3X15> so I can light them on fire twice

[10:41] <N3X15> he's bitching about people giving out his code

[10:41] * DerpinLlama has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:41] <N3X15> which has been the rules of Minecraft since the begining

[10:42] <N3X15> you can mod it, but you can't share the mod or the code

[10:42] <fusurugi> so what you have to learn his code before you can make changes to it

[10:42] <GreyMaria> okay whew

[10:42] <N3X15> yes

[10:42] * DerpinLlama has joined #minecraft.

[10:42] <bildramer> Urist McDwarfierthanthou jams a finger up his nose, jamming the skull through the brain!

[10:43] <bildramer> do want

[10:43] <fusurugi> wtf

[10:43] * rommel is now known as rommel|assassins.

[10:43] * Mithril has quit: Quit: Ik ga weg

[10:43] * MinatoArisato has joined #minecraft.

[10:43] * rommel|assassins is now known as rommel|ACBrotherhood.

[10:43] <GreyMaria> bildramer: On the bright side, your nose is a lot clearer now.

[10:43] <MinatoArisato> Question, What's with grass blocks not having their usual green textures on top?

[10:44] <GreyMaria> MinatoArisato: biomes

[10:44] <GreyMaria> are they yellowish or bluish?

[10:44] * The_Observer has joined #minecraft.

[10:44] <MinatoArisato> I'm trying to install texture packs and they keep ending up having like, tree texture on top of them.

[10:44] <GreyMaria> MinatoArisato: Most texture packs are incompatible with biomes.

[10:44] * Misan has quit: Quit: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de

[10:44] <N3X15> you're not using a recent texture pack

[10:44] <MinatoArisato> Is the fix difficult to do yourself?

[10:44] * unnerved has joined #minecraft.

[10:44] <MinatoArisato> Or is it just a quick swap.

[10:44] <GreyMaria> Recent texture packs will have grayscale leaves and grass.

[10:45] <Bilkokuya> if you want grass textures to have biome textures you need to make sure the grass texture in the file is greyscale

[10:45] * Cial has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:45] * The_Observer is now known as Cial.

[10:45] <Bilkokuya> damn greymaria beat me to it again

[10:45] * Alec has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:45] <Omega_Guardian> Mixcraft has 2 versions, the simple version that can be selected ingame doesn't support biomes, but the manual version does + has working animations

[10:45] <unnerved> hi folks

[10:45] * franktinsley has joined #minecraft.

[10:45] <MinatoArisato> Hmmm, And that boggly woods texture looked really interesting too.

[10:46] <Omega_Guardian> funny bit was the simple version caused the netherstone to have a weird variant of flowing water. it looked like something outta Tron

[10:46] <Risugami> Urist McWTFDwarf bites a stray cat (tame) in the left eye! Urist McWTFDwarf latches on firmly! Urist McWTFDwarf shakes a stray cat (tame) around by the left eye!

[10:46] <Welsh_Mullet> I saw a steampunk tex pack

[10:46] <Welsh_Mullet> looked well sweet

[10:46] <N3X15> I love the new layered flesh stuff

[10:46] <Unforgiven> Why doesn't D do anything on DF

[10:46] * zavist has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:46] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[10:47] <N3X15> d is for dwarf

[10:47] <bildramer> "Managed to catapult my broker off the drawbridge while testing it, tossing him into the pit beneath. He died upon impact with the floor several levels below."

[10:47] <bildramer> http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=34430

[10:47] <bildramer> over 200 pages, I'm at 195 going backwards

[10:47] <MinatoArisato> Does anyone else use Minecraft workbench often?

[10:48] <MinatoArisato> The Site, not the tool.

[10:48] * FoxWolf has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:48] * FoxWolf has joined #minecraft.

[10:48] <MinatoArisato> Because these textures listed are supposedly 1.22 compliant.

[10:48] <MinatoArisato> But the grass still doesn't work.

[10:48] * AndrewPH is now known as AndrewPH|AFK.

[10:48] * eddyb has joined #minecraft.

[10:48] * xieo has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:49] <bildramer> DF protip: if you hit cotton candy the clown car is near

[10:49] <Risugami> I love how you can choose method of attack in latest DF

[10:49] * Corosus has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:49] * Freddy has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:50] <Demki> DF adventurer protip: never ever go into deep water without swimming skill

[10:50] <Risugami> in adventure mode. cleaned it up well from old wrestling style

[10:50] * Allmaechtig has joined #minecraft.

[10:50] * Immow has quit: Quit: Nipaa~

[10:51] <Demki> Risugami, I love how you can strangle someone and they'll pass out immediatly(assuming they need to breath and you can grab onto their throat)

[10:51] * Waragon has joined #minecraft.

[10:51] <bildramer> yeah

[10:51] <bildramer> 3 turns, insta-unconscious

[10:51] <Demki> then they become punching bags

[10:51] <Waragon> Hello Everyone :)

[10:51] <Risugami> I love how you can stab people repeatly in the throat

[10:51] <Demki> for you to train whatever you want on their limbs(BITE BITE BITE)

[10:51] <Allmaechtig> nomnom

[10:52] <Risugami> and yes... bite eyes...

[10:52] <Waragon> Wat Program can i use to flatten my world ? on minecraft alpha

[10:52] <Demki> bite eye out!

[10:52] <Allmaechtig> for when we all turn to zombies?

[10:52] <Risugami> or mouth lol

[10:52] <Demki> Risugami, when they are passed out, try grabbing their head(wrestling)

[10:52] <Linkshot> Bite mouth, increase love skill

[10:52] <Risugami> lol yes

[10:52] <Demki> and see what wrestling option it gives

[10:52] * Allmaechtig has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[10:52] <Demki> Gouge eyes

[10:52] <Risugami> still got gouge eyes right?

[10:53] <Risugami> fun

[10:53] * Gnarly has quit: Quit: Leaving

[10:53] <Demki> I never managed to take the eye out and use it

[10:53] <Risugami> I assume you can use secondary attacks now

[10:53] <Risugami> haven't tried yet

[10:53] <Demki> you can

[10:53] <Demki> http://i.imgur.com/2i0n2.png

[10:54] * zavist has joined #minecraft.

[10:54] * Immow has joined #minecraft.

[10:54] <Risugami> like for a unicorn choosing either to stab, bite, or kick

[10:54] <bildramer> dragon fire breath?

[10:54] <Demki> not yet

[10:55] <Demki> I tried it, he can only bite

[10:55] <Yourself> bildramer, the savanna titan threw fireballs at me

[10:55] <Risugami> I wish lol but sadly not a standard attack

[10:55] * Coestar1 has joined #minecraft.

[10:55] * Coestar has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[10:55] <Omega_Guardian> That one dude in Buffy losing an eye to that crazy powered-up evil preacher dude was omg crazy

[10:55] * Aquaskys has joined #minecraft.

[10:55] * MisterDisced has joined #minecraft.

[10:56] * Luchs has joined #minecraft.

[10:56] <Xa> Too bad, it's me, Blacksmith

[10:56] * AndrewPH|AFK is now known as AndrewPH.

[10:57] <Unforgiven> I think I just got extremely luck with sand.

[10:57] <Unforgiven> lucky

[10:57] <Demki> skills(and as you can see I have all the body parts): http://i.imgur.com/tu1RW.png

[10:57] <bildramer> artifacts with pictures of themselves

[10:57] * MisterD has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:57] * MisterDisced is now known as MisterD.

[10:57] * Llevel has joined #minecraft.

[10:57] <bildramer> fuck yeah

[10:58] <Demki> What?

[10:58] <Demki> artifact with picture of themselves?

[10:58] <N3X15> [Urist Mcdougal cancels plant seeds. Using cat as mop.]

[10:58] * Coro has joined #minecraft.

[10:58] * Coro is now known as Corosus.

[10:58] <Demki> O.O

[10:58] <Omega_Guardian> always forget that sand biomes can be 99% stone under just a layer or two of sand, and clay still seems super-rare even in them

[10:58] * JTR has joined #minecraft.

[10:58] <Demki> Why do you need clay?

[10:59] <N3X15> brix

[10:59] * retep998 has joined #minecraft.

[10:59] <Demki> Why do you need brix?

[10:59] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[10:59] * unnerved has quit: Quit: Peace and Protection 4.22.2

[10:59] <Omega_Guardian> cause bricks is cool

[11:00] <fufufufu> Ok

[11:00] <fufufufu> Im bac

[11:00] <Omega_Guardian> and in real-life anyways is super-common :P

[11:00] <fufufufu> *back

[11:00] <fufufufu> so

[11:00] <fufufufu> did anyone do it, bildramer?

[11:00] <fufufufu> while I was away

[11:00] * fufufufu is now known as Serv_123.

[11:01] <Demki> do what?

[11:01] <Serv_123> erm

[11:01] * g is now known as gAway2002.

[11:01] <Serv_123> you dont know

[11:01] * |MinatoArisato| has joined #minecraft.

[11:01] * Waragon has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:01] <Serv_123> you wasnt here earlyer today

[11:01] <Demki> I was

[11:01] * Serv_123 pokes bildramer

[11:01] <Serv_123> you was?

[11:01] <Serv_123> erm

[11:01] <Demki> I am just lazy to scroll

[11:01] <Serv_123> weird request

[11:02] * retep998 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:02] <Serv_123> buy any serv (like ChanServ, BotServ, OperServ (not nickserv!)) the game

[11:02] <Serv_123> like

[11:02] * retep998 has joined #minecraft.

[11:02] <Serv_123> I own all of the servs in minecraft

[11:02] * MinatoArisato has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:02] <bildramer> do what?

[11:02] <Demki> IT

[11:03] * Immow has quit: Quit: Nipaa~

[11:03] * petercoulton has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:03] <Serv_123> bild

[11:03] <bildramer> wut

[11:03] <Serv_123> dont you remember?

[11:03] * bildramer confuzzled

[11:03] * Filip has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:03] <Serv_123> the ChanServ thing

[11:03] <Serv_123> buy ChanServ the game

[11:03] <Serv_123> like

[11:03] * bildramer has to write important papers within like 18 hours

[11:03] <Serv_123> bah

[11:03] <Serv_123> oh

[11:03] <bildramer> I do remember

[11:03] <Serv_123> I see

[11:03] * ScreenRave has joined #minecraft.

[11:04] * asiedroid has joined #minecraft.

[11:04] * hassifa has joined #minecraft.

[11:04] * ScreenRave has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:04] * DarthRiko has joined #minecraft.

[11:05] * kristina_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:05] <Demki> scary: http://i.imgur.com/I4z5Z.png

[11:05] * CookieMonster has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[11:05] <Demki> do night creatures need to breath(asking for strangling)

[11:06] <Ultimate-miner> How do I make a flat server or one with many caves?

[11:06] * dux0r_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:06] <bildramer> I guess it depends

[11:06] <bildramer> seriously, google?

[11:06] <bildramer> dwarf frogs?

[11:06] <bildramer> tsk tsk

[11:06] <Ultimate-miner> You're a dwarf frog. tssss...

[11:06] * bildramer downloads most recent version

[11:07] * gAway2002 is now known as g.

[11:07] <Demki> I died

[11:07] <bildramer> http://i.imgur.com/CPSED.jpg

[11:07] <bildramer> wat

[11:07] <Demki> after 5 or 10 turns

[11:07] * JoeYoung has joined #minecraft.

[11:07] * MissingN1 has joined #minecraft.

[11:07] <Ultimate-miner> Anyone?

[11:07] * liq3 has joined #minecraft.

[11:08] * dux0r has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:08] * moparx has joined #minecraft.

[11:08] <Unforgiven> I've designated wood for stockpile but no one is coming to collect it..

[11:08] <Unforgiven> Omg retard it was on pause.

[11:08] <bildramer> derp

[11:08] <Unforgiven> HURR

[11:08] <bildramer> you need to designate it to be cut

[11:08] <bildramer> and have a stockpile

[11:08] <Ultimate-miner> How do I make my server become flat?

[11:09] * kristina_ has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:09] <bildramer> *chopped down*

[11:09] * DotPdf has joined #minecraft.

[11:09] * MissingNo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:10] * petercoulton has joined #minecraft.

[11:10] <Demki> Ultimate-miner: #smp, and you need a map editor

[11:10] <Demki> or a lot of work

[11:10] <Unforgiven> I need another miner. How do I get one more?

[11:11] <bildramer> if you don't have any other picks you can forget it

[11:11] * Rubicon-|-Cross has joined #minecraft.

[11:11] <bildramer> or make one

[11:11] <Unforgiven> I have 2 picks but 1 miner

[11:11] <Unforgiven> I know, I forgot to add another miner

[11:11] * Toadbert has joined #minecraft.

[11:11] <bildramer> well, then edit someone's labor to include mining

[11:11] <Unforgiven> How

[11:11] <bildramer> he'll be novice, but yeah

[11:11] <bildramer> dunno exactly

[11:12] <bildramer> view him

[11:12] * SumWon has joined #minecraft.

[11:12] <bildramer> then preferences -> labor or something

[11:12] <Risugami> yep

[11:13] <Risugami> v, select him, p, l

[11:13] <Ultimate-miner> What does BC#5 do?

[11:13] * PandaBear has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:13] <Bilkokuya> it makes the caves bigger

[11:13] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:14] * Aquaskys has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[11:14] <Ultimate-miner> Bill you're back :P

[11:14] <Bilkokuya> yeh, a man's gotta eat

[11:14] <Ultimate-miner> Still cant figure out where to find those codes

[11:14] <Bilkokuya> hmm, they should be somewhere

[11:15] * dodson has joined #minecraft.

[11:15] <Ultimate-miner> Need them pretty badly :<

[11:15] * relax has joined #minecraft.

[11:15] <Unforgiven> I keep seeing a C walking around randomly

[11:16] * Maggo has joined #minecraft.

[11:16] <Unforgiven> And an F

[11:16] <Unforgiven> A red F

[11:16] <Unforgiven> That bad?

[11:16] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Mind if you can find them? :P

[11:16] <Bilkokuya> I'll have a search for them

[11:17] * StaffAndFifteen has joined #minecraft.

[11:17] * Britich has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:17] <Demki> Unforgiven, click K, move cursor on C and tell what it says, then on F and tell what it says

[11:17] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Thanks

[11:18] * nsh22 has joined #minecraft.

[11:18] <Unforgiven> Cat and fox

[11:18] <Demki> cat is fine, fox can be hunted

[11:19] <Unforgiven> Also, I have a big problem: http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/4506/101121191859.png

[11:19] * JoeYoung has quit: Quit: Leaving

[11:19] <Unforgiven> Those logs are selected for collection, and even though the game is unpaused, no one is collecting it

[11:19] <Demki> uh...

[11:19] <bildramer> not a big problem

[11:20] <Demki> those logs are collected

[11:20] <Demki> they are in a stockpile

[11:20] <Unforgiven> But can I use them?

[11:20] <Demki> yes

[11:20] <Unforgiven> Oh ok

[11:20] <Ultimate-miner> bildramer: Do you know how to make bigger caves in Minecraft servers? :P

[11:20] * Timmy has joined #minecraft.

[11:21] <bildramer> nope

[11:21] <Kazer42> Carve them out with a pick axe.

[11:21] <Demki> I suggest you try holding shift and clicking /

[11:21] * Keiya_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:21] <Demki> and look for tutorials

[11:21] <Demki> Unforgiven: when did you first start playing DF?

[11:22] * _s1gma has joined #minecraft.

[11:22] <Ultimate-miner> Demki: There is supposed to be any way to change it via the servername?

[11:22] * Timmy has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:22] <Demki> Ultimate-miner: what?

[11:22] <Demki> change what?

[11:22] * Immow has joined #minecraft.

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> aha, found it ultimate miner

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> http://pastebin.com/ba5nxyS4

[11:23] <Ultimate-miner> Demki: If you type AMD## and BC#5 the caves are supposed to get bigger? :O

[11:23] * Faustie has joined #minecraft.

[11:23] <Demki> I don't know

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> were you typing AMD?

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> it's ADM for admin

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> not AMD... ¬.¬

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> no wonder it wasn't working for you

[11:23] * Keiya has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:23] <Ultimate-miner> I just typed it wrong :P

[11:23] <Bilkokuya> lol

[11:23] <Ultimate-miner> THanks Bilkokuya <3

[11:24] <Bilkokuya> no problem

[11:24] <Bilkokuya> I've posted the link to them above

[11:24] * spfy has joined #minecraft.

[11:24] <Bilkokuya> so if you need to check them, just look in that ok

[11:24] <Unforgiven> So many rocks left behind

[11:24] <Unforgiven> Wow

[11:24] <Unforgiven> Stockpiling this gonna be hard

[11:24] <Bilkokuya> screw the rocks

[11:24] <Bilkokuya> you dont need rocks - you're unforgiven...

[11:25] <Demki> Don't stockpile rocks

[11:25] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Never knew they need to be in alphabetical order aswell

[11:25] <Bilkokuya> ah right yeh, if you don't it sometimes throws an error

[11:26] <Bilkokuya> I think I forgot to tell you

[11:26] <Demki> unforgiven, you don't need to stockpile rocks, if you are making blocks, then stockpile those

[11:26] <Welsh_Mullet> Screw the rocks i have money

[11:26] <Welsh_Mullet> But stockpiling rocks makes the fortress tidy

[11:26] <Demki> true

[11:26] <Demki> or

[11:26] <Demki> you could set them to be invisible

[11:26] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Also you maybe need #2 instead of ##2. Messy messy. :)

[11:26] <Bilkokuya> welsh_muppet - dungeon dice monsters :D

[11:27] * drk has joined #minecraft.

[11:27] <Bilkokuya> well I've given you the link. sorry for the mistakes I posted to you

[11:27] <drk> Minecraft forums have a malicious popup it seems

[11:27] <Yourself> bildramer is 10000 degrees urist

[11:27] <bildramer> lol

[11:27] <drk> It asks for your login info, but does nothing if it's closed

[11:27] <Welsh_Mullet> Dwarf fortress on motorcycles?

[11:27] * Immow has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:27] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: It's no probs. :o

[11:27] <drk> anyone else know about it?

[11:27] * fractux has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[11:27] <Demki> Welsh_Mullet: It is better not to stockpile rocks, you won't have enough space(because for that space you dig out space, which leaves more rocks behind)

[11:27] * Cial has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:28] <Welsh_Mullet> stockpile them outside?

[11:28] <Bilkokuya> demki - although you can stockpile them in a crate

[11:28] <Ultimate-miner> Note: Set these in your Server Title so that they initialize with the server. Is this in server.properties ?

[11:28] <Yourself> make a dump zone, then you can pile them up indefinitely

[11:28] * relax has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[11:28] <Demki> Welsh_Mullet: it is prone to theft

[11:28] * Omnipresent_Text_Box has joined #minecraft.

[11:28] <Bilkokuya> Ultimate Miner - it's in the part of server.properties where you name the server

[11:29] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: I hope my friends get the point then

[11:29] * asiedroid has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:29] <Demki> Bilkokuya: are you talking about a vanilla server?

[11:29] * drk has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:29] <Bilkokuya> If you don't already have it you need to add "server-title: "

[11:29] * Laeffe is now known as laeffe.

[11:29] <Bilkokuya> it works on a vanilla

[11:30] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:30] <Bilkokuya> but you'll need to add "server-title:" to the bottom of your server.properties file

[11:30] <Demki> wow, that is weird: http://i.imgur.com/PRzbp.png

[11:31] <Collen> oh no!

[11:31] * Sayyan has quit: Quit: Leaving

[11:31] <Collen> creepers found the server

[11:31] <Bilkokuya> :O

[11:31] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: I tell him

[11:32] <Bilkokuya> ah cool

[11:32] <Bilkokuya> remember that it won't instantly "change" everything though; it just makes it all more likely to be how you want it

[11:32] * Salzkorn has quit: Quit: shwoop

[11:33] <Ultimate-miner> Bilkokuya: Yeah I know :p It got the potentional only to get better ;)

[11:33] <Bilkokuya> heh yeh :D

[11:33] <Demki> hehe: http://i.imgur.com/q8FQm.png

[11:33] <Demki> DAMN

[11:33] <Bilkokuya> creepers?

[11:33] <Demki> choked me

[11:33] <Welsh_Mullet> where does mc store the inventoory file?

[11:33] * Immow has joined #minecraft.

[11:33] * stuecoles has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:34] * revenant has quit: Quit: EXC_BAD_ACCESS

[11:34] <Ultimate-miner> WHat are you guys doing??

[11:34] <Demki> now that's unfair

[11:34] * Cial has joined #minecraft.

[11:34] <Bilkokuya> have you guys had a look at that ship-mmo-piracy game advert that keeps popping up at the top?

[11:34] <bildramer> I hate that you can't have real fire in adventurer

[11:34] <Bilkokuya> it's great, it keeps flashing up with quotes from players about how good it is as if they are reviewers

[11:35] <Jat> adventurer?

[11:35] <Demki> DF

[11:35] <Ultimate-miner> I think I am having some sort of respawnbug, when I break a block it respawn

[11:35] <Jat> oh

[11:35] * Shoopuf has joined #minecraft.

[11:35] <Demki> Ultimate-miner: known bug

[11:36] * Shoopuf has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[11:36] <Yourself> it's a bug in some cases, intended feature in others

[11:36] * asiedroid has joined #minecraft.

[11:36] <Demki> lol

[11:36] * Seberoth has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:36] <Demki> kinda

[11:36] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Oh come on Daggerfall, stop having so many sound errors :|

[11:37] <Yourself> well it's intended for it to happen near the spawn for people who aren't ops

[11:37] * Chrisknyfe has joined #minecraft.

[11:37] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I can't even control it when it's like this. It always breaks around certain times, and there's nothing, apparently, I can do about it.

[11:37] <Yourself> other places it's a network bug

[11:37] <Demki> Omnipresent_Text_Box: daggerfall?

[11:37] * geekahedron1 has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[11:37] * Uniju has quit: Quit: god be with you

[11:37] <Unforgiven> http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/6893/101121193722.png Lawl

[11:37] * Uniju has joined #minecraft.

[11:37] <Demki> what's lawl about it?

[11:38] * geekahedron has joined #minecraft.

[11:38] * Strelkovaya has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:38] * dodson has quit: Quit: Quit

[11:38] <Unforgiven> So much shit left over

[11:39] <Demki> It's stone

[11:39] <Demki> used for construction

[11:39] <Risugami> we call that mining

[11:39] <Demki> yeah

[11:39] * Fathomir has joined #minecraft.

[11:39] <Demki> well

[11:39] <Demki> and one of them is sleeping

[11:40] <Unforgiven> Well, my main miner seems to be going slow

[11:40] <Risugami> run out of alcohol?

[11:40] * mvj has joined #minecraft.

[11:40] <Demki> What's his mining skill?

[11:40] <Welsh_Mullet> where does minecraft store the inv file so i can edit it?

[11:40] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yes, Daggerfall.

[11:40] * Ronjoe1 has joined #minecraft.

[11:40] <Unforgiven> Uh

[11:40] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> On the hour of midnight, and apparently other times, the sound breaks hillariously

[11:40] <Fathomir> Bazinga...

[11:40] <Unforgiven> I leveled it to where I have to pay 10 points to get the next level

[11:41] <Demki> Omnipresent_Text_Box: What's Daggerfall?

[11:41] <Unforgiven> So proficient or something

[11:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and by "hillariously" I mean the sound is likBEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

[11:41] <Demki> oh

[11:41] * Leoryk_1 has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:41] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls_II:_Daggerfall

[11:41] <Demki> unforgiven, he is mining rock, unlike before that he mined sand

[11:41] * Vinlaell has joined #minecraft.

[11:41] * Cial has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[11:41] <Demki> + you may have run out of alchohol

[11:42] * Seberoth has joined #minecraft.

[11:42] <Unforgiven> Oo

[11:42] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> dwarves need alchohol yeah

[11:42] <mvj> hey guys

[11:42] <Vinlaell> jeez

[11:42] <Vinlaell> was you doing this all night?

[11:42] <Demki> Dwarves need alchohol to get through the working day

[11:42] * Ronjoe has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:43] * Drivial has joined #minecraft.

[11:43] <Demki> ALL dwarves need alchohol, except for hospitalized, injured dwarves

[11:43] <Iguana> Someone give me a name to name my city

[11:43] <Unforgiven> So, how do I clear my mine from all that stone and stuff?

[11:43] <Demki> you don't

[11:43] <Demki> use the stone

[11:43] <Unforgiven> How

[11:43] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:43] <Demki> build stuff

[11:44] <Welsh_Mullet> Minas Tirith

[11:44] <Demki> from the [b]uild menu

[11:44] <Unforgiven> Ah ok

[11:44] <Demki> build workshops

[11:44] <Xa> d-b-d to dump items

[11:44] <Xa> Set up a garbage place first

[11:44] <Risugami> yes. use that exploit

[11:44] <Demki> unforgiven: http://df.magmawiki.com

[11:44] <Unforgiven> What about remove dump

[11:44] * spfy has quit: Quit: Buh-bye!

[11:45] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> No, even hospitalized dwarves need alchohol, Demki

[11:45] <Bilkokuya> "/get ye flask"

[11:45] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> they just can't drink it for some reason

[11:45] * MemoryLeak has joined #minecraft.

[11:45] * Coestar1 is now known as Coestar.

[11:45] <Risugami> set use garage zone in a 1x1 tile and set all the stonr for dumping

[11:45] <Demki> Omnipresent_Text_Box: Well, they can only drink water

[11:45] <Demki> because their fella dorfs keep the alchohol for themselves

[11:46] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I think, if you put alchohol in their room, they might try to get up to drink it

[11:46] <Welsh_Mullet> Where is the inv file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

[11:46] <Demki> lol

[11:46] * Serv_123 has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[11:46] * mvj has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[11:46] <bildramer> how do I sneak again?

[11:46] <Demki> Omnipresent_Text_Box: this requires further testing

[11:46] <Demki> bildramer S

[11:47] <Demki> [S]

[11:47] <bildramer> derp

[11:47] <Demki> not [s]

[11:47] * MemoryLeak has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[11:47] <Demki> [S]

[11:47] * MK has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:47] <Demki> and not ass either, [S]

[11:47] <Demki> Iguana

[11:48] * Lnd has joined #minecraft.

[11:48] <Risugami> Welsh_Mullet, I do hope you visited google recently

[11:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> in the realm of disney, you have 0-1 parents

[11:48] <Iguana> Demki, wat

[11:48] <Demki> name your city this: Emacamade, "The Everlasting Realm" (that's the name of my latest region)

[11:48] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I think Mulan is the only disney movie where someone has a whole family

[11:48] <Demki> http://i.imgur.com/YvTpi.png

[11:48] <bildramer> 96 kills

[11:48] <bildramer> hmmmm

[11:48] <Bilkokuya> but that's not a problem, because her whole family is getting hunted down to be killed

[11:48] * Lnd has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:49] <Bilkokuya> it's not completely forgetting the disney values

[11:49] * dman has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:49] <Iguana> Sure?

[11:49] * Lnd has joined #minecraft.

[11:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> emacs, demki?

[11:49] <Demki> what?

[11:49] <Bilkokuya> Anyway what about bambi - he had a ....oh -

[11:49] <Risugami> I love the region names in DF. visited "The Crazy Desert" awhile ago

[11:49] <Vinlaell> lol Bilkokuya

[11:50] <bildramer> "it is good to finally meet you!"

[11:50] <bildramer> why, yes, I just killed a dozen of hamlets nearby

[11:50] <Demki> Let's play adventurer: http://i.imgur.com/MWWUg.png

[11:51] <Demki> (note the human's lastname)

[11:51] * Megatron has joined #minecraft.

[11:51] <ldlework> God I wish Notch would fucking hurry up with SMP _for fucks sake_

[11:51] <Bilkokuya> idlework - piss off please

[11:51] * ldlework pisses on you

[11:51] <Aurum> Notch:

[11:51] <Demki> ldlework: Notch is allowed to slack off

[11:51] <bildramer> letting me rest for the night was very grateful of you, sadly now I'll kill the entire village

[11:51] <Risugami> patience young padawan

[11:51] * Strelkovaya has joined #minecraft.

[11:52] * dman has joined #minecraft.

[11:52] <ldlework> uhm, its been like 4 or 5 months iirc

[11:52] <Bilkokuya> is DF sprite based or a text adventure?

[11:52] * Drakerla has joined #minecraft.

[11:52] <Aurum> Notch: "Let me let people play this awesome game for cheap and give them free updates!" Alpha testers: "Waaaaaa, updates"

[11:52] <bildramer> neither

[11:52] <bildramer> it's a roguelike

[11:52] <Drakerla> Xickle: U coming back?

[11:52] <Welsh_Mullet> in the lion king there are 2 parents

[11:52] <Demki> Bliko roguelike

[11:52] <Bilkokuya> ooooh I might have to try it

[11:52] <Vinlaell> and an uncle

[11:52] <Vinlaell> :)

[11:52] <Demki> Bilkokuya: not might, YOU HAVE to try it

[11:52] * Synthpixel has joined #minecraft.

[11:52] <Bilkokuya> lol

[11:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> And then Simba inherits his own mother from his father Welsh_Mullet

[11:53] <Bilkokuya> ^ it's true

[11:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> creepy.

[11:53] * Drakerla has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[11:53] <Welsh_Mullet> simba loves his half sister

[11:53] <bildramer> lol @ me landing one "impossible" strike every second turn

[11:53] <Welsh_Mullet> then his daughter gets with simba's cousin

[11:53] <Demki> Bilkokuya: http://i.imgur.com/QD3XP.png

[11:53] * Gnarly has joined #minecraft.

[11:53] <Demki> bildramer: what's the weapon's skill?

[11:53] <Unforgiven> Wow it's HEAVILY raining

[11:53] <bildramer> legendary and beyond

[11:53] <Bilkokuya> oooh, looks good

[11:54] <Demki> oh

[11:54] <bildramer> just like all my stats

[11:54] * Shapeshiftr has joined #minecraft.

[11:54] <Unforgiven> A river formed

[11:54] <Demki> lol

[11:54] <bildramer> I want a real demigod, not one that 5 peasants can kill

[11:54] * jonnyabc has joined #minecraft.

[11:54] <Bilkokuya> is it a perma-death restart your character style thing?

[11:54] <Demki> that guy can be killed by 5 peasants if you give them enough time

[11:54] <bildramer> yes

[11:54] <Risugami> yes

[11:54] <bildramer> or a fort

[11:54] <Demki> Yes

[11:54] * NullMoogleCable has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:54] <Bilkokuya> awesome

[11:54] <bildramer> most roguelikes have permadeath

[11:54] * Caldi2 has joined #minecraft.

[11:54] <Demki> Bilkokuya: also: LOSING IS FUN

[11:55] <Bilkokuya> heh I'm just downloading it now

[11:55] <Bilkokuya> sounds punishingly fun

[11:55] <Demki> Bilkokuya: yeah

[11:55] <bildramer> Bilkokuya, in fortress mode you only need to know two things

[11:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWbLOFGSEDo kinect is magical and mind-powered

[11:55] <bildramer> stay away from the cotton candy

[11:55] <Bilkokuya> the last decent game I played was hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

[11:55] <bildramer> stay away from the clowns.

[11:55] <Aurum> Roflmao Kinect: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWbLOFGSEDo

[11:55] * shape|away has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:55] <Demki> bildramer: there's cotton candy?

[11:55] <Bilkokuya> :O stay away from the clowns :(

[11:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Aurum you're behind by a second or two!

[11:55] <bildramer> *cough*diamondz*cough*

[11:55] <Risugami> bogeyman wants to rape you

[11:55] <Demki> Bildramer, don't you mean adamantine?

[11:56] <Demki> or however it is spelt?

[11:56] <bildramer> [/SPOILERS]

[11:56] <Aurum> Oh, I've been cleaning the house, I don't know what's been happening.

[11:56] <Risugami> shhh spoilers

[11:56] * Guest756648403 has joined #minecraft.

[11:56] <bildramer> oh boy oh boy

[11:56] * Caldi has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[11:56] <bildramer> more puny humans

[11:56] <Demki> actually, Bilkokuya keep as close as you can to adamantine

[11:56] <bildramer> fear my halberd, mortals

[11:56] * MemoryLeak has joined #minecraft.

[11:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> no really I randomly decided to link it

[11:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and then you do seven seconds later

[11:56] <Aurum> Oh,hahaha

[11:56] <Aurum> I just saw it on Reddit.

[11:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I did too.

[11:57] <Aurum> ...

[11:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Pelvic thrust to boost!

[11:57] <Aurum> YOU ARE ME.

[11:57] * boink_ has joined #minecraft.

[11:57] * AndrewPH is now known as AndrewPH|AFK.

[11:57] <Drakkar> aurumvorax the solid gold weasel

[11:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> "I like the part where he didn't move."

[11:57] * Vinlaell has quit: Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~

[11:57] * DerpinLlama has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:58] * MemoryLeak has quit: Quit: Leaving

[11:58] <bildramer> 156 kills woot

[11:58] * SumWon has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[11:58] * Guest756648403 is now known as DerpinLlama.

[11:58] <Aurum> Did you see the one where the guy plays a level of Call of Duty without firing a single shot?

[11:58] <bildramer> yes

[11:58] <Aurum> And all the NPCs just fight each other and clear the path.

[11:59] <Welsh_Mullet> link?

[11:59] <Bilkokuya> it makes sense for a tutorial level

[11:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> yeah

[11:59] <Unforgiven> Right, how do I keep my stockpiles in here: http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/1369/101121195856.png

[11:59] <Bilkokuya> I think that kind of AI can do a lot for you, thing is good for a campaign

[11:59] <Bilkokuya> the problem is that they kept it on hardened difficulty

[11:59] * Vorg has joined #minecraft.

[11:59] <Aurum> BlackOPS without shooting a gun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RULv6HbgEjY

[12:00] <bildramer> lolwut

[12:00] <Bilkokuya> if it had been something only possible on easy/normal it wouldn't seem so wrong to me

[12:00] <bildramer> I'm sneaking in a house

[12:00] <bildramer> like 15 people

[12:00] <bildramer> I kill one, the others don't even notice

[12:00] <Bilkokuya> lol

[12:00] <Bilkokuya> tell them you did it

[12:00] <bildramer> easiest stealth ever

[12:00] <Bilkokuya> or kill them all

[12:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the best part of the kinect video is where it points at his unmoving and is like "yes. this really happened"

[12:00] * Silker has joined #minecraft.

[12:00] * Sliker has quit: Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Silker))

[12:00] * Silker is now known as Sliker.

[12:01] * Max_Damage has joined #minecraft.

[12:01] <Bilkokuya> what do you mean?

[12:01] * navineous has joined #minecraft.

[12:01] * Max_Damage has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:01] * Max_Damage has joined #minecraft.

[12:01] <navineous> Which should I play now... AoE3... Bioshock OR TF2

[12:01] <Aurum> TF2

[12:01] <bildramer> it's like I'm fucking invisible

[12:01] <navineous> Nice choice.

[12:01] <navineous> :(

[12:01] <navineous> poor bild

[12:02] * navineous pats bildramer on the back.

[12:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> TF2.

[12:02] <bildramer> no, it's good

[12:02] <bildramer> lol

[12:02] * Max_Damage has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:02] * navineous is now known as Navineous.

[12:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Way better than age of empires 3 or bioshock

[12:02] <Navineous> Damn my grammar.

[12:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Although write in quake 3 on nightmare singleplayer

[12:02] * Max_Damage has joined #minecraft.

[12:02] <boink_> hi everyone

[12:02] <Navineous> I got AoE3 for 10 cents

[12:02] <Demki> stealth with legendary ambusher is the most fun

[12:02] <Navineous> so no loss

[12:02] <Navineous> :P

[12:02] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It doesn't make it any more fun.

[12:02] <Navineous> Am I the only one that dislikes the enternal reward..

[12:02] <Yourself> <Navineous> I got AoE3 for 10 cents

[12:03] <Navineous> I'm bad at using it.

[12:03] <Yourself> you also got GFWL

[12:03] <Navineous> Yup

[12:03] <Demki> http://i.imgur.com/pWjee.png

[12:03] <Navineous> I already had it

[12:03] <Demki> LOL

[12:03] <Navineous> :P

[12:03] <Risugami> bildramer, try throwing something heavy at somebody, like an iron shield lol. see if they notice

[12:03] <Navineous> I was the one who told everyone about this last night.

[12:03] <Yourself> sure, 10 cents for a hooker seems like a good deal until you find out you also have crabs

[12:03] * Max_Damage has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:03] <Navineous> It doesn't have viruses...

[12:03] <Navineous> >_>

[12:03] <Yourself> you have GFWL

[12:03] <Navineous> I would never pay a hooker when I have myself.

[12:03] <Navineous> So?

[12:04] * Max_Damage has joined #minecraft.

[12:04] <Fathomir> Visiiri: Im having truble getting onto the 64 bit server. Do you have a problem getting onto it? thats why i didnt get on yesterday

[12:04] * sailorjerry has joined #minecraft.

[12:04] <Demki> Training ambusher skill is easy and slow

[12:04] <Risugami> btw try throwing water. somehow it works

[12:04] <Demki> it works

[12:04] * Welsh has joined #minecraft.

[12:05] <Demki> I used it to clean my base walls lol

[12:05] <Demki> lair*/

[12:05] <Risugami> lol

[12:05] * bildramer has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:05] <Navineous> Here is a theory I have on Win VS PC

[12:05] <Demki> it had blood all over it

[12:05] <Navineous> well Apple really

[12:05] <Navineous> Win VS Mac*

[12:05] <Welsh> Gah, how long till an account times out?

[12:05] <Navineous> Apple has a switch they can flip and a sewer pipe of their (shit) they can open and close and a water pipe made by developers that aren't Apple. Right now they are leaving the sewer pipes open and the water pipe is closed. You get people hallucinating about how amazing the shit they are eating is because they are dehydrated. :p

[12:05] * Dman757 has joined #minecraft.

[12:05] * darks has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:05] * darks has joined #minecraft.

[12:06] * Max_Damage has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:06] * Max_Damage has joined #minecraft.

[12:06] <Unforgiven> How the fuck do I clear out http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/1369/101121195856.png

[12:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> [d] [b] [d]

[12:07] * Welsh has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but unless you know what you're doing, the stone will take up space somewhere else/get destroyed

[12:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so just deal with it, dwarves move the stone when they need to build something in there

[12:07] * Samppa has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:07] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (or to use it)

[12:07] * MK has joined #minecraft.

[12:07] * Samppa has joined #minecraft.

[12:08] * Cash has joined #minecraft.

[12:08] <xENO_> Well, you could define a garbage dump near your stone stockpile.

[12:08] <Deeival> Ascii :0

[12:08] <xENO_> It can be 1x1

[12:08] <xENO_> Thanks to a bug, it'll fill with _all_ of that stone.

[12:08] <Unforgiven> How do I make a garbage dump?

[12:08] * Cash is now known as Foosh.

[12:08] <Aurum> Navineous: That's a pretty good metaphor, you should go into blagging.

[12:08] <Demki> lol, it didn't hit me once: http://i.imgur.com/OmL4A.png

[12:08] <xENO_> Then reclaim it with [d] [b] [c]

[12:08] <Demki> and now I have a free lair

[12:08] * Navineous googles blagging

[12:08] <Deeival> Make a Zone with i

[12:08] <xENO_> [i], define a region, [g]

[12:08] <Demki> and a copper boning knife

[12:09] <Navineous> buy blagging mugs, tshirts and magnets To brag about yourself or something you did on your blog. "Hey, did you read what happened to John the other day when he rescued that guy from the burning car?"

[12:09] * Kokopure has quit: Quit: This computer has gone to sleep

[12:09] * eddyb has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:09] <Foosh> Wait... what?

[12:09] * Welsh_Mullet has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[12:09] * rommel|ACBrotherhood is now known as rommel|minecraft.

[12:09] <Demki> that's weird: http://i.imgur.com/wVSD1.png

[12:09] <Aurum> What's the most reasonable thing to do when you run out of trees nearby?

[12:09] <Bilkokuya> plant new ones

[12:09] <Aurum> wut

[12:10] <xENO_> You can't in DF, I don't think

[12:10] <Aurum> /google

[12:10] <xENO_> They should just start appearing?

[12:10] <xENO_> Or find a cavern.

[12:10] <Bilkokuya> Sorry I thought you meant MC (sorry)

[12:10] <xENO_> there's usually tower caps or something.

[12:10] <Foosh> How is it every time I come in here you guys are talking about DF

[12:10] * eddyb has joined #minecraft.

[12:10] <Bilkokuya> you should try it

[12:10] <Aurum> <-- I did mean MC, I've never played DF :(

[12:10] <Unforgiven> [d] [b] [d]..

[12:10] <Unforgiven> Nothing happens

[12:10] <Foosh> Aurum, plant new ones

[12:10] <Bilkokuya> I've only got as far as the menu and I was already like "WOOOAAAAHHHH"

[12:11] <Aurum> How so? Where do I get seeds for them?

[12:11] <Foosh> You destroy leaves

[12:11] <Foosh> When you destroy leaves

[12:11] <Foosh> You get saplings

[12:11] <Aurum> Oh, is that what those things are >_>

[12:11] <Foosh> Yes...

[12:11] * bildramer has joined #minecraft.

[12:11] * Fathomir has quit: Quit: Got to go!

[12:11] <bildramer> fu

[12:11] <Aurum> And then what, just water them? Or is there more upkeep

[12:11] <Foosh> Nope

[12:11] <bildramer> this CPU could surely boil water

[12:11] <Foosh> Plant it

[12:11] <Foosh> Make sure it has sunlight

[12:12] <Foosh> And you're good Aurum.

[12:12] <Aurum> Cool, thanks

[12:12] <Unforgiven> Dumping an item doesn't do anything..

[12:12] <Aurum> /karma Foosh

[12:12] <Foosh> ^.^

[12:12] <bildramer> you need a garbage dump zone

[12:12] * g is now known as gFood2002.

[12:12] <bildramer> preferably under a drawbridge

[12:12] <bildramer> or for stone just put it in a random square near mason's workshop etc.

[12:12] <Demki> my new lair: http://i.imgur.com/lfo4c.png

[12:13] <Demki> my inventory: http://i.imgur.com/x1C6N.png

[12:13] <bildramer> ugh losing over 200 kills because of this laptop

[12:13] * Llevel has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:13] <Demki> why?

[12:13] * Llevel has joined #minecraft.

[12:13] <Demki> freeze?

[12:13] <Demki> crush?

[12:13] <bildramer> overheating

[12:13] <Demki> lol

[12:13] <Demki> play in the freezer?

[12:13] <bildramer> motherboard just decides it can get damaged

[12:13] <bildramer> liek

[12:13] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You'er an umbra of shade, demki?

[12:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I KILL YOU

[12:14] <Foosh> I used to play MUDS back in the day, now that graphics have gotten better, as in, I'm not looking at letters and lines...

[12:14] <bildramer> it's at 83 celsius for hours

[12:14] <bildramer> and when it just goes 86 it shuts down instantly

[12:14] <Foosh> I don't look their way...

[12:14] <Demki> Omnipresent_Text_Box: I like killing nightcreatures and taking over their lairs

[12:14] <blarget2> guys the votes for PC are loosing

[12:14] <bildramer> retarded, I say

[12:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It's like the matrix, foosh?

[12:14] <blarget2> EVERYONE VOTE PC!

[12:14] <blarget2> http://www.helium.com/debates/94598-which-is-the-better-video-game-platform-console-or-pc

[12:14] <Foosh> No OTB

[12:14] <Foosh> It's not.

[12:14] <bildramer> hurr

[12:14] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it better be

[12:14] <Foosh> I voted "other"

[12:14] <blarget2> ...

[12:14] <Unforgiven> Uh bildramer, do I stockpile the stone to a random place?

[12:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> PC button go

[12:15] <bildramer> you can do that but then all stones will be stockpiled

[12:15] <Demki> this one has a table, quern and cauldron

[12:15] <bildramer> you should better use a garbage dump

[12:15] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Is that posted on reddit yet blarget2

[12:15] <bildramer> and beware of miasma

[12:15] <Unforgiven> How do I make a garbage dump

[12:15] <blarget2> no

[12:15] * Thermi has joined #minecraft.

[12:15] <blarget2> not yet

[12:15] <bildramer> omg.

[12:15] <blarget2> can you?

[12:15] <bildramer> don't steal my karma

[12:15] <Risugami> if your mason workshop happens to be near that random place, yes

[12:15] <Foosh> To be honest both PCs and Consoles respectively are fun systems to play on.

[12:15] <Bilkokuya> ^this

[12:15] <Foosh> I love my FPS on Consoles.

[12:15] <blarget2> go dig it or smething

[12:15] <bildramer> consoles are made for gaming

[12:15] <bildramer> obvious win

[12:15] * Serg has joined #minecraft.

[12:15] <Foosh> In fact, I only play FPS's on a console

[12:15] <Bilkokuya> people shouldn't worry about what's more fun - they should just learn to enjoy what they have

[12:15] <blarget2> lol

[12:16] <bildramer> then again computer can be made much better

[12:16] <bildramer> FPS without mouse = fail

[12:16] <blarget2> ^

[12:16] <Foosh> When it comes to games that require more time and careful movement, I like my PC

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> poor foosh

[12:16] <Bilkokuya> also why do all of these poles leave out things like "skydiving" or "mountaineering" and other rather fun things

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> he does not know the fun of half-life 2

[12:16] <Foosh> Do too.

[12:16] <Unforgiven> Uh, how do I make a garbage dump =/

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> You played it on the 360, didn't you?

[12:16] <bildramer> zones

[12:16] <bildramer> i

[12:16] <Foosh> I have the Orange Box for console and PC

[12:16] <Risugami> [i], define zone, [g]

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Okay, then make sure you play it on the PC. As much as possible.

[12:16] * SumWon has joined #minecraft.

[12:16] <Foosh> I do

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Exclusively.

[12:16] <Foosh> Along with portal

[12:16] <blarget2> fps on consel = entertaining FPS on pc = just feels right

[12:16] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Infact never touch the console versions again

[12:16] <Demki> I threw the corpse of the night creature into a murky pool

[12:17] <bildramer> Unforgiven, did you deconstruct your wagon?

[12:17] <bildramer> lol

[12:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> don't do that bildramer

[12:17] <Foosh> OTB, Why so much hate? :3

[12:17] <Unforgiven> Now how do I put things in the dump

[12:17] <Unforgiven> Uh

[12:17] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> it's an artifact

[12:17] * Adam01|Away is now known as Adam01.

[12:17] <bildramer> ??

[12:17] <Unforgiven> I have a wagon

[12:17] <bildramer> d->b->d

[12:17] <Risugami> don't destroy wagon until you have place to put stuff

[12:17] <Foosh> I have no clue what those letters mean...

[12:17] <bildramer> then select stuff to mass-dump

[12:17] <Serg> mass-dump?

[12:17] <Serg> I like where this is going.

[12:17] <Foosh> xD

[12:18] <Demki> oh wait

[12:18] * cjrox21 has joined #minecraft.

[12:18] <Demki> I need to throw the lower body of the night creature too

[12:18] <bildramer> lol

[12:18] <Demki> (I cut it off with my copper dagger)

[12:18] * cjrox21 has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:18] * Perry has joined #minecraft.

[12:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://soundcloud.com/mattsweeney/pokemon-red-blue-i-wont-let-you-take-me-seriously-remix GUYS COME UP WITH A WITTY NAME FOR THIS

[12:18] <Foosh> Hmm, my friend keeps saying he wants a Mac...

[12:18] <Demki> or maybe

[12:18] <Foosh> I need a new friend.

[12:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Grand Theft Pokemon?

[12:18] <Demki> I will use the lower body as a weapon?

[12:18] <bildramer> I wish you could just give the quest givers the victim's head

[12:18] <bildramer> instead of just telling them you killed him

[12:18] <Demki> lol

[12:18] <Demki> yeah

[12:18] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> or just really freaky?

[12:19] <Demki> you can actually tell anyone about it

[12:19] <Unforgiven> [d] [b] [d] only highlits the stone in pink...

[12:19] * Halitus has joined #minecraft.

[12:19] <Perry> \o/ I managed to find a wifi access point...

[12:19] * Keiya has joined #minecraft.

[12:19] <Foosh> Omnipresent_Text_Box That made my life.

[12:19] <bildramer> except if it's a fine paste of red-pink-gray stuff

[12:19] <Unforgiven> I press esc (done) and nothing happens

[12:19] <bildramer> Unforgiven, it will be dumped sooner or later

[12:19] <Foosh> This song is amazing o.o

[12:19] <Perry> I spent a whole week without wifi T_T

[12:19] <bildramer> lol

[12:19] * Redshift has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:19] <bildramer> a whole week?

[12:19] <bildramer> wtf dude.

[12:19] <Unforgiven> "sooner or later"

[12:19] <Unforgiven> =/

[12:19] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> I'm afraid to listen to it too loud or it might subliminally message me

[12:19] <bildramer> when your dorfs have no other jobs

[12:19] <bildramer> or decide to dump first

[12:20] <Unforgiven> They don't =/

[12:20] <Foosh> Oh god I'm almost tempted to bust out my old cartridges and play me some red/blue

[12:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the second part sounds like a haunted carnival :(

[12:20] <Risugami> clearly didn't set up zone yet

[12:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> no foosh it's a trap

[12:20] * JamesK89 has joined #minecraft.

[12:20] <Demki> Today's dinner: http://i.imgur.com/UGP1z.png

[12:20] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> om nom nervous tissues?

[12:20] <bildramer> lol

[12:20] * Drivial has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[12:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> ok the battle theme makes me want to put in pokemon stadium a bit.

[12:21] <Unforgiven> I did set up a zone

[12:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> No, resist, Sabrina is annoyingly op and you know it....

[12:21] * Drivial has joined #minecraft.

[12:21] <Risugami> press g?

[12:21] <Foosh> OTB, I like this trap

[12:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> foosh, 7 days

[12:21] <Foosh> 7 days?

[12:21] * Keiya_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:21] <bildramer> http://productiveblog.tumblr.com/

[12:21] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> (until you listen to it again and then listen to it repeatedly and lose any sense)

[12:21] <Foosh> I can live with that.

[12:22] <Unforgiven> g does nothing

[12:22] <Foosh> g's never do anything

[12:22] <Yourself> i hate how DF puts aquifers everywhere now

[12:22] <xENO_> They're quite annoying, yes

[12:22] <xENO_> :/

[12:23] * Ryl has joined #minecraft.

[12:23] <Bilkokuya> AHA in your face DF

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yourself it always did

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and it's just like real life

[12:23] <Bilkokuya> I've finally worked out why nothing was working

[12:23] <Bilkokuya> it was all paused

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> hurrrr

[12:23] <Risugami> read http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Activity_zone

[12:23] <Yourself> Omnipresent_Text_Box, no it didn't

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yeah, it always did.

[12:23] <Yourself> acquifers used to be a lot less common

[12:23] * Perry has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:23] <Yourself> now they're everywhere

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Anywhere not in the mountains, and even sometimes in the mountains, BAM, aquifer

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> you can always generate a drier map

[12:23] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and watch as all life dies because you have no sense

[12:24] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> jerk

[12:24] <Yourself> you're full of shit

[12:24] <bildramer> http://byteworm.com/2010/11/21/the-fastest-vm-bytecode-interpreter/

[12:24] <bildramer> derp

[12:24] * Navineous has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[12:24] <Risugami> btw edit the raws to remove aquifer if you hate it so much

[12:24] <Demki> it seems like in DF, an area of a site(such as lair, camp...) is 48x48

[12:24] * Adam01 is now known as Adam01|Away.

[12:27] <Foosh> bildramer, Good read, but I have have no clue what that article was about.

[12:27] * Zippit_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:27] <MissingN1> Yourself / Omnipresent_Text_Box, lol what

[12:27] <Serg> "Do not read if you're prone to seizures or have a heart condition"

[12:27] <bildramer> lol

[12:27] <MissingN1> you were talking normally then you just insulted each other for no reason

[12:27] <Serg> Fuck you, Missing

[12:27] <Foosh> lol...

[12:27] * MissingN1 is now known as MissingNo.

[12:28] * N00bish_legend has joined #minecraft.

[12:28] <Serg> Foosh finds me funny this mornin

[12:28] <Serg> ...

[12:28] <Serg> Afternoon

[12:28] * cyphase has quit: Quit: http://www.cyphase.com/

[12:28] * Maggo has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:29] * Ronjoe2 has joined #minecraft.

[12:29] <Foosh> Or evening, depends on where you live.

[12:29] <bildramer> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrKYgDOnnBk

[12:29] <bildramer> hahahahaha

[12:29] <Serg> This was fixed

[12:29] <bildramer> :<

[12:29] <Serg> You could shoot 3 arrows at once and kill things

[12:30] <Ryl> That warrants creating a Robin Hood skin.

[12:30] * Chrisknyfe has quit: Quit: BEING AN ADULT IS KIND OF AWESOME

[12:30] <Serg> You guys don't remember?

[12:30] <Serg> It was the latest patch/

[12:30] <Serg> Do you people even play Minecraft?

[12:30] * Ryl has never shot an arrow before.

[12:30] * cyphase has joined #minecraft.

[12:30] <Serg> You could do it with melee weapons

[12:30] <Serg> Instead of there being a cooldown between damge

[12:30] <Ryl> Ah.

[12:31] <gicode> bildramer: Have you played with the minecraft CPU? http://goo.gl/WsPFZ

[12:31] <Serg> You could swing like a few times quickly and hit a few times quickly

[12:31] * Ronjoe1 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:31] * MissingNo has quit: Quit: leaving

[12:31] * MissingNo has joined #minecraft.

[12:31] <Foosh> @bildramer The comments for that video are funnier

[12:31] <Serg> But now if you swing more then twice, the second one is ignored, (but durability is still taken, I believe.)

[12:31] <Ryl> I really just go for the avoid-shit playstyle. Every night I sit in my tower and watch the lands outside mydominion become overrrun.

[12:31] <Ryl> Then every sunrise I watch the creatures burn.

[12:31] <Unforgiven> Uh, I done everything that page said but they still won't transport the stone to the garbage dump

[12:31] * poNji has joined #minecraft.

[12:31] <Ryl> And I climb down and continue.

[12:32] <Aurum> I make tunnels that lead to watchtowers all around.

[12:32] <Linkshot> I have a Sniper Tower and a fortress on a beach

[12:32] <Linkshot> That's about it.

[12:32] * cyphase has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:32] <Linkshot> I like to explore and excavate more than develop.

[12:32] <Ryl> 90% of my land is above ground.

[12:32] * gFood2002 is now known as g.

[12:33] * Viral has joined #minecraft.

[12:33] <Ryl> Even my farm =P

[12:33] * MCZal34 has joined #minecraft.

[12:33] <Foosh> Ryl, land being above ground... That's Witchcraft I say!

[12:33] <Aurum> Hm, that's an interesting idea.

[12:33] <MCZal34> No update found!

[12:33] <Ryl> Witchcraft indeed.

[12:33] <MissingNo> Foosh: when you tab-complete, does chatzilla add @ automatically in front of nicks?

[12:34] <Serg> I use @.

[12:34] <Ryl> If proper physics are ever added my entire kingdom will fall xD

[12:34] <Serg> For everyone, no tab complete.

[12:34] * trustyminer has joined #minecraft.

[12:34] * trustyminer has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[12:34] * Stick_ has joined #minecraft.

[12:35] * Metario has joined #minecraft.

[12:35] <Metario> Ah

[12:35] * Top_Quark has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:35] * Yushatak has joined #minecraft.

[12:35] <Yushatak> about two hours ago i finished digging a big hole

[12:35] <Yushatak> do you know how big that hole was? 45x45x9

[12:36] <Yushatak> i did the math

[12:36] <Foosh> MissingNo, Nope.

[12:36] <Yushatak> and thats 18225 blocks i excavated

[12:36] <Yushatak> over about 15 hours of gameplay

[12:36] <Foosh> With tab complete it does this

[12:36] <Yushatak> it was boring but worth it, now i have a huge hole.

[12:36] <Serg> Stone, or Dirt?

[12:36] <Yushatak> mostly stone

[12:36] <Yushatak> it had dirt on top

[12:36] <Foosh> MissingNo: like this

[12:36] <Yushatak> very little result, because it was surface area

[12:36] <[SHITE]JuuL> it would take 1 hour with tnt

[12:36] <Yushatak> yeah i didnt have much

[12:36] <Yushatak> i used maybe three TNTs

[12:36] * cba is now known as cba-off.

[12:36] <Yushatak> did it all by hand with stone picks

[12:36] <Yushatak> STONE

[12:36] <Yushatak> ..

[12:36] <Yushatak> :P

[12:36] * Danking_ has joined #minecraft.

[12:36] <Metario> :P

[12:36] <Metario> :D

[12:36] * Yushatak is a bit crazy

[12:36] * Leoryk_2 has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:36] <Metario> :))

[12:37] * Zer has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:37] <Yushatak> but yeah now i has a quarry ready to go as deep as i want whenever i want

[12:37] <Yushatak> 45x45

[12:37] * Metario hates Yushatak

[12:37] <[SHITE]JuuL> you could go down to level 10-17 and find some diamond before, but ok..

[12:37] <Metario> heh

[12:37] * Stick__ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:37] <Yushatak> i didnt mind

[12:37] <Yushatak> i was watching videos while i dug

[12:37] <Yushatak> was amusing

[12:37] * Top_Quark has joined #minecraft.

[12:37] * Metario loves Notch

[12:37] <Yushatak> plus i kept it's roof open

[12:37] <Ryl> Your indepth description of your hole dimensions reminds me of this http://tinyurl.com/25dhycb

[12:37] <Yushatak> so monsters came in and we had fights

[12:37] * Zacros has joined #minecraft.

[12:38] <Omega_Guardian> considering how little use TNT is compared to difficulty getting gunpowder if stacked tnt doesn't blow a fairly consistent vertical hole open it just plain sucks :P

[12:38] <Yushatak> lol ryl

[12:38] <[SHITE]JuuL> That is terrible!

[12:38] <Yushatak> also i was using TNT

[12:38] * Qucke has joined #minecraft.

[12:38] <Yushatak> and i kept seeing it make a 2x2 crater

[12:38] <Serg> "as many as four tens"?

[12:38] <Yushatak> even as i dug down and planted it in a hole

[12:38] <Serg> I'd say it is exactly four tens.

[12:38] <Yushatak> best i could get was 3x4 or so

[12:38] <Omega_Guardian> terraforming hard work especially if spawn area doesn't have a decent flat-ish area

[12:38] <Yushatak> unless there's a better way to use TNT as far as i know

[12:38] <Zacros> Hey everyone, ye know anything about a chest bug that crashes the server?

[12:38] <MCZal34> "Metario" is offline! Using /whowas instead.

[12:38] <MCZal34> &7[C148] Metario&e has :

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > the rank of "&7guest

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > &a0&e Hackers

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > &cdied &a6&e times

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > &bmodified &a381176&e blocks.

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > was last seen on &a10/30/2010 7:55:00 PM

[12:38] <Yushatak> TNT is more useful vs dirt in my experience

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > first logged into the server on &a10/13/2010 7:43:02 PM

[12:38] <MCZal34> > > logged in &a35&e times, &c1&e of which ended in a kick.

[12:39] <MCZal34> > > &f0/3 (0%)&e awards

[12:39] <MCZal34> > > the IP of

[12:39] <[SHITE]JuuL> herpa!

[12:39] * Qucke has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:39] <Yushatak> well since it has the IP of

[12:39] <Yushatak> it's clearly metario's bot

[12:39] <Yushatak> nice failformatting btw

[12:39] <Metario> :P

[12:40] <Metario> It's a IRC bot

[12:40] * Metario has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[12:40] <Yushatak> anyway i just thought i'd let you know about my ~19000 blocks of digging over the past day and a half of realtime, cuz im nuts, and now im gonna go back to cave spelunking for iron, which i will then return to my huge hole with and dig down for diamond

[12:40] <Serg> I like the IP the most

[12:40] <Yushatak> bai

[12:40] * Yushatak has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:40] * TenPlusFive has joined #minecraft.

[12:40] * Zacros has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:40] <MissingNo> silently globally banned

[12:40] <fusurugi> i really should make a basin around my tower. this is like the tenth time i dropped because of the sneak bug

[12:40] <MissingNo> (i'd like to think)

[12:41] <bildramer> wait

[12:41] <bildramer> er

[12:41] <Omega_Guardian> sneak randomly failing or is it just cause if you logon while sneaking it switches off?

[12:41] <MissingNo> Zyn: where you make a 3 or 4 in a row long-chest? (bug)

[12:41] * Maggo has joined #minecraft.

[12:41] <Serg> If you place a falling block under you while sneaking, you'll fall.

[12:41] <Serg> If you sneak and quit,you'll appear in the block below you

[12:41] <Zyn> wait huh what

[12:42] <MissingNo> Serg: I appear in the block below me EVERY TIME I load up my savw

[12:42] <MissingNo> save

[12:42] * ZehnPlusFuenf has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:42] <luigiman> What if you sneak while sneaking?

[12:42] <Serg> You sneak too much

[12:42] <MissingNo> I don't even sneak

[12:42] <MissingNo> maybe I'm naturally sneaky

[12:42] <Serg> Or naturally useless

[12:42] <MissingNo> luigiman: xzibit appears

[12:42] * poNjeh has joined #minecraft.

[12:42] <Omega_Guardian> ah, that might explain why I was stuck in lava on my last world.

[12:43] <Ryl> Considering that basically the only way to build in my world is outwards from platforms dangerously high up, sneaking while building is just a reflex for me =P

[12:43] * asiedroid has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:43] * Zippit_ has joined #minecraft.

[12:44] * Bilkokuya has quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client

[12:44] * poNji has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:44] * bildramer has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:44] <Omega_Guardian> would be big help if it was toggable

[12:44] <Ryl> Yep.

[12:44] <Omega_Guardian> same with auto-walking/auto-mining. Best I can do is putting something on the key itself.

[12:45] <Foosh> This IRC room needs a social bot.

[12:45] <Omega_Guardian> means I can't alt-tab out though

[12:45] <Serg> No

[12:46] <Yourself> Ber Berulurdim likes jet, tin, clear zircon, rope reed fiber fabric, bolts, millstones, cows for their haunting moos and silver barbs for their wicked thorns.

[12:46] * hatasu has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:46] * bildramer has joined #minecraft.

[12:46] * Redshift has joined #minecraft.

[12:46] <N3X15> moo

[12:46] <Ryl> Don't do Jet, kids.

[12:47] * Megatron has quit: Quit: Like a White Bat in a Box, Dead Matters Go On

[12:47] <Yourself> i always check my dwarves likes so i can pick a leader who likes stuff that's easy to get

[12:47] <bildramer> lol

[12:47] <bildramer> I don't really care, legendary bedrooms for everyone

[12:47] * Simiil has left #minecraft: No reason specified

[12:47] <bildramer> grand* whatever

[12:48] <Yourself> bildramer, it's for when they make ridiculous mandates

[12:48] <Demki> lol

[12:48] <bildramer> oh yeah, I forgot

[12:48] <bildramer> slade doors and the like

[12:48] <Yourself> yeah

[12:48] <Demki> LOL

[12:48] <N3X15> legendary bedrooms with legendary flooding tubes and legendary door locks activated by legendary levers

[12:48] <bildramer> lo

[12:48] <Demki> lol

[12:48] <Yourself> oh, this one likes siltstone, iron, and ruby

[12:48] <Demki> you mean artifact levers

[12:48] <N3X15> whatever

[12:48] <bildramer> sounds alright

[12:49] <N3X15> my mechanics are usually morons anyway

[12:49] <bildramer> ARTIFACT SHOES

[12:49] <Yourself> oh

[12:49] <Demki> artifact magma

[12:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and the legend of the legendary danger

[12:49] <Yourself> this one likes pyrolusite, iron, and blue garnet

[12:49] <N3X15> they typically lock themselves in the room that I'm about to flood with water for my well or whatever

[12:49] * SecretAgentMan has joined #minecraft.

[12:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so guys if Daggerfall had all the content man hours of a major open world game

[12:49] <Yourself> but also has good empathy and intuition skills

[12:49] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> would it be too big for the human mind to comprehend?

[12:49] <Sqozza> Gentlemen.

[12:50] <Yourself> i think Ineth Matiden will be my leader

[12:50] * Demki has quit: Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.86 [Firefox 3.6.12/20101026210630]

[12:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> alright daggerfall

[12:50] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> have working sound again

[12:51] * Drivial has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[12:51] * Drivial has joined #minecraft.

[12:51] <Risugami> we need an Elder Scrolls game with randomly generated world

[12:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> DOSBOX WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME

[12:51] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Daggerfall, Risugami

[12:51] * Drivial has quit: Remote host closed the connection

[12:52] * Drivial has joined #minecraft.

[12:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Except it's already stored for release, so it's consistent, too

[12:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> It's also freakishly huge

[12:52] <fusurugi> http://www.yibis.com/Smileys/default/popcorn.gif

[12:52] <Risugami> yea but I mean in a DF sense

[12:52] * Sintanan has joined #minecraft.

[12:52] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r29/sdeny2/Comparison.jpg http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r29/sdeny2/JC2Daggerfall.jpg

[12:53] * skskill__ has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:53] <Jat> i really didnt have any trouble at all getting working sound in daggerfall

[12:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Big

[12:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Jat, normally, for me, it only occasionally has any beeps or glitches, which is bearable enough

[12:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> except at midnight the sound completely freaks out

[12:53] <Ultimate-miner> Anyone familiar with Omen here?

[12:53] * skskill__ has joined #minecraft.

[12:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> beeping and screeching like a roomba banshe

[12:53] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> e, and then when 1am hits, it's fine.

[12:53] <Risugami> roomba banshe... lmao

[12:53] <Jat> oh ok

[12:54] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> choking on a gorgon cat, Risugami

[12:54] * Spellyr has quit: Quit: It's better to ask a stupid question than to try and fix a stupid mistake.

[12:54] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Except the clock says "14:53" and then that's not midnight and it's still really bad

[12:54] * AndrewPH|AFK is now known as AndrewPH.

[12:54] <Risugami> corruption?

[12:54] <bildramer> eh

[12:54] <Jat> daggerfall is quite big... the problem is most of that big is empty worthless and boring pointless landscape

[12:54] * charrr has quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer

[12:54] <bildramer> is minecraft.net down or something

[12:54] <bildramer> wtf.

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Daggerfall has plenty of interesting stuff.

[12:55] <Ryl> Somewhat off topic, but then A) We usually are and B) I have a feeling one of you will know.

[12:55] <Jat> not in the wilderness

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Risugami, from being played

[12:55] <Ryl> Dwarf Fortress IRC?

[12:55] <Jat> the wilderness is pretty pointless

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Yeah, real life has some pretty boring random forests too.

[12:55] * Sintanan has quit: Quit: Client Exited

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Except real life has better graphics.

[12:55] <Jat> which is what makes up most of the space in daggerfall

[12:55] <bildramer> Ryl, see the wiki

[12:55] <Ryl> Mmkay

[12:55] <Jat> games are supposed to be fun

[12:55] * GC has joined #minecraft.

[12:55] <Aurum> Do saplings need water?

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Towns, huts, dungeons, Jat

[12:55] <N3X15> no

[12:55] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> sometimes containing interesting things

[12:55] <Jat> not just simulate the boring parts of real life

[12:55] <N3X15> @ Aurum

[12:55] <Jat> omnio

[12:55] <Iguana> 4 str 4 stam leather belt

[12:55] <Jat> i mean omni

[12:55] <Kodaichi> fun fact of the day: mob spawners don;t do anything if there isn;t a living entity within 16 meters

[12:55] <Jat> youre missing the point

[12:56] <N3X15> I have a sapling sitting in the middle of a lava lake

[12:56] <GC> Hi, everyone, how are you?

[12:56] <Aurum> N3X15: thanks

[12:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Furthermore, they could have just done it like arena

[12:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> removing the outside outright, and only giving you major cities.

[12:56] <Jat> theres a lot of stuff but most of the SPACE that gives daggerfall is reputation for being huge is just empty boring and pointless wilderness...

[12:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> but that's distracting! People don't like that!

[12:56] <Jat> arena has outside

[12:56] <Jat> what are you talking about

[12:56] <Jat> arena has tons of wilderness

[12:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> wait it did?

[12:56] <Jat> yes

[12:56] <Jat> and it was also boring

[12:56] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> the internet lied to me

[12:57] <GC> When I read "Daggerfall", I keep thinking of the Curse of the Azure Bonds city "Dagger Falls".

[12:57] * _MinatoArisato_ has joined #minecraft.

[12:57] <GC> Sigh.

[12:57] <GC> I'm too old-school of a gamer.

[12:57] <Risugami> Morrowind had alot of boring areas but it had character I guess

[12:57] * Miclee has joined #minecraft.

[12:57] <Jat> except i think arenas wilderness waas somewhat less boring

[12:57] <Jat> but only slightly

[12:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> daggerfall's only like, 1996, and it runs on DOS, GC

[12:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> how old can you get

[12:57] <Jat> arena is like 1990 or 1993 or something

[12:57] <N3X15> old as my mother

[12:57] <GC> Curse of the Azure Bonds was one of the AD&D gold box games

[12:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> But the fun in daggerfall was the exploration. The world was huge, so as you slowly hacked and slashed through also eerily huge dungeons(who build these?), you'd find maps to hidden secrets, find more about the plot

[12:57] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and all the super-unique hidden places

[12:58] <Jat> yes the world was huge but the actual huge part was mostly empty wilderness

[12:58] <Foosh> I wish I was born sooner, I missed out on all the fun games

[12:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> foosh

[12:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> go download dosbox

[12:58] * |MinatoArisato| has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:58] <Foosh> Do I have to?

[12:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> visit the elder scrolls site, grab daggerfall for free

[12:58] <GC> Good ol' Dosbox

[12:58] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and enjoy

[12:58] <Foosh> Will Do Mr OTB

[12:58] <Risugami> btw try swimming to the edge of the ocean in Morrowind. now that is boring

[12:58] <Jat> foosh http://elderscrolls.com/downloads/downloads_games.htm

[12:58] * Danking_ has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[12:58] <Risugami> or water walk

[12:59] <GC> Walk everywhere in Might & Magic 6

[12:59] <GC> THAT'S boring

[12:59] * zproc has joined #minecraft.

[12:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Try trying to save time on your extremely impotant route by repeatedly casting a custom speed spell fed by magic item attacks, Risugami

[12:59] <Foosh> Thanks Jat

[12:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> so you can save time

[12:59] <Jat> no problem

[12:59] <Sqozza> Risugami, it loops. :P

[12:59] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> Or better, in privateer: ascii sector, flying manually EVERYWHERE because you can use your afterburner

[12:59] <Jat> also foosh make sure you read the included instructions on how to set it up with dosbox

[13:00] <Omnipresent_Text_Box> and that means you can do more missions

[13:00] * kenrocks has joined #minecraft.

[13:01] * Mine_Builder has joined #minecraft.

[13:01] * bildramer has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[13:01] <Yourself> Risugami's a Risugami

[13:01] * eddyb has quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds

[13:01] * rkng has joined #minecraft.

[13:01] <Serg> I hate minecraft

[13:01] <GC>